From Essex England to the Surry Southern USA

by: Robert E. Harris


Chapter 5

born 1765 and died in 1851.

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d125     MORRIS HARRIS; born 1765; d. 1851.


Morris Harris was born in an area that is now a part of Warren County, North Carolina.

Morris was too young to serve in the military during the American Revolution. Morris, with other family members, migrated to Greene County, Georgia about 1797.

Morris, on December 11, 1803 and acting as attorney for his father, Matthew Harris, executed a deed in Warren County, North Carolina selling 150 acres of land on Beef Creek (tributary of Little Fishing Creek).

Morris, on March 27, 1799, acquired 200 acres of land in Greene County, Georgia from William Rogers for $600. This land was located on the east fork of Harris Creek which is situated in the extreme northern part of the county near Skull Shoals on the Oconee River.

Morris, in 1813, inherited his father's plantation on Shoulderbone Creek in the southern part of Greene County.

Morris, apparently, did not marry early in his life.

The census records of 1820 and 1830 show Morris living with a wife and daughters. The wife, born 1780 to 1790, has not been identified.

Morris was living alone in mid-1840. His daughters were married and, apparently, his wife had died.

Morris sold his 200 acres of land on the east fork of Harris Creek in Greene County, Georgia to Martha Hobbit for $400 on November 13, 1823.

Morris purchased 202.5 acres of land, in the newly created Fayette County, Georgia,
from Samuel Ward for $800 on February 19, 1824. Mr. Ward had acquired the rights to
this land in a State of Georgia Land Lottery. Fayette County was created from Indian

lands on May 15, 1821.

Norris Harris moved his family to Fayette County, Georgia, apparently, in 1824. Ids nephew, Guilford Harris, would join him there, probably within the same year.

Morris continued to acquire land in Fayette County until he had accumulated a substantial amount of land.

The land owned by Morris was, with some exceptions, located from Jonesboro westward along the road to Fayetteville in the vicinities of Mundys Mill Road, Thomas Road and on into present day Fayette County.

Morris conveyed his lands, as gifts, to the families of his daughters, as follows: to Elijah P. Allen, husband of his daughter Eliza in 1828; to Eliza Allen in 1844; to Matilda Harris Allen in 1845; to Mary Harris Camp in 1845 and to Abner Camp, Mary's husband, in 1847.

Morris conveyed the remainder of his property to his daughters, by will, in 1851.

Morris died at the age of 86 years in 1851 in Fayette County, Georgia. Clayton `,,County, the present day location of his 'home, was not created until after Morris

Morris, at an advanced age, signed his will on July 2, 1850. The will was offered or probate on May 16, 1851 in Fayette County.

Morris designated his son-in-law, Abner Camp, to look after his affairs. In his will, he described Abner Camp as his friend.

One of the court appointed appraisers was Seaborn Harris, nephew of Morris Harris.

Seaborn and Guilford, both, owned lands near the lands of Morris. They were neigh­bors.

The grave of Morris Harris has not been located. Two locations are both likely locations. They are the Camp family cemetery and the Allen-Waggoner cemetery. Both are located near Jonesboro, and both have unmarked graves in them. Morris has a daughter and grandchildren buried in each of these cemeteries.

Children of Morris Harris and his wife:

1.       Eliza T. Harris; b. 1812.

2.       Matilda W. Harris; b. 1815; d. 1880-1900.

3.       Mary M. Harris; b. November 23, 1817; d. January 19, 1885.


d125     ELIZA T. HARRIS; born 1812.


Eliza was born in Greene County, Georgia.

Eliza, as a small child, moved with her family to Fayette County, Georgia about 1824.

Their home was located a few miles west of Jonesboro near the road to Fayetteville, Georgia.

Eliza married Elijah P. Allen on October 17, 1827 in Fayette County, Georgia.

Elijah P. Allen was born about 1800. He was a public figure in Fayette County. Elijah was a Justice of the Peace and performed many marriages in the area in the 1830s and 1840s.

Elijah represented Fayette County in the Georgia Legislature 1834-1836. Elijah, also, was quite active in buying and selling land.

We do not know the exact dates and places of the deaths of Elijah and Eliza Allen. They are probably buried in the Allen-Waggoner cemetery which is located a few miles west of Jonesboro on the north side of Fayetteville Road (near its intersection with Mundys Mill Road).

The home of Elijah and Eliza Allen was located in the vicinity of the intersection of Thomas Road and Fayetteville Road, a few miles west of Jonesboro.

Morris Harris, father of Eliza T. Harris Allen, on January 23, 1844, gave 404.5 acres of land to the four sons of Eliza, who were: Morris Harris Allen, Whitmall P. Allen, William A. Allen and James M. Allen.

This land was located on Thomas Road about a mile north of its intersection with Fayetteville Road in Land Lots 213 and 214, in District 5 of the scheme of land in Clayton County, Georgia.

Children of Eliza T. and Elijah P. Allen:

1. Emily P. Allen.

2, Morris Harris Allen.

3.            Zilpha R. Allen.

4.  -Whitman P. Allen.

5.            William A. Allen.

6.            James M. Allen.

7.            Mary E. Allen.


d125     MATILDA W. HARRIS; born 1815; d. 1880-1900.


Matilda was born in Greene County, Georgia.

Census records indicate that Matilda was living with her mother, father and two sisters in Greene County in 1820.

