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Compiled and contributed by Judy Stell

Henry Fitz born about 1705, died after 1760 Prince George Co., VA is thought to be the father of Henry d. 1804 of Warren Co., NC. Parish record shows marriage of Henry Fitz to Ann Sentall September 26, 1734. Court records for the estate of Nicholas Vaughan indicate Henry Fitz married Ann, widow of Nicholas Vaughan before August 14, 1739. No death record for Henry Fitz has been found, nor names of children or siblings in land records. Henry Fitz certainly was not the only Fitts or Fitz in Prince George/Dinwiddie; his are just the only records which have survived. Henry received land grants made to him by patents issued by the Governor, W. Gooch, as appears on the Virginia Land Registry in the State Land Office: Henry Fitts, 400 acres in Prince George County on the head of Leadbekeis River (Creek), February 9, 1737, adjoining Laughlin Flyn's line. (Thomas P. Hughes, Jr., Dinwiddie Co VA Data 1752-1865, Memphis TN, 1975) In 1738, Henry was the overseer of Hatchers Run. Four hundred acres in Prince George County on Nammisseen/Namozine Creek and adjoining the lands of Robert Bolling and John Fitzgerald, September 5, 1749. Two hundred and four acres in Prince George County, on both sides of Mawhoponock/Whipponock Creek, and adjoining the land of Edward Traylor, December 15, 1749. In 1753, land adjoining Henry Fitz was held by William Vaughan and William Eppes and Thomas Reese at Cock's Road in Dinwiddie County. (Thomas P. Hughes, Jr., Dinwiddie Co. VA Data 1752-1865, Memphis, TN, 1975) This portion of Prince George County later became Dinwiddie County, and Namozine Creek, on which Henry had land, is the dividing line between current Dinwiddie and Amelia counties. Leabetters Creek and Whipponock Creek are both just west of the Petersburg city limits and flow into the Appomattox River. Namozine Creek is about 2 1/2 miles further West. Henry is named with land adjoining that of Vaughan, Reese and Eppes in 1753. On March 30, 1760, John Pemberton was granted 108 acres on both sides of Cockes Road between William Eppes, William Vaughan, Henry Fitz and Thomas Reese, now called Dinwiddie County. It is assumed that Henry was still living in 1760.

There are other Fitts in Dinwiddie & Halifax Counties, whose relation is not proved to Henry Fitts, including: Elisha Fitts who is shown on the 1771 Granville Co. NC tax list. In Halifax Co. VA, there are John Fitts, Tandy Fitts and Robert Walker Fitts, born in late 1750's, early 1760's, apparent sons of a Walker Fitts d.c. 1810. Since the early records for these counties did not survive, the relation of Henry Fitz to other Fitz/Fitts in the area cannot be proved. There is only the thinnest connection where descendants of Walker Fitts d. 1810 were in the same part of Alabama as those of Henry d. 1804 and that Henry’s son bought property near that of Walker’s descendants in Mecklenburg Co., VA in the 1820s.

The ancestry of Henry Fitts as provided by James Harris Fitts in “Fitts or Fitz Family in America” is flawed and any connection to Robert Fitts at Jamestown or the Fitz of Tavistock, Devonshire, cannot be proved. There were other Fitts besides Robert of Jamestown. There was a Carry Fitts of 1648 Gloucester, 1657 Westmoreland and 1662 New Kent, VA; John Fitts of 1681 New Kent; Robert Fitts of 1650 who patented land on the south side of the Potomac River; and Thomas Fitts of 1669 New Kent or Charles City Co. VA.

Many thanks to Doug Fitts, Priestley Conyers, Alexs Turner, Brady Fitts and others. This family journal is only an aid, it is not gospel. Care has been taken; but mistakes happen. If you have corrections, please contact me.

Judy Stell (

First Proved Generation

          1.  Henry1 Fitts (Jr.), son of Henry Fitts (Sr.)xe "Fitts:Henry, (Sr.) (ABT 1705-AFT 1760)", was born in Bristol Parish, Prince George Co., VA July 18, 1734.  Henryxe "Fitts:Henry, (Jr.) (1734-BEF 1804)" died before May 21, 1804 in Warren Co., NC.  Raleigh Register of May 21, 1804 states Henry Fitts, Sen. died 'a few days ago.'

          Hexe "Fitts:Henry, (Jr.) (1734-BEF 1804)" married Susannah Sturdivantxe "Sturdivant:Susannah (1746-ABT 1802)" about 1770.  Susannahxe "Sturdivant:Susannah (1746-ABT 1802)" was born in Albemarle Parish, Sussex Co., VA May 14, 1746.  Susannah was the daughter of Matthew Sturdivant (II)xe "Sturdivant:Matthew, (II) (ABT 1718-dec.)" and Sarah Oliverxe "Oliver:Sarah ( -dec.)".  Susannahxe "Sturdivant:Susannah (1746-ABT 1802)" died about 1802 in Warren Co., NC.  Susannah was living at the time of her husband's will.

