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St. Paul Baptist Church Cemetery
(Surveyed by Tony Copeland in June 2007, transcribed & submitted by Deloris Williams)

Name Born Died Comment
EVANS, Ernest J. b. July- 28-1949 d. July-17-1962  
EVANS, Grady Michael b. November- 3-1954 d. August-12-1990  
EVANS, Lucy D. b. March-11-1897 d. February- 2-1977  
EVANS, Rev. Ortiz b. September- 4-1898 d. August- 24-1973  
EVANS, Robert S. b. November-17-1932 d. September- 2-1957  
FIELDS, Theodore R. b. December-17-1918 d. March- 6-1994 Gone But Not Forgotten
GRINNAGE, Florence A. b. February-13-1897 d. March- 23-1978  
GRINNAGE, Robert Duleka b. December-11-1929 d. September-13- 2003  
HARRIS, Roxie A. b. July-17-1866 d. August- 7-1956  The Wife Of William F. Harris
HARRIS, William F. b. February- 7-1867 d. January- 30-1949  The Husband Of Roxie A. Harris
HEDGEPETH, Addie Harris b. December- 23-1901 d. September- 21-1957  In Loving Memory
JONES, Jerlene R. b. February- 22-1931 d. November-13- 2002  
JONES, Pamela C. b. 1962 d. 1967  
ORTIZ, Cedric S. b. January-15-1922 d. September- 3-1999  
ORTIZ, Pattie b. November-13-1926 d. June- 27- 2002  
RICHARDSON, Arnold K. b. August-15-1967 d. May-15-1985  
RICHARDSON, Betsey b. March-13-1921 d. January-10- 2002  
RICHARDSON, Charlie b. (no date) d. November- 28-1952 Age 65 -  Gone But Not Forgotten
RICHARDSON, Clarene b. August- 7-1931 d. April-13-1968 The Wife Of Robert L. Richardson
RICHARDSON, Elmore b. October- 28-1918 d. December-17-1983  
RICHARDSON, Frank b. February- 22-1913 d. July-19-1981  
RICHARDSON, J. R. b. December- 20-1869 d. April- 23-1953 At Rest
RICHARDSON, Johnnie b. February- 4-1899 d. January- 20-1985 The Husband Of Mittie L. Richardson
RICHARDSON, Lawrence b. March- 26-1901 d. September- 9-1985 The Husband Of Viola S. Richardson- Dble Hstone- Loving Father
RICHARDSON, Lena H. b. March-11-1920 d. July- 7-1985 A Loving Mother And Grandmother
RICHARDSON, Lizzie E. b. 1889 d. 1961 Our Dear Mother And Grandmother
RICHARDSON, Lucy Ann b. 1874 d. 1964  
RICHARDSON, Luevenia b. October- 3-1907 d. February- 9-1998  
RICHARDSON, Mittie L. b. November- 6-1899 d. May- 8-1974 The Wife Of Johnnie Richardson
RICHARDSON, Nelson b. October- 20-1908 d. August- 23-1997 The Husband Of Luevenia Richardson
RICHARDSON, Robert L. b. December-17-1925 d. July- 23-1999 The Husband Of Clarene Richardson
RICHARDSON, Viola S. b. April-15-1912 d. July- 9-1986 The Wife Of Lawrence Richardson- Dble H/stone- Loving Mother
SILVER, Conrey b. October-15-1920 d. September- 9- 2006  
SILVER, James A. b. June- 7-1943 d. March- 2-1982  
WALKER, Ruby G. b. November- 20-1932 d. February-15-1998  

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