About 1824, Matilda and her family were living in Fayette County, Georgia.

The 1880 census of Clayton County, Georgia found Matilda living with her son, Seaborn Allen.

Matilda married Coleman A. Allen, Jr. on March 6, 1831 in Fayette County, Georgia. Coleman was born in Georgia in 1792 and died February 24, 1856.

Coleman was the son of Coleman A. Allen, Sr. who had migrated to Georgia from Johnson (now Wake) County, North Carolina.

Coleman had a brother, Y. S. Allen, who also lived in Georgia.

According to one report, Coleman had one child by a previous marriage.

Matilda and her family received gifts of property from her father, Morris Harris.

One such conveyance was recorded on April 12, 1845.

The family received some personal property on that date.

Also, Matilda's son, Morris Harris Allen, received Land Lot 208, District 5 (present Clayton county land system).

This land is located on Mundys Mill Road between Brown Road and Orr Road.

Matilda and Coleman Allen, Jr. are, most likely, buried in the Allen-Waggoner Ceme­tery with other family members.

This cemetery is located a few miles west of Jonesboro and on the north side of Fayetteville Road about 1,000 feet from its intersection with Mundys Mill Road.

Children of Matilda and Coleman A. Allen, Jr.:

1.            Martha Allen; b. 1834.

2.            Mary A. Allen; b. 1838.

3.            Nancy Allen; b. 1841.

4.            Morris Harris Allen; b. 1843; d. August 21, 1863.

5.            Seaborn M. Allen; b. September 11, 1845; d. November 22, 1893.

6.            Drury Allen; b. 1848.

7.            Coleman A. Allen, III; b. 1850.

8.            Simon Y. Allen; b. 1852.


d125     MANCY C. ALLEN; b. 1841.


Nancy married Levi L. Waggoner on July 8, 1857 in Fayette County, Georgia.


d125     MORRIS HARRIS ALLEN; b. 1843; d. August 21, 1863.


Morris and his brother, Seaborn, enlisted in the Confederate Army in the early days of the War Between the States. His enlistment as a private on September 25, 1861 was followed by an assignment to Company D, 1st Battalion, Georgia Sharpshooters on August 1, 1862.

Morris died of combat injuries in a Mississippi hospital on August 21, 1863. He was buried in Mississippi. He died at the young age of twenty years.


d125     SEABORN M. ALLEN; b. September 11, 1845; d. November 22, 1893.


Seaborn was born in Fayette (now Clayton) County, Georgia. His childhood home was, most likely, located a few miles west of Jonesboro in the vicinity of Fayetteville Road, Mundys Mill Road and Thomas Road.

Seaborn enlisted in the Confederate Army soon after his sixteenth birthday.

His enlistment as a private on September 25, 1861 was followed on August 1, 1862 by a transfer to Company D, 1st Battalion, Georgia Sharpshooters.

Seaborn's brother, Morris, served in these same organizations.

After the war, Seaborn returned to Clayton County, Georgia.

Seaborn married Catherine E. ______

Catherine was born July, 1855.

Seaborn is buried in the Allen-Waggoner Cemetery, near Jonesboro, Georgia.

Catherine was listed as a widow, with three of her younger children, in the 1900 'census of Fayette County, Georgia.

Their children:

1.               William Coleman Allen; b. March 16, 1876; d. April 11, 1941.

2.               Margaret M. Allen; b. 1878.

3.               Laura Allen; b. 1879.

4.               Carlos Allen; b. October, 1881.

5.               Mary E. Allen; b. May, 1883.

6.               Seaborn Robert (Bobby) Allen; b. September 18, 1890; d. January 27, 1919. Bobby is buried near his father in the Allen-Waggoner Cemetery, near Jones­boro, Georgia.


d125     WILLIAM COLEMAN ALLEN; b. March 16, 1876; d. April 11, 1941.


William was born in Clayton County, Georgia during the reconstruction period following the War Between the States.

William married Lavonia Cagle on November 19, 1899 in Clayton County, Georgia.


Lavonia was born August 11, 1874 and died August 15, 1930.

William and Lavonia are buried in the King Cemetery, Riverdale, Georgia.

Their children:

1.       Byron P. Allen; b. 1901.

2.       Rosa L. Allen; b. April 2, 1902; d. July 5, 1936.

3.       David Ralph Allen; b. July 6, 1905; d. May 16, 1939.

4.       Jessie E. Allen (a daughter); b. 1907.

5.       Jackson C. Allen; b. 1909.

Note: Rosa and David are buried in the King Cemetery with their parents.


d125     MART M. HARRIS; born November 23. 1817; d. January 19, 1885.


Mary was born in Greene County, Georgia. Mary and her family were living in Fayette County, Georgia, near Jonesboro, by the mid-1820s.

Mary married Abner Camp on January 25, 1834 in Henry County, Georgia. Abner was the son of John and Winifred Maddox Camp, pioneer settlers of the Jonesboro area. [1]

Abner was born in Jackson County, Georgia on June 11, 1810 and died near Jonesboro, Georgia on August 28, 1887.

Mary and Abner are buried in the Camp family cemetery which is located a mile or so southeast of Jonesboro on Camp Drive. Camp Drive is off Georgia Highway 351 (Jodeco Road).