          Hexe "Fitts:Henry, (Jr.) (1734-BEF 1804)" made a will in Warren Co., NC, January 2, 1802.  Henry Fitts, d. 1804, is the first "proved" generation of this family. That Henry was the son of Henry Fitts & Ann Sentel or Ann Vaughan, widow of Nicholas, is not proved but based on circumstantial. Probate August Court, 1804, proved by oaths of Andrew Small and John Ellis. He named his wife and children. He left his 250 acre plantation and all the rest and residue of his estate, real and personal, to Susannah. After her death, one Negro Fanny and all the increase she may have was to go to son, Oliver. He had already made a deed to son Henry. Except for Negro Fanny, the estate was to be equally divided among his four children: O. Fitts, Sally Fussell, Nancy Brame and Henry Fitts junr.

He was in Bute Co. NC by 1773. Deed dated October 23, 1773, the 13th year of the Reign of Sovereign Lord, King George III, between Isaac Howell and Henry Fittz of Dinwiddie County, Virginia, for the sum of 300 pounds current money, 320 acres lying on both sides of Hawtree Creek, being the upper part of land formerly belonging to John Hawkins in the Province of North Carolina and county of Bute, granted by deed to Charles Poytheress of Dinwiddie, adjoining Joshua Ellis, thence down to Traver's Roe's dividing line; thence across the creek to John Jones' line...with all woods, underwoods, ways waters, water courses, mines, houses, gardens hereditaments and appurtenances thereto belonging or appertaining, and the revision, remainders, rents issues and profits thereof...Signed by Isaac Howell and witnessed by Henry Sturdivant, Travis Rees, Ephraim Ellis and William Ellis. In 1779, Henry obtained another land grant from the State of North Carolina, issued by Governor Richard Caswell.

1800 census of Warren Co. NC shows Henry and Sarah age 45+, with another female 45+ and 16 slaves.

NOTE: some early minutes from Warren Co. NC Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions have been transcribed, as have some early census records, and the transcribers have noted other Fitts in Warren County prior to 1805. Among these are Isham, James, Nathaniel, Randolph, Rowland, Solomon. On looking at the original records and some other records, this surname is FELTS. There appears to be a William Fitts in early Warren Co.; he may be Felts. There is a Henry Fitts b. 1853, who married Bettie by 1880 census, she's age 25, with children: John 5, Ellen 3, Evelyn 5 mo., in Warren Co., Hawtree District, in 1880 and no connection has been found to the descendants of Henry Fitts d. 1804. A Henry Fitts b.c. 1825 ?Person Co., NC m. Winnie P. H. Hayes in 1845 Granville Co. and was in Franklin Co. in 1860. (this latter Henry Fitts probably connects to one of the Virginia lines that went into Person County; one of his daughters, Henrietta, married James Atlas Harris).

          Henry Fitts (Jr.)xe "Fitts:Henry, (Jr.) (1734-BEF 1804)" and Susannah Sturdivantxe "Sturdivant:Susannah (1746-ABT 1802)" had the following children:

    +          2         i. Oliver2 Fittsxe "Fitts:Oliver (1771-ABT 1816)" was born 1771.

    +          3        ii. Sally Fittsxe "Fitts:Sally (1773-dec.)" was born 1773.

                 4       iii. Henry Fittsxe "Fitts:Henry (ABT 1774-1775)" was born about 1774.  Henryxe "Fitts:Henry (ABT 1774-1775)" died 1775.

    +          5       iv. Nancey Fittsxe "Fitts:Nancey (1775-1840)" was born 1775.

    +          6        v. Henry Fitts (III)xe "Fitts:Henry, (III) (1778-AFT 1847)" was born 1778.

Second Generation

          2.  Oliver2 Fitts (Henry1) was born in Dinwiddie Co., VA 1771.  Oliverxe "Fitts:Oliver (1771-ABT 1816)" died about September, 1816 in St. Stephens, AL.  Raleigh Register October 18, 1816 says Oliver Fitts, Esquire died 'a few weeks ago.'

          He married twice.  Hexe "Fitts:Oliver (1771-ABT 1816)" married Sarah Harrisxe "Harris:Sarah ( -1811)" 1795.  Sarah was the daughter of James Harrisxe "Harris:James ( -dec.)" and Winifred(wife of James Harris)xe ":Winifred, (wife of James Harris) ( -dec.)".  Sarahxe "Harris:Sarah ( -1811)" died January 20, 1811 in AL.  It is not proved that Sarah was the daughter of James and Winifred Harris of Halifax Co. NC. James Harris Fitts indicates Sarah Harris as being from Surry Co., VA. Winifred, widow of James Harris Sr., sold her dower to Oliver Fitts in 18(03). James Harris' sister, Phereby, and her husband, James Harris, also sold their fourth of James Harris Sr.'s land to Oliver Fitts in 1802, as did Norfleet Harris sell his fourth to Oliver Fitts in 1800. The fourth one-fourth parcel was sold by Philip G. Alston and his wife Mary to Oliver Fitts in 1802; it is thought Mary Alston is sibling to James, Phereby and Norfleet Harris. The mother of James, Norfleet, Phereby and Mary, Temperance Harris, wife of James Harris, named James, Norfleet, Phereby, Mary, Samuel and Elizabeth in her 1783 will (abstracted by Olds). Adding to circumstantial evidence, Sarah & Oliver Fitts named children James Harris Fitts and Temperance Winifred Fitts.

