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Inventory of the Estate of Philip Alston, deceased
July, 1784
Recorded in Will Book 4, Page 37

Personal property includes:

Six feather beds and furniture, five bedsteads, fourteen flag bottom chairs, pair bed curtains, three armed walnut chairs, two large walnut tables, two small walnut tables, two pine tables, five tablecloths, two pair iron dogs, two candlesticks, walnut desk, corner cupboard, safe, two pine chests, large trunk, small trunk, walnut hall box, pair fire tongs, tin sugar box, looking glass, scythe, five reap hooks, pair shot molds, three jugs, 15 deerskins, two rawhides, large pair steelyards, small pair steelyards, half dozen china teacups and saucers, china bowl, half dozen silver teaspoons, silver tea tongs, tin lantern, tea pot, tea kettle, pepper box, salt cellar, mustard pot, candle mold, pair snuffers, half dozen knives and forks, three old tin cans, three large pewter basins, four small pewter basins, four large dishes, three small dishes, two dozen plates, eleven tablespoons, porringer, four cotton wheels, four linen wheels, pair cotton cards, two frying pans, six iron pots, two iron kettles, iron skillet, cooper skillet, two iron pot racks, three pair hooks, Dutch oven, two water pails, four tubs, four piggins, gridiron, large iron spoon, griddle, tribbet, barrel of flax and cotton, two flax brakes, grindstone, whipsaw, cruet, pair iron bound cart wheels, two looms, five slays and harness, warping bars and boxes, pair sheep shears, pair spectacles, two men's saddles, woman's saddle, 20 sides of tanned leather, five rawhides, parcel of old hogsheads and barrels, churn, three butter pots, two milk pans, meal stand, lock chain, pair old chain wheels, large Bible, parcel of small books, hone and strop, two razors, two quart bottles, pair bottles, pair scissors, seven plow hoes, eight grubbing hoes, six hilling hoes, weeding hoe, four axes, hand saw, two augers, drawing knife, chisel, frow, crosscut saw file, whipsaw file, 'blacksmith tools, bellows, anvil, vice, two hammers, two pair tongs, pair money scales, 11 head of sheep, two meal sifters, four bread trays, two keelers, two cooper's adze, jointer and crose, pair compasses, ten head horses, 57 head of cattle, 94 head of hogs, 141 pounds 11 shillings cash, parcel of tobacco


Arthur, Ferreby, Chloe, Nanney, Juda, Miller, Amey, Peter, Isham, Nancy, Washington, Lowry, Peter, Bob, Betty, Jeree, Ned, Tempey, Charles, Ned, Great Ned, Tom, David, Lucy, Phillis, Squire, Raney, old Raney, Easter

  William Alston, Executor
Thomas W. Alston, Executor
Philip G. Alston, Executor
Inventory was returned to Court at the July term of 1784, and ordered to be recorded.
  M'Duke Johnson, Clerk

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