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Warren County Bibles:

Myrick, Nicholson, Brown, Bible Records


From Bible Records of Early Edgecombe, NC by Williams & Griffin

Myrick, Nicholson, and Brown Data
Contributed by Sarah Myrick Parker (Mrs. Rom, Sr.) of Enfield, N.C.

Charles Myrick was son James Myrick (Rev. soldier) and gr. son of Moses Myrick, who moved to Granville County from Edgecombe County [probably lived in the part of Edgecombe County that became Granville in 1746].
Charles Myrick was b. April 18, 1767
Martha Myrick, his wife, was b. Sept. 5, 1769
Charles Myrick and Martha, his wife, m. Dec. 2, 1792

Children – birth:

Susanna Myrick Mar. 2, 1794, on Sun. A.M. 6 o’clock
Jesse Myrick Sept. 7, 1796, on Wednesday morning
Hardy Myrick Jan. 26, 1799, on Sat. morning
James Myrick Feb. 27, 1802, on Sat. morning
Matilda Myrick Oct. 29, 1805, on Mon. morning
Elizabeth Myrick Nov. 9, 1809, on Mon. morning
Ann Myrick Nov. 9, 1809, on Mon. evening
Martha R. Myrick Oct. 13, 1813, on Wednesday morning

John Charles Myrick Bible

John C. Myrick and Sarah R. Nicholson m. Nov. 19, 1852

Children – birth:

Thomas T. Myrick Aug. 29, 1853
John J. Myrick Aug. 25, 1855
Henry A. Myrick Aug. 13, 1857
Robert W. Myrick May 18, 1862
Fletcher H. Myrick Oct. 19, 1866


John C. Myrick Oct. 30, 1880 at age of 56 years
Sarah Nicholson Myrick Jan. 14, 1904

Nicholson – Egerton

John Egerton m. Elizabeth Nicholson in Surry Co., Va., Nov. 27, 1726. She was the dau. of James and Elizabeth Gray Nicholson.
James Nicholson d. 1723 and his wid., Elizabeth, m. Richard Andrews, who d. 1750. About 1751 Elizabeth Nicholson Andrews and sons James and Benjamin Nicholson moved to North Carolina from Surry. They settled in Edgecombe Co. and Elizabeth Andrews’ will was probated there in Jan. 1768.
John Egerton and wife Elizabeth and one son, Benjamin, moved from Surry Co., Va. to Bertie Co., N.C. about 1730 and from there to Edgecombe Co. before Dec. 1737, as there is record of a deed made to John Egerton by Samuel Williams in 1737. There are numerous deeds and grants to John Egerton in Edgecombe records.


John Jordan Nicholson Bible

Alexander Nicholson, s. of John J. and Sarah R. Nicholson, b. the 11th day of Nov. 1816
Elizabeth Mariah Nicholson b. April 7, 1819
Adkin Nicholson b. Jan. 3, 1822
Nathaniel Nicholson, b. Feb. 20, 1824
Mary Ann Nicholson, b. Dec. 7, 1825
Sarah Rivers Nicholson, b. July 3, 1829
John Hyrum Nicholson, b. June 5, 1832
Woody Nicholson, b. Oct. 26, 1834
Nancy Davis Nicholson, b. June 26, 1837

The first record (Charles Myrick Bible) I copied from Charles Myrick’s old Bible. The page it was written on came out and was given me by Charlie Burrows, a descendant of Charles Myrick, so I own the original record.
The second record (John Charles Myrick’s Bible) was copied from my grandfather, John Charles Myrick’s Bible which I own. John Charles was son of Jesse Myrick and grandson of Charles and Martha Myrick.
The third record was copied from John Jordan Nicholson’s old Bible. He was father of my grandmother, Sarah Rivers (Nicholson) Myrick. The Bible is in my possession.
Sarah Myrick Parker
Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 7th day of December, 1955
Nelda C. Herbert, Notary Public
My commission expires: 2-11-57

John Egerton
John Egerton and Elizabeth, his wife, m. Nov. 27, 1726

Children – births:

Benjamin Egerton Sept. 6, 1729
Rachel Egerton June 9, 1732
Jane Egerton Oct. 27, 1734
Elizabeth Egerton Mar. 20, 1738
James Egerton Aug. 22, 1740, d- Nov. 22, 1785
John Egerton Jan. 22, 1742/3
Scroop Egerton May 22, 1745
Willmot Egerton June 8, 1748

Frederick Harris, s. of Charles and Rachel Harris, his wife, b. March 25, 1750
Sally Harris, b. Feb. 9, 1752 (p. 67)
John E. Harris b. Nov. 13, 1769, m. May 16, 1795 (p. 154)
John J. Egerton, s. of James and Martha Egerton, his wife, b. Feb. 4, 1769 (p. 224)
Wilmot Evans Egerton b. Sept. 12, 1785 (p. 368)
Colle. John Simmons agent in Va. 1744 (p. 402)
The Great Frost fell on the night of May 4th, 1774 (p. 216)

The foregoing Egerton Data was copied from Records written in a very old Book of Sermons. The first and last pages in the book are missing and the back was replaced with a sheep skin cover. It is very dilapidated, but the records are still legible. In it is the name “Mr. John Egerton 1737,” written twice, and another place “Danell John Egerton.” The book is in my (Mrs. Rom B. Parker) possession, and was found in the attic of the home of my gt. gt. grand parents, William Henry Brown and his wife, Martha Egerton in Macon, N. C. Martha Egerton Brown was dau. of Wilmot Egerton and his wife, Ann Judkins. Wilmot was youngest s. of John and Elizabeth Egerton.
Mrs. Rom. B. Parker, Enfield, N. C.