          Hexe "Fitts:Oliver (1771-ABT 1816)" married Peggy Bignell (widow of Edward)xe "Bignell:Peggy, (widow of Edward) ( -dec.)" in Warren Co., NC, July 15, 1813.  According to James Harris Fitts' book, Oliver was born in Dinwiddie Co., VA and brought to Warren Co., NC with his parents. He was a lawyer and Attorney General of the State of NC from 1808-1810. He was a member of the House of Commons from Warren County in 1798-1799. On April 17, 1810, he was nominated by James Madison, President, as Judge of the Mississippi Territory and the nomination was confirmed by the Senate the next day. Alabama was included in the Mississippi Territory and the Federal Courts were held at Vicksburg, MS and St. Stephens, AL. (James Harris Fitts, Fitts or Fitz Family in America, 1897, Fort Orange Press, Albany, NY)

Oliver married first Sarah Harris of Surry Co., VA. Raleigh Register shows marriage of Oliver Fitts to Mrs. Bignell, widow of Edward Bignell, Esq. In "Fitts or Fitz Family in America," James Harris Fitts said Oliver married 2nd a Mrs. Ash. Oliver's widow married Gen. Buchanan.

Oliver's home in Warrenton, NC is located at 210 Plummer Street. It was probably built between 1805-1810. The home was later used by Jacob Mordecai as a school for girls, a Black school, the Warren Academy for Boys and home of the Plummers. Annie Fitts Lamm (a descendant of Oliver's brother, Henry) lived there before her death. It was purchased from Annie's estate by Mr. Hunter and has been restored by him to its original design and is on the walking tour of Warrenton.

Warren County NC Minutes of Court of Please & Quarter Sessions 1801-1805 by Ginger L. Christmas-Beattie: Oliver Fitts name appears in court a dozen times, including: February 23, 1802 Court ordered that the county trustees pay Oliver Fitts, Esquire State Attorney, fourteen pounds for his services for said county. (p. 98) Saturday, February 27, 1802 Henry Fitts, Sr. acknowledged a deed to Oliver Fitts, which was ordered. (p. 120)

          Oliver Fittsxe "Fitts:Oliver (1771-ABT 1816)" and Sarah Harrisxe "Harris:Sarah ( -1811)" had the following children:

    +          7         i. James Harris3 Fittsxe "Fitts:James Harris (1796-1832)" was born March 12, 1796.

                 8        ii. Susan Brown Fittsxe "Fitts:Susan Brown (1798-1844)" was born in Warren Co., NC August 9, 1798.  Susanxe "Fitts:Susan Brown (1798-1844)" died August 30, 1844 in Denton Co., TX.  She married twice.  Shexe "Fitts:Susan Brown (1798-1844)" married Daniel B. Ripleyxe "Ripley:Daniel B. ( -dec.)" 1818.  Shexe "Fitts:Susan Brown (1798-1844)" married Edward Freeman Comegysxe "Comegys:Edward Freeman (1797-1875)" in Tuscaloosa, AL, 1834.  Edwardxe "Comegys:Edward Freeman (1797-1875)" was born in Kent Co., MD April 13, 1797.  Edwardxe "Comegys:Edward Freeman (1797-1875)" died January 10, 1875 in Courtlant, AL.  Edwardxe "Comegys:Edward Freeman (1797-1875)" served in the military in the Civil War.  In 1884, they went to Denton, TX and in 1891 to Gainsville, TX, where Professor Comegys was superintendent of public schools. Children: Sarah Ripley 1819-1821 St. Stephens, AL; Fitz Henry Fipley 1820-1865, m. Louisa Gunison, of Mobile, AL; William Crawford Comegys 1835-1873 Tuscaloosa, AL; Edward Freeman Comegys b. 1841, m. Susan Harris in 1868, of Gainsville, TX. (James Harris Fitts, Fitts or Fitz Family in America, 1897, Fort Orange Press, Albany, NY)

    +          9       iii. Henry Fittsxe "Fitts:Henry (1800-1821)" was born 1800.

               10       iv. Temperance Winnefred Fittsxe "Fitts:Temperance Winnefred (1802-1867)" was born in Warren Co., NC 1802.  Temperancexe "Fitts:Temperance Winnefred (1802-1867)" died August, 1867 in Mobile, AL.  Shexe "Fitts:Temperance Winnefred (1802-1867)" married William Crawfordxe "Crawford:William (1784-1849)" in St. Stephens, AL, about 1820.  Williamxe "Crawford:William (1784-1849)" was born 1784.  Williamxe "Crawford:William (1784-1849)" died February 27, 1849 in Mobile, AL.  He came from Louisa Co., VA to St. Stephens, AL as Federal District Attorney in 1817. (James Harris Fitts, Fitts Family, Ft. Orange Press, Tuscaloosa, AL) Children: Susan Crawford 1821-1863, m. 1840 Rev. Julian E. Sawyer, of Mobile, AL; Caroline Medora Crawford 1823-1841, m. 1840 Samuel T. Brown, of St. Stephens, AL. (James Harris Fitts, Fitts or Fitz Family in America, 1897, Fort Orange Press, Albany, NY)

    +        11        v. John Henry Fittsxe "Fitts:John Henry (1804-1882)" was born 1804.

    +        12       vi. Oliver Harris Fittsxe "Fitts:Oliver Harris (ABT 1806-1881)" was born about 1806.