Abner Camp, a farmer, was a well-known and highly respected citizen of the Jonesboro, Georgia area. He was appointed by the Clayton County Commissioners, during the War Between the States, to serve on a committee to attend to the needs of the families of Confederate soldiers fighting in the War. Serving with him on this committee was Guilford Harris, first cousin of his wife, Mary.

Abner was a member of the Masonic order.

Abner, Mary and their children received gifts of personal property and land from Mary's father, Morris Harris.

One such conveyance was dated April 12, 1845.

They received Land Lot 206 and the east one-half of Land Lot 205 in District 5. This land is located on Mundys Mill Road between Brown Road and Fayetteville Road. It included present day Mundys Mill Lake.

Children of Mary and Abner Camp:

1.               Matthew Harris Camp; b. June 30, 1835; d. after 1900.

2.               William Leonard Camp; b. December 16, 1838; d. February 26, 1925.

3.               Henry Morris Camp; b. December 9, 1840; d. February 27, 1926.

      4.     Sterling W. "Whit" Camp; b. September 13, 1843; d. April 19, 1928.

5.   James Abner Nelson Camp; b. 1846; d. 1925.

6.   Mary Jane Camp; b. circa 1851; d. 1860-70.

7.   Clarinda Camp; b. 1853; d. 1927.

8.   Elizabeth M. Camp; b. August 14, 1857; d. September 18, 1936.

[1] 31 Camp Anc Unlim



d125     MATTHEW HARRIS CAMP; born June 30, 1835; d. after 1900 [1]


Harris Camp was born near Jonesboro, Georgia.

Harris married Mary E. P. Williams of Spalding County, Georgia.

They lived in Clayton County, Georgia. By the year 1900, they were living in Atlan­ta, Georgia.

According to some reports, Harris lived past his eightieth birthday and is buried near his parents in the Camp family cemetery near Jonesboro.

After diligent search, the writer failed to find the graves of Harris and his family in the Camp cemetery.

Their son:

1. Abner N. Camp; born July, 1876.


d125     WILLIAM LEONARD CAMP; born December 16, 1838; d. February 26, 1925.8'


Bill Camp married Sarah Florida Smith on February 13, 1868.

Sallie was born in Henry County, Georgia on August 18, 1844 and died April 3, 1930. They are buried in the Camp family cemetery, Jonesboro, Georgia.

They made their home in Clayton County.

Bill was a Confederate soldier and was wounded while fighting in the War Between the States.

Their children:

1.            Warner Austin Camp; b. October 28, 1868; d. October 15, 1918.

2.            Oscar Tolbert Camp; b. October 12, 1871; d. September 12, 1949

3.            Ernest Lee Camp; b. November 6, 1874; d. July 30, 1963.

4.            John Camp; b. May 27, 1877; d. July 3, 1877.

5.            Lula Mae Camp; b. October 25, 1879; d. October 22, 1956.

6.            Leonard Frederick Camp; b. January 8, 1882; d. June 27, 1946.

7.            Jessie Clarence Camp; b. July 23, 1884; d. September 23, 1884.


d125     WARNER AUSTIN CAMP; b. October 28, 1868; d. October 15, 1918.[2]



Winner married Mary Frances (Mamie) Hairston on January 14, 1891. Mamie was born
March 2, 1871 in Columbus, Georgia. She died January 15, 1967 in Silver Springs,

They lived for a period of time in Atlanta.

Their children:

1.            Harvey Austin Camp; b. October 21, 1891.

2.                 Clarence Julian Camp; b. November 23, 1893; d. January 31, 1920.

3.            Ruby Hairston Camp; b. December 18, 1895; d. October 18, 1896.

4.            William Riley Camp; b. August 3, 1897.

5.            Francis Marian Camp; b. March 25, 1900.

6.            Raymond Robert Camp; b. October 23, 1903; d. August 31, 1924.

7.            Warner Arthur Camp; b. October 6, 1905.

8.            Louise Elizabeth Camp; b. August 25, 1907.

9.            Frank Reid Camp; b. September 3, 1910.

A. James Wilson Camp; b. October 21, 1912; d. April           11, 1922.


d125     ERNEST LEE CAMP; b. November 6, 1874; d. July 30, 1963.



Ernest remained in the neighborhood of his birth and excelled as a farmer. He also served Clayton County as a deputy sheriff and bailiff.

Ernest married Nora O'Neal Roberts on February 20, 1898 in Clayton County, Georgia.

Nora was born April 4, 1878 and died May 26, 1953. They are buried in the Camp *ally cemetery, Jonesboro, Georgia.

They made their home near Jonesboro, Georgia at the old Camp homeplace. `heir children:

1.            Rufus Lee Camp; b. September 22, 1905; d. March 23, 1970.

2.            Sarah Kate Camp; b. July 4, 1909.


 d125    RUFUS LEE CAMP; b. September 22, 1905; d. March 23, 1970.



Rufus married Velma Clyde Parker on December 18, 1927.

Rufus was a farmer. Rufus served Clayton County as Treasurer. Their child:

1. Clyde Lee Camp; b. May 8, 1942. d. May 9, 1942.

Velma and Rufus divorced.

Rufus, later, married Gatie Elizabeth Grant of Clayton County, Georgia. Rufus is buried in the Camp family cemetery, Jonesboro, Georgia.


d125     SARAH KATE CAMP; b. July 4, 1909.