Wilmot Egerton Bible

Wilmot Egerton b. June 8, 1748
Ann Judkins b. Sept. 15. 1749
They were m. Jan. 31, 1778

Children – births:

Sally Egerton Dec. 17, 1778
Martha Egerton May 15, 1780
Benjamin Champion Egerton Dec. 7, 1781
John Egerton Aug. 3, 1783
James Egerton Oct. 23, 1785
Wilmot Egerton Nov. 9, 1787
Elizabeth Nicholson Egerton Mar. 17, 1790
Thomas Judkins Egerton Sept. 15, 1792

John Egerton and Sarah Norsworthy m. Oct. 16, 1817

Children – births:

Martha Ann Egerton Nov. 25, 1818
William H. Egerton Nov. 25, 1820, d- Nov. 22, 1851
Thomas M. Egerton June 25, 1822
Micajah T. H. Egerton May 18, 1825, d- Oct. 22, 1848
Mary D. Egerton Mar. 13, 1831
Sarah Noel Egerton April 24, 1834, d- Feb. 22, 1859

John Egerton d. May 30, 1851
Sarah W. Norsworthy Egerton d. Dec. 19, 1840

Williamson Mingea and Martha A. Egerton m. May 23, 1834

Children – births:

Calledonia Mingea Oct. 31, 1836
Heslop H. Mingea Oct. 8, 1840
Orlando J. Mingea Sept. 24, 1843
Sarah N. Mingea March 1, 1847
Ellen Mingea Oct. 11, 1852
Wilton Egerton Mingea June 8, 1855
(The last two names were not in Bible originally, but were added later)
The above records were copied from a small Bible with Wilmot Egerton’s name written in it. It is now owned by Mrs. J. E. Adams, Warrenton, N. C.

John Brown, Jr.

John Brown Jr., b. Sept. 17, 1746; d. May 10, 1804
Tamar Brown (wife of John Brown, Jr.) d. Jan. 3, 1806

Children – births:

Sarah Brown June 10, 1772, d- July 8, 1808
H. Thompson Brown Sept. 7, 1808
Mary Brown Wednesday, Feb. 16, 1774
William Henry Brown Dec. 3, 1775, Sun: m. Martha Egerton Oct. 2, 1804
Nancy Brown, June 7, 1777, Sat.
Nathaniel Brown Sept. 15, 1779
Jeremiah Brown Aug. 3, 1781, d- Sept. 14, 1800
John Brown Sept. 12, 1783
Drewsilla Brown April 22, 1785
Elizabeth Brown Nov. 30, 1786
Alice Brown June 8, 1789
James Edgel Brown Mar. 2, 1791, Wednesday
Nancy Malcolum April 13, 1792
Sussanna Brown Mar. 29, 1795
Tamer Brown Jan. 1, 1799

(John Brown, Jr. was born in Edgecombe County and moved with his parents to Granville County, N. C. about 1762, the part of Granville that later became Warren County)

The above records are taken from an old Bible found at my great, great grandfather’s home in Macon, N. C. His name W. H. Brown is written in it. It was printed in Edinburg, by J. H. Blair and J. Bruce, printers to the King’s most Excellent Majesty – 1799. It is now in my possession. (Mrs. Rom. B. Parker, Sr. Enfield, N.C.)




Moses Myrick Bible


Bible now in possession of Miss Ellen Fletcher 1500 Vine St. Brownwood, Texas 76801

Moses Myrick was married to Mary his wife in Warren Co. North Carolina


John Plummer Myrick
James Nathaniel Myrick
Plinsey Myrick
Archy Myrick
Leray Myrick
Mildred Myrick
Malindy Myrick
Ed Macon Myrick
Mannerva Myrick

Ed Macon Myrick married Elizabeth Susan Moore

Children – births:

John Henry Myrick March 24, 1851
Edward Macon Myrick Dec. 29th, 1854
Martha Ellen Myrick Sept. 24th, 1845
James Nathaniel Myrick Sept. 5th, 1849
Thomas Moore or Dick Myrick Dec. 10th, 1856
Callie Elizabeth Myrick Dec. 8th, 1858

Ella Brecheen wife of John H. Myrick was born Jan 10th , died July 28th 1885
Vernon Myrick, son of J. W. Myrick was born Oct. 12, 1883

The copy of the Bible record that I sent to you is all that I have – it was sent to me by John Edward Myrick, 93 Mariner Green Dr., Corte Madera, Calif. 94925. He stated the upper part of the page had been torn off.


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