          3.  Sally2 Fitts (Henry1) was born 1773.  Shexe "Fitts:Sally (1773-dec.)" married John Fussellxe "Fussell:John (ABT 1767-ABT 1833)" in Warren Co., NC, November 28, 1795.  Johnxe "Fussell:John (ABT 1767-ABT 1833)" was born in Bute Co., NC about 1767.  John was the son of Aaron Fussellxe "Fussell:Aaron ( -dec.)".  Johnxe "Fussell:John (ABT 1767-ABT 1833)" died about 1833 in Madison Co., TN.  (LDS Ancestral File)

          Sally Fittsxe "Fitts:Sally (1773-dec.)" and John Fussellxe "Fussell:John (ABT 1767-ABT 1833)" had the following children:

               13         i. Nancy3 Fussellxe "Fussell:Nancy (ABT 1797-1874)" was born in Granville Co., NC about 1797.  Nancyxe "Fussell:Nancy (ABT 1797-1874)" died 1874.

               14        ii. James Fussellxe "Fussell:James (1798-1855)" was born in Granville Co., NC October 8, 1798.  Jamesxe "Fussell:James (1798-1855)" died October, 1855 in Carroll Co., TN.

               15       iii. Nathan Fussellxe "Fussell:Nathan (ABT 1800-dec.)" was born in Granville Co., NC about 1800.

               16       iv. Henry B. Fussellxe "Fussell:Henry B. (1805-1875)" was born in Granville Co., NC January 8, 1805.  Henryxe "Fussell:Henry B. (1805-1875)" died December 15, 1875 in Columbia, Maury Co., TN.

               17        v. Thomas Fussellxe "Fussell:Thomas (ABT 1807-dec.)" was born in Granville Co., NC about 1807.

               18       vi. William Fussellxe "Fussell:William (ABT 1809-ABT 1847)" was born in Granville Co., NC about 1809.  Williamxe "Fussell:William (ABT 1809-ABT 1847)" died about 1847 in Madison Co., TN.

               19      vii. Aaron Fussellxe "Fussell:Aaron (ABT 1814-ABT 1887)" was born about 1814.  Aaronxe "Fussell:Aaron (ABT 1814-ABT 1887)" died about 1887 in Madison Co., TN.

               20     viii. Wyatt Fussellxe "Fussell:Wyatt (ABT 1816-1889)" was born about 1816.  Wyattxe "Fussell:Wyatt (ABT 1816-1889)" died August 12, 1889 in White Co., AR.

          5.  Nancey2 Fitts (Henry1) was born 1775.  Nanceyxe "Fitts:Nancey (1775-1840)" died 1840 in Warren Co., NC.  Shexe "Fitts:Nancey (1775-1840)" married William Bramexe "Brame:William ( -1843)" in Warren Co., NC, December 17, 1793.  Williamxe "Brame:William ( -1843)" died 1843 in Warren Co., NC.  ("The Fitts Family" by James H. Fitts, LDS submission by J. H. Arnold of Newman, GA; Brent H. Holocomb, "Marriages of Warren & Bute Cos., NC," 1991)

          Nancey Fittsxe "Fitts:Nancey (1775-1840)" and William Bramexe "Brame:William ( -1843)" had the following children:

    +        21         i. Anderson F.3 Bramexe "Brame:Anderson F. (1795-1861)" was born 1795.

               22        ii. Henry Bramexe "Brame:Henry (1798-1865)" was born September 11, 1798.  Henryxe "Brame:Henry (1798-1865)" died August 17, 1865 in Uniontown, AL.  He married twice.  Hexe "Brame:Henry (1798-1865)" married Martha Milamxe "Milam:Martha ( -1841)" December 21, 1825.  Marthaxe "Milam:Martha ( -1841)" died April 11, 1841.  Hexe "Brame:Henry (1798-1865)" married Eliza Ann Askewxe "Askew:Eliza Ann ( -dec.)" July 30, 1844.  Widow of Unknown Dickson. His children lived in Alabama and Mississippi. Children by Martha Milam were: Isabella Brame b. 1827, m. 1847 George P. Kelly d. 1806 Mobile, AL; John M. Brame 1829-1859 Marengo Co. AL; Paralee Brame 1832-1876, m. 1870 F.C. Gough; Martha Ann Brame b. 1834, m. 1857 Kiles A. Foster d. 1864; William Milam Brame 1836-1883, m. 1857 Vicy Ann Morgan of Paulding, MS; children by Eliza A. Askew Dickerson:  Mary Ella Brame 1845-1862 Uniontown, AL and Henry Robert Brame 1847-1849 Uniontown, AL. (James Harris Fitts, Fitts Family, Ft. Orange Press, Tuscaloosa, AL)

               23       iii. Marcus Bramexe "Brame:Marcus (1800-1845)" was born 1800.  Marcusxe "Brame:Marcus (1800-1845)" died 1845 in Marengo Co., AL.  Hexe "Brame:Marcus (1800-1845)" married Nancy Footexe "Foote:Nancy ( -1892)".  Nancyxe "Foote:Nancy ( -1892)" died February 3, 1892 in Marengo Co., AL.  His children were in Mississippi and Alabama. They were: William Henry Brame 1833-1867, m. 1865 Fannie Bealle of West Point, MS; Mary Ann Brame b. 1835 of West Point, MS; Sallie Brame 1840-1887, m. 1869 Thomas B. Dalton of West Point, MS; Emma Brame 1840-1874, m. 1859 Frederick Bealle of West Point, MS; Virginia Brame 1843-1872 of Okalona, MS; and Marcus George Brame 1844-1845 Uniontown, AL. (James Harris Fitts, Fitts or Fitz Family in America, 1897, Fort Orange Press, Albany, NY)