Sarah Kate graduated from Jonesboro High School in 1926. She was an employee of Thomas Office Service in Atlanta. She was also an employee of Clayton County Office of Family and Children Services.

Sarah Kate married Conrad Daniel Tarpley on July 11, 1941.

Conrad was born January 5, 1902 and died January 27, 1986. He is buried in the Camp family cemetery, Jonesboro, Georgia.

Conrad was a farmer. He also worked at Atlanta General Depot (now Fort Gillen). Conrad was also an employee of the Jonesboro Development Company, the Buckley Cattle Farm, and Clayton County government.

Sarah Kate lives on Jodeco Road in Clayton County. Their children:

1.            Martha Frances Tarpley; born July 11, 1942.

2.            Katherine Virginia Tarpley; born June 14, 1944.

3.            Hubert Lee Tarpley; born April 3, 1947.

      Hubert died May 23, 1953 at the age of six years.


d125     MARTHA FRANCES TARPLEY; born July 11, 1942.



Martha Frances graduated from Jonesboro High School in 1960. She graduated fro Young Harris College in 1962.

She has been employed by the Buick Motor Division and Delta Air Lines.

Martha Frances married Richard L. Bray on August 1, 1964. [3]

Richard attended Georgia State University and the University of Georgia, earning his -Bachelors and Masters Degrees.

Richard served as an officer in the Armed Forces with service in the Vietnam Con­flict.

Richard was also employed at the Center for Continuing Education at Athens, Georgia.

Richard is now (1990) the Administrator of Coweta County, Georgia.

They live at Newnan, Georgia.

Their sons:

1.               Christopher Daniel Bray; born September 28, 1968.

2.               Andrew Lamar Bray; born October 29, several


d125     KATHERIN VIRGINIA TARPLEY; June 14, 1944



Virginia graduated from Jonesboro High School in 1962. Virginia worked in Atlanta for several years.

Virginia married Marvin Russell Adams, Jr. in 1965.

Russell graduated from Fayetteville, Georgia high school. He also attended Middle Georgia College and Georgia Tech.

Russell has also been employed by Ford Motor Company.

Their daughter:

1. Teresa Lynn Adams; born October 8, 1965.


d125     LULA MAE CAMP; born October 25, 1879; d. October 22, 1956.



Lula married Ed Turner of Floyd County; Married Marvin, Georgia.

They lived in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Their children:

1.     Mary Louise Turner. [4]

      Mary Louise married Clyde Eaves.

      Their son:

      a.   Edward Eaves.

2.       William Camp Turner. William married Barbara

      Their son:

      a. William Turner.


d125     LEONARD FREDRICK CAMP; b. January 8, 1882; d. June 27, 1946.



Leonard married Fannie Latham.

Their children:

1.            William Leonard Camp. He married Nora ____

2.    Mary Camp.

3.            Charlie F. Camp.


d125     HENRY MORRIS CAMP; born December 9, 1840; d. February 27, 1926.


Morris, at the age of 20 years, enlisted in Company E of the 10th Regiment of Georgia Volunteers of the Confederate Army.

Morris and two of his brothers fought in the Battle of the Wilderness in Virginia during the War Between the States.

All three of them were seriously wounded in that battle.

Morris married Melinda Babb on February 17, 1876 in Clayton County, Georgia. Melinda, daughter of Abner and Amanda Field Babb, was born April 30, 1857 and died April 15, 1934.

They are buried in the Camp family cemetery, Jonesboro, Georgia. They liyed near Jonesboro in Clayton County, Georgia.

Their children:

1. James Abner Camp; b. March 8, 1877; d. March 8, 1966.

2.            Lee Roy Camp; b. October 27, 1878; d. November 3, 1955.

3.            William L. Camp; b. November 1, 1882; d. January 1, 1981.

4.            Nora Camp; b. July, 1885.

5.            Nellie Camp; b. November 16, 1887; d. August 31, 1979.

6.            Amanda Camp; b. March, 1892; d. 1991.


d125     JAMES ABNER CAMP; b. March 8, 1877; d. March 8, 1966.



Abb Camp married Leila Whaley on November 15, 1899 in Clayton County, Georgia.

Leila was born April 14, 1882 and died March 13, 1962.

They are buried in Jonesboro, Georgia city cemetery.

Abb and Leila lived in Jonesboro, East Point and Hapeville in Georgia.

Their children:

1.   Willie Pearl Camp; b. 1900; d. 1935.

      Willie married Arthur Fort. They lived in Hapeville, Georgia. Their son Sidney died as a small        child. They are buried at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Jonesboro, Georgia.

2. Bessie Camp; b. November 21, 1902; now deceased. Bessie married Carlos Hopkins. They lived in             the Sylvan Road area of Atlanta.

Their children:

a.     Edith Hopkins.

b.     Pascal Hopkins.

c.     Camp Hopkins.

3.   Hubert Abner Camp; b. March 8, 1905; now deceased. Hubert married Nancy Coleman. They     lived in south Fulton County.

Their son:

a. Carl Camp.

4.   Hattie Camp; b. May 12, 1907. Mattie married Lynn Meyer. He is now de­ceased. Hattie lives in Hapeville, Georgia.

5.   Lamar Camp; b. October 10, 1909; d. 1975. Lamar was born in Jonesboro, Georgia. He was a salesman. He sold cars as well as other items.