               24       iv. Oliver Bramexe "Brame:Oliver (1802-1863)" was born 1802.  Oliverxe "Brame:Oliver (1802-1863)" died 1863 in Dayton, AL.  Hexe "Brame:Oliver (1802-1863)" married Mary Ann Cabinissxe "Cabiniss:Mary Ann ( -AFT 1897)".  Maryxe "Cabiniss:Mary Ann ( -AFT 1897)" died after 1897.  All but one of his children died in infancy at Dayton, Alabama: Henry, James, Leah, Cicily, and William. His son, Leonidas Brame was believed still at Dayton, AL in 1897. (James Harris Fitts, Fitts or Fitz Family in America, 1897, Fort Orange Press, Albany, NY)

               25        v. Susan Bramexe "Brame:Susan (1804-1870)" was born 1804.  Susanxe "Brame:Susan (1804-1870)" died 1870 in NC.  (James Harris Fitts, Fitts or Fitz Family in America, 1897, Fort Orange Press, Albany, NY)

               26       vi. James Bramexe "Brame:James (1806-1845)" was born 1806.  Jamesxe "Brame:James (1806-1845)" died October 3, 1845 in NC.  (James Harris Fitts, Fitts or Fitz Family in America, 1897, Fort Orange Press, Albany, NY)

               27      vii. Sally Bramexe "Brame:Sally (1808-dec.)" was born 1808.  Shexe "Brame:Sally (1808-dec.)" married Sherwood Harrisxe "Harris:Sherwood ( -dec.)".  Her children: Sarah Harris b.c. 1830 m. Ned Wortham; William Harris b.c. 1832 d. 1862; Ridley F. Harris b.c. 1834 and was at Vaughan, NC in 1897; Mary Harris b.c. 1836, d. infant. (James Harris Fitts, Fitts or Fitz Family in America, 1897, Fort Orange Press, Albany, NY)

               28     viii. William Bramexe "Brame:William (1811-dec.)" was born 1811.  Williamxe "Brame:William (1811-dec.)" died in MS.  Hexe "Brame:William (1811-dec.)" married Mary Goughxe "Gough:Mary ( -dec.)" 1865.  He went to Paulding, MS. (James Harris Fitts, Fitts or Fitz Family in America, 1897, Fort Orange Press, Albany, NY)

    +        29        ix. Nancy Ann Bramexe "Brame:Nancy Ann (1817-1898)" was born October 17, 1817.

          6.  Henry2 Fitts (III) (Henry1) was born in Prince George Co., VA 1778.  Henryxe "Fitts:Henry, (III) (1778-AFT 1847)" died after February 12, 1847 in Warren Co., NC.  Hisxe "Fitts:Henry, (III) (1778-AFT 1847)" body was interred in Warren Co., NC, Family plot. 

          Hexe "Fitts:Henry, (III) (1778-AFT 1847)" married Sarah "Sallie" Dukexe "Duke:Sarah Sallie\" (ABT 1780-dec.)\"" in Warren Co., NC, 1798.  Sarahxe "Duke:Sarah Sallie\" (ABT 1780-dec.)\"" was born in Bute Co., NC about 1780.  Sarah was the daughter of Green Dukexe "Duke:Green ( -BEF 1811)" and Mary Parhamxe "Parham:Mary ( -BEF 1810)".  There is no headstone for Sallie in the family plot at the Fitts homestead on Oakville Road; however, she is probably buried in this cemetery. Henry was a farmer, land owner and merchant. He and Benjamin Riggan were partners in Fitts & Riggan, Merchants. He was also a preacher in the Methodist Episcopal Church. He was a County Trustee from 1802-1808, named as guardian to at least ten minor children, State Senator in 1809. At his death he owned several tracts and a large number of slaves. The 1810 census shows him with 28 slaves and 7 looms. He was voted a member of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions for many years and served as Chairman. He was a delegate to the National Democratic Convention in Baltimore in 1840 and served as a trustee of Randolph Macon College. (Warren Co. records) Henry was also known as a "doctor," though self-taught and his practice included his family and neighbors. His family home is located on Oakville Road, about four miles from Route 158 on the right-hand side (about 8 mi. north of Warrenton); the family cemetery is adjacent to the homestead, which was standing in 1999.

Henry gave an acre of land and a church of logs was built in 1771. The earliest deed located is dated February 23, 1771. Now Hebron United Methodist Church, it is located seven miles east of Wise and the Wise Five Fork Road in Oakville. Mr. Fitts, in the course of his preaching, acquired the honored title of Reverend. With the help of Nathan Milam, John E. Twitty, John Boyd and other men of the community, built the church which is standing today. (hand-written history written for the first homecoming, most probably written by Mary Ann Twitty Palmer about 1890)

1800 census of Warren Co. NC shows Henry with 1M16-26, 1F16-26, 1F-10, and 10 slaves.

1807-1810 (Warren Deed Bk 18, p. 315) shows a deed from Henry Fitts to George Nickolson (d. 1818).