Lamar married Curtis Hudson. They made their home in Riverdale, Georgia. Lamar is buried in the College Park Cemetery. Curtis lives in Riverdale.

Their children:

a.  Hilda Jean Camp.

b.  Andrew Camp.

6.            James Marvin Camp; b. October 28, 1911.

7.            Henry Lloyd Camp; b. 1914.

Lloyd, known to his friends as Doodle, was born in Clayton County, Georgia. Lloyd was employed by the United States Army as a firefighter. He served at Fort McPherson and at Fort Gillem in the Atlanta area. He is now retired. Lloyd married Idell Stevens. They live in Georgetown, Florida.

Their son:

a.   Danny Camp.

                  Danny is employed by Delta Air Lines. He lives in Jonesboro, Georgia.


d125     JAMES MARVIN CAMP; b. October 28, 1911.



James was born in Jonesboro, Georgia.

James was employed for 30 years as a fireman with the City of Hapeville, Georgia. Be also worked for a period of time as an employee of an ice plant in Hapeville.

James married Mary Sheats on March 23, 1935 in East Point, Georgia. Mary was born on March 24, 1913 and grew up in the Battle Hill area of southwest Atlanta. She is the daughter of Maude Horton and Charlie Sheats.

After living in Hapeville, James and Mary now live in Jonesboro, Georgia.

Their children:

1. Carole Linda Camp; b. August 7, 1936.

Carole was born in an Atlanta hospital. She graduated from Hapeville High School.

She also attended an IBM school.

Carole married Jimmy Abstance Foxworthy. Jim grew up in Denmark, South Carolina.

Jim was an employee of IBM. Pursuing that career, Carole and Jim lived in Decatur, Georgia; Knoxville, Tennessee and Greenville, South Carolina.

Their children:

a.   Jeffrey Marshall Foxworthy; b. September 6, 1958.

Jeffrey was born in Atlanta.

Jeffrey graduated from Hapeville High School.

He also attended Georgia Tech.

Jeffrey worked for a while with IBM and then pursued a career as e comedian. He has been quite successful.

Jeffrey has appeared on several television programs, including the Johnny Carson Show.

Jeffrey married. Pamela Gregg. They live in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California.

Jeffrey and Pamela expect their first child in November, 1991.

b.               Jennifer Lane Foxworthy; b. April 15, 1960.

Jennie was born in Atlanta. She graduated from Hapeville High School. Jennie worked for a time with IBM.

Jennie married Ronald Lewis Watts.

Ronnie is Executive Director of Transportation for Fulton County Schools.

Jeannie and Ronnie live in Tyrone, Georgia.

Their daughter:

I.    Jamie Leigh Watts; b. August 21, 1987

c.            Jay Alan Foxworthy; b. April 5, 1964.

Jay was born in Atlanta.

Jay graduated from College Park High School. Jay earned a football

scholarship at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina.

He graduated from Duke in 1986 with a degree in History.

Jay is employed by Artcraft Engravers in Atlanta.

Jay married Rhonda Lynn Scott of McDonough, Georgia. They live in Stockbridge, Georgia.

Jay and Rhonda expect their first child in November, 1991.

      Carole and Jim Foxworthy were divorced.

      Carole, later, married Paul Mulkey. He is now deceased. Carole is an employee of the Fulton        County Board of Education. She lives in Stockbridge, Georgia.

2.   James Marvin Camp, Jr.; b. November 15, 1941.

Jimmy was born in an Atlanta hospital. He grew up in Hapeville, Georgia. Jimmy graduated from Hapeville High School.

Jimmy is an employee of Delta Air Lines. He lives near Stockbridge, Georgia.

Jimmy married Sarah Harget. Sarah brought three children from a previous marriage into their home: Scott Hambrick, George Hambrick and Kell Ham­brick.

Jimmy adopted the youngest child, Kell Hambrick.

Their other children:

b.            Russell James Camp.

Russell operates a nursery in College Park. He married Becky          

They live in Clayton County, Georgia.

Their son:

I.    Taylor Camp.

c.            Joel (Jody) Camp.

Jody works for Henry County, Georgia.

He is also employed by a nursery in Jonesboro. Jody lives in Jonesboro, Georgia.

3.   Robert Charles Camp; b. August, 1943. [5]

Bobby was born in Hapeville, Georgia.

He graduated from Hapeville High School.

Bobby is an employee of the Ford Plant in Hapeville. He married Theodore (Teddy) Dobson.

They live in Jonesboro, Georgia.

Their children:

a.     Cynthia Lane Camp.

Cindy teaches school in Riverdale, Georgia.

b.     Scott Camp.

Scott is employed by Delta Air Lines.

4. Marshall Jackson Camp; b. October 26, 1945.

Jack was born in Atlanta. He attended Hapeville High School.

Jack is employed by Clayton County. He lives with his parents in Jonesboro.


d125     LEE ROY CAMP; b. October 27, 1878; d. November 3, 1955.



Lee married Angie Jones. Angie was born August 19, 1884 and died June 8, 1929. They are buried in the Mundy—Whaley Cemetery in Clayton County, Georgia.

Their children:

1.            Flora Camp; b. 1907. Flora married Loy Barronton.

2.            Melba Camp; b. 1909. Melba married Louie Hubert Fleming.

3.            Robert Lee Camp, Sr.; b. 1911. Robert Married Jewell Benefield.

4.            Tommie Camp; b. 1913. Tommie married (1) Marion Herman Roberts and (2) Joseph A. Ballard.

5.            Bernice Irene Camp; b. 1919. Bernice married Howard Jessie Hendrix.

Note: Angie Jones and her brother, William Thomas Jones, were the children of Emily Whaley (b. 1858; d. 1892) and Sam W. Jones (b. 1862; d. 1890). Angie's grandparents were: William Whaley (b. 1814; d. 1882) and Sarah Knight Whaley (b. 1827; d. 1905) and Thomas R. Jones (b. 1828). Sarah W. (Sally) Harris, daughter of Guilford and Mariah Harris, was the second wife of Thomas R. Jones and the stepmother of Sam W. Jones. They are all buried in the family cemetery of Guilford Harris on Flint River Road in Clayton County. This cemetery is sometimes called the Whaley cemetery.


d125     WILLIAM T. CAMP; born November 1, 1882; d. January 1, 1981.



a. 31 Camp Anc Unlim

Will Camp lived in Clayton County, Georgia for more than 98 years. He was a farmer ;All of his life, working hard, and using pre-tractor methods of farming.

Will lived his first 43 years at his parents' homeplace near Mundys Mill in Clayton County. His father, Henry Morris Camp, had received this land by inheritance from Ada parents, Abner and Mary Harris Camp.

Will married Mattie Letcher West on January 30, 1915.

Mattie, the daughter of Oscar and Louella Dumas West, was born December 8, 1893. She died March 18, 1985.

Will and Hattie are buried in the Jonesboro, Georgia city cemetery.

Mattie was, for more than 50 years, a faithful member of the Jonesboro First Baptist Church.

She had a habit of reading the Bible to her busy husband while he was milking and while he was washing up Jest the end of the day.

About 1926, Will and Hattie moved their family to Burnside Street in Jonesboro to make it more convenient for their children to attend school.

About 1937, they moved to a home, near Jonesboro, on Feyetteville Road. Here they spen t the remainder of their lives.

Their Children:

1.            Doris Lucille Camp; born January 28, 1916.

2.            William West Camp; born January 14, 1922.

3.            Hugh Camp; born July 28, 1925.


d125     DORIS LUCILLE CAMP; born January 28, 1916.


married James Hugh Edwards, Sr. on July 17, 1946,

Hugh was born May 15, 1914 at Jonesboro, Georgia. Hugh is the son of John Henry and Lizzie Belle Harris Edwards.

Hugh served in the regular United States Navy for 23 years, beginning in 1932. Hugh served additional time in the United States Naval Reserves for 7 years, making his service time in the military a total of thirty years.

After leaving the service, Hugh became a life insurance agent until his retirement at age 65.

Hugh, by a previous marriage to Adelaide Parks, had a son: James Hugh Edwards, Jr.; born August 7, 1940 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Jim attended college at the University of Southern California. He was active in athletics, playing baseball, professionally, for the New York Giants organization. Jim also worked as a fireman in Pasadena, California. He was permanently injured and retired by the City of Pasadena in 1981.

Jim married Mary Frances Giles.

She was born December 24, 1939 in Marietta, Oklahoma. They live in Monrovia, California.

Their children:

a.            James Marc Edwards; born July 1, 1961 in Glendora, California.

b.            Eric Hugh Edwards; born May 28, 1963 in Glendora, California. Eric married Michelle Lynn    Freschi on February 16, 1984.

Their child:

I. Whitney Nicole Edwards; born August 19, 1986 in Long Beach, California.

c.            Stacie Lynn Edwards; born May 24, 1964 in Pomona, California. Stacie married Arnold          Velarde, Jr. on March 28, 1985. They live at Redland, California.

Their children:

I.            James Vincent Edwards-Velarde; born March 12, 1986 in Glendora, California.

II.      Sarah Frances Velarde; born December 30, 1987 in Glendora, California.

A similar account of the marriage of Doris and Hugh Edwards, Sr. is related elsewhere in this family history under the lineage of Oliver Frank Harris who was born October 30, 1833.

Matthew Harris (born c. 1722; died 1813 - discussed elsewhere in this history) is a common ancestor of Doris and Hugh.

Doris and Hugh live at Stone Mountain, Georgia. Children of Hugh and Doris Camp Edwards:

1. Robert Lamar Brown; born March 23, 1941 at Jonesboro, Georgia. Bobby was legally adopted by Hugh as Robert Brown Edwards. Bobby graduated from Huntingdon College, Montgomery, Alabama. Bobby served with the United States Army in Vacenza, Italy.

      When he returned to the United States, he married Pauline Calahan. Bobby is employed by the Hartford Insurance Company.

      They live in South Glastonbury, Connecticut.

2. James Philip Edwards; born August 20, 1954 at Pensacola, Florida. Phil graduated from the University of Georgia.

      Phil married Robbin Jean Fox of Detroit, Michigan on November 20, 1976. Robbin was born November 23, 1955 in Mt. Clements, Michigan.

      They live in Snellville, Georgia.