On November 11, 1807, Henry Fitts sold to John Ellis 100 acres...maple on a great branch at mouth of Spring Branch, Benjamin Bells line, Ransom Kimbels line, formerly Talley's, James Pains corner, Claiborns path, said Fitts received it from Joseph Hawkins, Sheriff; Wit: Thos. Beasley & Barnet Beasley. (Warren Co Deed Bk 18, p. 111) (Note: John Ellis was father of Charles Ellis & John H. Ellis in below 1816 deed)

Henry Fitts was a witness to the December 28, 1816 sale by Charles Ellis, now of Warren Co., KY, to his brother, John H. Ellis, his inheritance from John Ellis, Lot #7, adjacent Robinsons ferry road, Henry Fitts, James Colclough and Sampson King, 158 1/2A; Joseph Shearin and William Hicks were also witnesses. (Warren NC Deed Bk 23, p. 265). On April 6, 1819, John H. Ellis sold this land to James Colclough; Joseph Shearin and Henry Fitts were witnesses. (Warren NC Deed Bk 23, p. 262)

Henry was named as a legatee of Gideon Pegram in 1823, who left to Henry furniture and land after the death of his wife. John P. Nicholson (son of George d. 1818) was a witness to that will. George Pegram called Henry Fitts his "friend" and gave no family relationship.

A document dated January 22, 1827 shows Henry Fitts and George Casthorn of Warren County as Attornies in fact for Thomas B. Eaton in the sale of 12 slaves to George Anderson for $3,345.25. Slaves were Ruffin, Randol, Joshua, Stephen, Millie, Horrice, Henry, Francis, Betty, Lila, John. _ .

Deeds from Mecklenburg County, Virginia, show that Henry bought or owned land in that county as early as 1823. He sold or gave some of this land to sons Henry Green Fitts, James M. Fitts and Oliver Duke Fitts.

Henry Fitts, male age 40-50, with a female 30-40 and a male child under age 5. He is enumerated next door to Oliver Fitts in 1830 Mecklenburg Co., VA. He has slaves: 3M-10, 1M10-24, 6M24-36, 3M36-55, 1M55-100, 1M100+, 1F-10, 3F10-24, 2F24-36, 1F36-55. Henry, is not found in 1830 Warren County and this is probably him in Mecklenburg VA.

1840 census, Warren Co., NC (p.236) shows Henry Fitts 20-30, M60-70, F15-20, F20-30. Slaves: 13M-10, 4M10-24, 1M24-36, 7M36-55, 3M55-100, 11F-10, 7F10-24, 7F24-36, 4F36-55, 4F55-100.

From the Diary of John Early, Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, recorded between 1808-1812, and published in the Virginia Magazine of History & Biography, 34V312 and 36V176: Tues. 27th to Hebron 20 miles I preached...stayed at Brother Fitts, a very religious family. Wed. 28th to Zion 10 miles. Fri. July 3rd 1812 Roanoke Chapel...saw old friends from Caswell. Brother Fitts and myself stayed at old Mr. Robinsons. This "Brother Fitts" is most probably Henry Fitts d. 1847.

Will of Henry Fitts dated April 28, 1845, probate February Court 1847: Sons Oliver D. Fitts, Henry G. Fitts, James M. Fitts and sons-in-law Nathan Milam, Horace Palmer, Thos. T. Twitty, and Matthew M. Drake - all that portion of the land where I now live, adj. Colclough, the branch, Anderson F. Brame (my Spring Branch), William Brame, Patsy Hix, and Patsy Ellis, containing 500 acres, with all dwellings, ten Negroes, etc., to be held in trust for the use of my daughter Susan Twitty (wife of John E. Twitty) and her family, and this property shall not be liable for the debts of her husband, and it shall fall to her children at her death. Daughter Harriet Fitts - $200 to purchased furniture, also fifteen Negroes (unnamed), but if she should die without issue, the Negroes shall be divided between her sisters Polly Rogers, Winnefred Drake, Caroline Palmer, Eveline Twitty, and Elizabeth Milam. To my grandchildren Alice A. F. Scoggins and James H. Scoggins (children of my deceased daughter Ann Scoggins) - eight Negroes to hold in common stock and not to be divided until they are twenty-one, to be used for their joint support and education, but if both should die underage and without issue, these Negroes shall fall to the children of my daughter Susan. Daughter Caroline Palmer - twelve Negroes. Daughter Winnefred Drake - Negro Milly High and her four youngest children, also Will, and I release her husband Matthew M. Drake from all debts he may owe me. To Elizabeth Milam - five Negroes already in her possession. To Eveline Twitty (wife of T. T. Twitty) - eight Negroes already in her possession. To James M. Fitts - seven Negroes already in his possession. To Oliver D. Fitts - all Negroes in his possession, plus all debts he owes me. To Henry G. Fitts - all Negroes already in his possession, and all debts he owes me, except the goods the debts of the store. To Polly Rogers - all Negroes already in her possession, and I release her husband George Rogers from the debt he owes me. My executors are to allot a year's provisions to my daughter Susan Twitty and her family. Rest of estate to be disposed of as conveniently as possible to pay my various legacies, and remaining money to be divided between my daughters Polly, Elizabeth, Winnefred, Caroline, Eveline and Harriet. If there is any dispute about my will, my friends Weldon N. Edwards, George D. Baskerville, and Capt. John Daly shall help to make a decision. Witnesses: James A. Egerton, Benjamin J. Egerton and Henry A. Foote. A Codicil was added on November 9, 1846: I give my daughter Winefred Drake Negro Milly High and all her children; witnessed: Henry A. Foote, Anderson F. Brame, W. Hudgins. A Codicil was added November 27, 1846: My son Oliver shall have an equal share of the residue of my estate with my daughters; witnessed: Henry A. Foote, Anderson F. Brame, W. Hudgins.