Their children:

a.            Amanda Jean Edwards; born July 26, 1979 in Atlanta, Georgia.

b.            Rebecca Lea Edwards; born February 6, 1984 in Atlanta, Georgia.

c.            Nicholas Philip Edwards; born September 22, 1986 in Snellville, Georgia.


d125     WILLIAM WEST CAMP; born January 14, 1922.



William was born at Jonesboro, Georgia.

William worked for more than twenty-two years as an officer and leader in the Clayton County Police Department.

William married Ruth Trimble.

Ruth was born August 20, 1930.

They live in Clayton County, Georgia.

Their children:

1. Morris Camp; born January 17, 1952.

      Morris is an accomplished artist.

      He is also a naturalist and collector of Indian artifacts. Morris lives with his parents in Clayton       County.

2. Thomas Andrew Camp; born September 6, 1953. Andy graduated from Carson-Newman in Tennessee. Andy is a carpenter and builder.

      Andy married Donna Hancox.

      They live in Clayton County, Georgia.

      Their children:

a.            Miriam Camp; b. November 25, 1986.

b.            Samuel Camp; b. July 5, 1988.

c.            William Joseph Camp; b. July 30, 1990.

3. Dan Camp; born November 17, 1957.

      Dan works for United Parcel Seryice.

      Dan married Sheryl Foster of Morrow, Georgia on February 18, 1978.

      They live in Clayton County, Georgia.

Their children:

a.            Brian Camp; b. May 3, 1981.

b.            Christy Camp; b. June 28, 1984.

c.            Jonathan Camp; b. December 31, 1987

4. Melinda Camp; born July 6, 1960.

      Melinda married Mark Allen on July 12, 1980.

Their children:

a.            Neal Allen; b. August 24, 1981.

b.            Amy Allen; b. November 4, 1982.

c.            Katie Allen; b. March 15, 1985.

d.            Jason Allen; b. August 11, 1988.

[1] 31 Camp Anc Unlim

[2] 31 Camp Anc Unlim

[3]  31 Camp Anc Unlim

[4] 31 Camp Anc Unlim

[5] 31 Camp Anc Unlim



d125     MILES HUGH CAMP; born July 28, 1925.



Hugh was born at Jonesboro, Georgia.

Hugh worked for over 32 years with Southern Bell Telephone Company. Hugh married Lois Blocker.

They live at Jonesboro, Georgia.

Their children:

1. Susan Carol Camp; b. April 16, 1949.

Susan married Robert Ernest (Bob) Chancellor. Bob was born on September 1 1951

He is a foreman at Lee's Sheet Metal Company in College Park.

They live near Riverdale, Georgia.

Their children:

a.            Chad Jay Chancellor; b. July 16, 1973.

Chad is a senior in Jonesboro High School (1990-91).

b.            Heather Leigh Chancellor; b. May 27, 1978.

c.            Ashley Jill Chancellor; b. July 6, 1986.

2. Hugh Timothy Camp; b. June 18, 1954. Tim married Terry Ann Green.

Their children:

a.            Tonya Marie Camp; b. March 11, 1977.

b.            Tim Camp; b. November 26, 1978

Tim and Terry were divorced. Tim married Joyce McDay.

They live in Hampton, Georgia.

Their children:

c.            Kimberly Anita Camp; b. April 24, 1964.

d.            Mary Ann Camp; b. December 21, 1985.

e.            Charles Will Camp; b. May 23, 1988.


d125     NORA CAMP; b. July, 1885.



Akira married John Gibson.

They lived in Riverdale, Georgia.

Their children:

1.            Alma Gibson. Alma lived in Riverdale, Georgia.

2.            Alton Gibson. Alton lived in Riverdale, Georgia.


d125     NELLIE CAMP; b. November 16, 1887; d. August 31, 1979.



Nellie married Andrew Jackson (Jack) Whaley. Jack was born June 29, 1876 and died October 29, 1937.

They are buried in the Mundy-Whaley family cemetery on Fayetteville Road, Jonesboro, Georgia.

Their children:

1.   Marion Manson Whaley; b. April 18, 1908; d. October 4, 1992.

Marion married Winnie Lou Lott. Winnie was born on February 19, 1911 and died on January 20, 1983. They are buried in the Mundy-Whaley Cemetery.

Their daughter:

a.   Susan Whaley.

            Susan married John Otte.

            Their son:

            I.    John Otte, Jr.

                  John lives in Atlanta.

      Susan and John Otte were divorced. Susan married Dr. Glen Bridges.

      They live in Atlanta.

            Their children:

II.        Susannah Bridges.

III.          Caroline Bridges.

2.            Charles Morris Whaley; b. November 3, 1912; d. 1989.

      Charles married Lucille Hall.

      Charles is buried in Sherwood Memorial Park, Jonesboro, Georgia. Lucille lives in Jonesboro.

3.            Wilbur Jackson Whaley; b. November 22, 1915.


d125     WILBUR JACKSON WHALEY; b. November 22, 1915.



Wilbur was born on Fayetteville Road in Jonesboro, Georgia.

Wilbur operated a home and auto supply store in Jonesboro, Georgia. He served on the Clayton County Board of Education for 16 years.

Wilbur was a member of the Jonesboro City Council for 15 years and served as mayor of Jonesboro for 2 years. He also served on the Clayton County Jury Commission.

Wilbur served his country in the United States Navy during World War II. Wilbur is a member of Jonesboro Masonic Lodge, No. 87.

Wilbur married Elease Looney on November 11, 1941.

Elease was born on February 20, 1920. She is the daughter of Annie Bob Smith am James Greek Looney of Marietta, Georgia.

Wilbur and Elease live in Jonesboro.

Their children:

1. Barbara Nell Whaley; b. August 18, 1942.

Bobby was born in an Atlanta hospital. She graduated from Jonesboro High School.

Bobby earned her Bachelors and Masters Degrees from West Georgia College Carrollton, Georgia.

Bobby married Louis Manning.

Their children:

a.            Lea Manning. Lea was born in Atlanta.

      Lea graduated from Baylor University, Waco, Texas in May, 1991.

b.            Lynn Manning.

                  Lynn graduated from high school in Plano, Texas.

Bobby and Louis were divorced in 1979.

Bobby married Bobby Claude Harris of Jonesboro, Georgia. They live in Plano, Texas.

2. Jacqueline Lucille Whaley; b. January 15, 1946.

Jacky graduated from Jonesboro High School in 1963.

Jacky studied at West Georgia College, Georgia State University and at the University of Georgia. She earned her Masters Degree at Georgia State Uni­versity. She taught school in Clayton County.

Jacky married Don Wilkinson.

Don earned degrees at Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia Don is employed by the State of Georgia.

They live in the Druid Hills area of DeKalb County, Georgia.

Their son:

a. Luke Whaley Wilkinson; b. February 19, 1982.

      Luke attends Fernbank Elementary School.


ABOVE: Family of Elease Looney and her husband, Wilbur J. Whaley. son of Nellie Cal (d125/7333/5) and Andrew Jackson (Jack) Whaley, of Jonesboro, Georgia. Elease and Wilbur are seated with their granddaughters, Lea Manning (left) and Lynn Manning (right). Standing, left to right: their grandson, Luke Wilkinson, and their daughters, Jackie Whaley Wilkinson and Bobbie Whaley Manning Harris.

BELOW: Left to right: Lea Manning, Lynn Manning, and Luke Wilkinson.


These historic views of Jonesboro, Georgia are from the collection of Wilbur J. Whaley (d125/7333/53). ABOVE: A view of the old Clayton County Courthouse.

BELOW: An 1890 view of the railroad which passes through Jonesboro. The steps to old Jonesboro Hotel are shown in the right foreground.



d125     AMANDA CAMP; b. March, 1892; d. 1991.



Mandy married Sank W. Roberts. He is now deceased.

Mandy moved to Rome, Georgia to be near her daughter, Mary.

Mandy and Sank are buried in the College Park, Georgia city cemetery.

Their children:

1.            Infant child, b. and d. July 7, 1917; buried in the Camp family cemetery Jonesboro, Georgia.

2.            Mary Roberts.

      Mary married     Bryan.

      They live in Rome, Georgia.


d125     STERLING W. "WHIT" CAMP; born September 13, 1843; d. April 19, 1928.[1]


Whit was born near Jonesboro, Georgia.

Whit married Mary Jane Ellis on December 31, 1868 in Clayton County, Georgia. Mar was born February 19, 1851 and died February 2, 1914.

They are buried in the Camp family cemetery, Jonesboro, Georgia. a

Their children:

1.   Susan Camp; born c. 1872.

2.   Oscar Camp; born c. 1874.

3.   Ponce Camp; born c. 1877.

4.   Homer Camp; born November 13, 1887; d. April 10, 1966.

      Homer is buried in the Camp family cemetery, Jonesboro, Georgia. [2]


d125     JAMES ABNER NELSON CAMP; born 1846; d. 1925.


Nelson, also known as Bud, married Nancy Hemperly on February 6, 1896Theyn Clayton County, Georgia. Nancy was born August 31, 1859 and died January 31, 1914.

They are buried in the Camp family cemetery, Jonesboro, Georgia.

They lived in Clayton County, Georgia.

They had no children.


d125     CLARINDA  L. CAMP; born March, 1853; d. 1927.


Clarinda married Tyrus J. Dabney on January 23, 1871 in Clayton County, Georgia. Tyrus was born July, 1845 and died 1916.

They are buried in the Camp family cemetery, Jonesboro, Georgia.

They lived in Clayton County, Georgia.

Their son:

1. Idus T. Dabney; born October, 1871; d. 1924. Idus married Odis ______  ; born May, 1875.

Their children:

a.            Howard Dabney; born April, 1894.

b.            Clara (Emily) Dabney; born May, 1897.

c.            Mary Dabney; born November, 1899.

d.            Odessa Dabney; born 1902.

e.            Ruby Dabney; born 1904.


d125     ELIZABETH M. CAMP; born August 14, 1857; d. September 18, 1936. [3]


Elizabeth married William S. Stallworth on November 18, 1874.

William Stallworth was born January 26, 1849 and died October 23, 1899. They are buried in the Camp family cemetery, Jonesboro, Georgia.

Their daughter:

1.   Eula Belle Stallworth; born March 25, 1885; d. July 4, 1902. She is buried in the Camp cemetery    with her parents.

            Others buried in the same family plot are:

            Vera Stallworth; b. 1910; d. 1976.

            Luther W. Stallworth; b. 1913; d. 1988. P.F.C. World War II.

[1] 31 Camp Anc Unlim

[2] 31 Camp Anc Unlim

[3] 31 Camp Anc Unlim




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