          Henry Fitts (III)xe "Fitts:Henry, (III) (1778-AFT 1847)" and Sarah "Sallie" Dukexe "Duke:Sarah Sallie\" (ABT 1780-dec.)\"" had the following children:

    +        30         i. Mary Parham3 Fittsxe "Fitts:Mary Parham (1799-1856)" was born January 31, 1799.

    +        31        ii. Susan Fittsxe "Fitts:Susan (1800-AFT 1852)" was born 1800.

    +        32       iii. Winefred Fittsxe "Fitts:Winefred (1802-1870)" was born May 3, 1802.

               33       iv. Adeline Fittsxe "Fitts:Adeline (1803-1816)" was born in Warren Co., NC January, 1803.  Adelinexe "Fitts:Adeline (1803-1816)" died 1816 in Warren Co., NC.

    +        34        v. Caroline Fittsxe "Fitts:Caroline (1803-1846)" was born December 13, 1803.

    +        35       vi. Elizabeth Fittsxe "Fitts:Elizabeth (1805-1884)" was born November 23, 1805.

    +        36      vii. Oliver Duke Fittsxe "Fitts:Oliver Duke (1807-1854)" was born October 3, 1807.

    +        37     viii. Henry Green Fittsxe "Fitts:Henry Green (1811-1849)" was born August 11, 1811.

    +        38        ix. Eveline Fittsxe "Fitts:Eveline (1813-1853)" was born 1813.

    +        39         x. James M. (Monroe) Fittsxe "Fitts:James M. (Monroe) (1815-ABT 1846)" was born 1815.

    +        40        xi. Emily Fittsxe "Fitts:Emily (1817-1843)" was born 1817.

    +        41       xii. Ann Eliza Fittsxe "Fitts:Ann Eliza (1820-1844)" was born February 3, 1820.

    +        42      xiii. Harriet Fittsxe "Fitts:Harriet (1823-1894)" was born May 6, 1823.

 Third Generation

          7.  James Harris3 Fitts (Oliver2, Henry1) was born in Warren Co., NC March 12, 1796.  Jamesxe "Fitts:James Harris (1796-1832)" died July 16, 1832 in Marengo Co., AL. 


          Hexe "Fitts:James Harris (1796-1832)" married Rebecca Emily Alstonxe "Alston:Rebecca Emily (1797-1858)" in Warren Co., NC, June 30, 1814.  Rebeccaxe "Alston:Rebecca Emily (1797-1858)" was born in Warren Co., NC February 15, 1797.  Rebecca was the daughter of Samuel Alstonxe "Alston:Samuel (1770-1807)" and Elizabeth Faulconxe "Faulcon:Elizabeth ( -dec.)".  Rebeccaxe "Alston:Rebecca Emily (1797-1858)" died March 29, 1858 in Tuscaloosa, AL.  After her husband's death, Rebecca moved from Clarke County and settled on the plantation in Marengo County near Uniontown, with her son, Samuel. In 1836, she moved to Tuscaloosa, AL with her other children. Marriage license granted June 25, 1814, Warren Co., NC. (Brent H. Holocomb, "Marriages of Warren & Bute Cos.," 1991) They moved to Washington Co., AL, near Old St. Stephens, then later to Clarke Co., near Jackson. James was a member of the legislature of Alabama from Clarke County 1822-23. He bought 1,200 acres of land near Woodville (now Uniontown) AL, along with some smaller tracts in Marengo Co., AL. He was shot by a 'discharged superintendent' named Cabiness, who shot him through a window when he was sitting at the supper table. He was buried at Woodville/Uniontown in the cemetery which he had deeded to the town. His wife and several of his children are also buried there. (James Harris Fitts, Fitts or Fitz Family in America, 1897, Fort Orange Press, Albany, NY)

          James Harris Fittsxe "Fitts:James Harris (1796-1832)" and Rebecca Emily Alstonxe "Alston:Rebecca Emily (1797-1858)" had the following children:

    +        43         i. Samuel Alston4 Fittsxe "Fitts:Samuel Alston (1815-1869)" was born May 15, 1815.

               44        ii. Oliver Henry Fittsxe "Fitts:Oliver Henry (1816-1821)" was born November 8, 1816.  Oliverxe "Fitts:Oliver Henry (1816-1821)" died September 15, 1821 in Marengo Co., AL.  (James Harris Fitts, Fitts or Fitz Family in America, 1897, Fort Orange Press, Albany, NY)

               45       iii. Sarah Harris Fittsxe "Fitts:Sarah Harris (1819-1835)" was born February 26, 1819.  Sarahxe "Fitts:Sarah Harris (1819-1835)" died June 7, 1835 in Marengo Co., AL.  (James Harris Fitts, Fitts or Fitz Family in America, 1897, Fort Orange Press, Albany, NY)

               46       iv. Elizabeth Faulcon Fittsxe "Fitts:Elizabeth Faulcon (1821-AFT 1897)" was born in St. Stephens, AL January 23, 1821.  Elizabethxe "Fitts:Elizabeth Faulcon (1821-AFT 1897)" died after 1897 in AL.  Shexe "Fitts:Elizabeth Faulcon (1821-AFT 1897)" married Sewall Jones Leachxe "Leach:Sewall Jones (1812-1885)" October 10, 1839.  Sewallxe "Leach:Sewall Jones (1812-1885)" was born in New York, NY November 28, 1812.  Sewallxe "Leach:Sewall Jones (1812-1885)" died August 6, 1885 in Tuscaloosa, AL.  He practiced dentistry in Uniontown and Tuscaloosa, AL. He also founded Leach & Avery Iron & Plow Factory at Tuscaloosa. Elizabeth's children all lived at Tuscaloosa, AL, except Emily, who went to Louisville, KY after she married. Children: James Harris Leach b/d 1840; Sidney Fitts Leach 1841-1883 m. Mary L. Peck; Emily Alston Leach b. 1843 m. 1865 James S. Carpenter; Samuel Thomas Leach b. 1846; Norma Lela Leach b. 1848 m. John Snow; Carolyn Medora Leach b. 1850, m. Edward E. Kirkham; Susan Virginia Leach 1852-1855; Lelia Leach 1855-1856; Sewall Jones Leach b. 1857, m. Kate B. Warren; Edward Faulcon Leach b. 1859; William Fitts Leach b. 1862. (James Harris Fitts, Fitts or Fitz Family in America, 1897, Fort Orange Press, Albany, NY)

               47        v. Rebecca Emily Fittsxe "Fitts:Rebecca Emily (1822-1838)" was born in Clarke Co., AL November 29, 1822.  Rebeccaxe "Fitts:Rebecca Emily (1822-1838)" died February 2, 1838 in Tuscaloosa, AL.  (James Harris Fitts, Fitts or Fitz Family in America, 1897, Fort Orange Press, Albany, NY)

               48       vi. Caroline Medora Fittsxe "Fitts:Caroline Medora (1824-dec.)" was born in Jackson, Clarke Co., AL December 28, 1824.  Carolinexe "Fitts:Caroline Medora (1824-dec.)" died in AL.  Shexe "Fitts:Caroline Medora (1824-dec.)" married Josiah James Pegues(Col.)xe "Pegues:Josiah James, (Col.) (1825-AFT 1897)" in Tuscaloosa, AL, March 2, 1854.  Josiahxe "Pegues:Josiah James, (Col.) (1825-AFT 1897)" was born in SC July 19, 1825.  Josiahxe "Pegues:Josiah James, (Col.) (1825-AFT 1897)" died after 1897.  Josiahxe "Pegues:Josiah James, (Col.) (1825-AFT 1897)" served in the military in Civil War.  Children: Joe Evans Pegus, b. 1854, m. Rosa Rowan, of Tuscaloosa, AL; Samuel Fitts Pegues b. 1858, m. Mattie Alexander, of Chicago, IL; Ida Pegues b. 1860, m. Eugene G. Eaton, of Rock Springs, AR. (James Harris Fitts, Fitts or Fitz Family in America, 1897, Fort Orange Press, Albany, NY)

               49      vii. John Henry Fitts(Dr.)xe "Fitts:John Henry, (Dr.) (1827-1851)" was born in Clarke Co., AL February 20, 1827.  Johnxe "Fitts:John Henry, (Dr.) (1827-1851)" died June 21, 1851 in Shongalo, Carroll Co., MS.  He moved to Mississippi in 1850. He is buried at Uniontown, AL. (James Harris Fitts, Fitts or Fitz Family in America, 1897, Fort Orange Press, Albany, NY)

               50     viii. William Faulcon Fitts(Dr.)xe "Fitts:William Faulcon, (Dr.) (1829-1862)" was born in Clarke Co., AL February 14, 1829.  Williamxe "Fitts:William Faulcon, (Dr.) (1829-1862)" died December 27, 1862 in Stewart's Creek, AL.  Hexe "Fitts:William Faulcon, (Dr.) (1829-1862)" married Jersey Annie Fosterxe "Foster:Jersey Annie ( -1894)" October 13, 1857.  Jersey was the daughter of Charles M. Fosterxe "Foster:Charles M. ( -dec.)".  Jerseyxe "Foster:Jersey Annie ( -1894)" died November 30, 1894. 

                                       Williamxe "Fitts:William Faulcon, (Dr.) (1829-1862)" served in the military in the Civil War.  William mustered into Co. G, 51st Regiment, Alabama Cavalry under Col. John T. Morgan, and was elected 2nd Lt. and made 1st Lt. He was killed while leading a charge at Stewart's Creek. He was buried near where he fell (near Smyrna) and later removed to Evergreen Cemetery at Tuscaloosa, AL.

                                Children: Charles Fitts b. 1858, m. Flora Damer, of Tuscaloosa, AL; Lizzie Faulcon Fitts b. 1860, m. Benjamin Flinn, of Montgomery, AL; William Faulcon Fitts, Jr., b. 1863, m. Helen McEachin, of Tuscaloosa, AL. (James Harris Fitts, Fitts or Fitz Family in America, 1897, Fort Orange Press, Albany, NY)

    +        51        ix. James Harris Fitts (Jr.)xe "Fitts:James Harris, (Jr.) (1830-AFT 1897)" was born October 12, 1830.

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