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Warren County Bible Records
Philemon Hawkins Bible

From: Family Bible of Marshall De Lancey Haywood, residence, 127 East Edenton Street, Raleigh, N. C.
Now on file at the North Carolina Department of Archives & History, Raleigh, N. C. (Not the Bible itself but this typed reading).

Lucy Hawkins wife of Philemon Hawkins Departed this life the 29th day of September in the year one Thousand Eight Hundred and Seven about Six O’clock in the evening, and it was a very clear evening and she deserved as Great credit in every Respect as any women I ever saw
Philemon Hawkins

Delia Hawkins, Mother of Philemon Hawkins of Pleasant Hill departed this life on the 20th of August A.D. 1794, respected and esteemed by all her acquaintances. She was the daughter of Zachariah Martin a respectable planter, and native of Virginia. She was one of the first settlers upon six pounds creek in No Carolina where her husband Philemon Hawkins owned a mill. The country was then a wilderness, which occasioned corn to be extremely scarce, and when the poorest of the people came with their little corn to mill, instead of taking a toal, she would add to their morcell and have it ground into meal gratis[.] She was universally kind to the poor, the Great creator of us all blessed her with a great share of health and wealth and she lived to be 73 years of age.

Philemon Hawkins Father of Philemon Hawkins of Pleasant Hill was born in Virginia, he removed to the mouth of Six pound creek in No Carolina, was one of the first settlers there[.] he was extremely active industrious man and uncommonly good husband and Father one of the best providers for a family: The creator blessed him with a great share of health and wealth and he lived to be nearly 80 years of age[.] he departed this life 10th day September A D 1801.

Col. Benjamin Hawkins Agent for the Creek Indians departed this life the 6th of June at 8 O’clock in the evening 1816, in the 62nd year of his age[.] he has served as a Publick Character in Various departments and always discharged the Trust faithfully for 36 – years – a worthy Honest man

George Washington Hawkins departed this life the 26 day of March 1816
Capt Philemon Hawkins departed this life the 22nd day of March 1817 – Two of as Worthy sons as I ever Raised
Mildred Brehon Hawkins died 15th October 1802
Joseph Hawkins Died August 5th 1842
Sarah Polk Died December 10, 1843
Eleanor Haywood Died December 23, 1855

Philemon Hawkins December 3rd 1752 at two O’clock
Lucy Hawkins his wife 9th July 1759
They were married the 31st day of August 1775

Births of their children:

Elinor Hawkins 23 Jun 1776
William Hawkins 10th October 1777
Ann Hawkins 3rd Sept. 1779
John D. Hawkins 15th April 1781
Delia Hawkins 16th October 1782
Sarah Hawkins 6th March 1784
Joseph Hawkins 15th Sept. 1785
Benjamin F. Hawkins 28th Octobr 1787
Philemon Hawkins 5th June 1789
Frank Hawkins 23rd March 1791
George Washington Hawkins 20th Octor 1793
Lucinda Davis Ruffin Hawkins 26th Jun 1795
Mildred Brehon Hawkins 13th Decr 1801

Births of the grandchildren of Philemon and Lucy Hawkins:

Ann Hawkins Haywood 11 December 1796
Sarah Lee Haywood 15 February 1799
Thomas Person Little 26 October 1799
William Rufus Haywood 11 July 1801
Mary Ann Little 6 December 1801
Lucius Junius Polk 16 Mar 1802
Thomas Haywood 20 December 1803 and died
Lucy Davis Polk 12 Jan. 1804 and died
Ann Swepson Hawkins 13th March 1804
Lucy Davis Little 22 March 1804
Emily Hawkins 12 Oct 1804 at 6 A. M.
Lucy Davis Haywood 15 June 1805
Penelope Little 18th Sept 1805 1 AM and died 1806
Caroline Hawkins 22nd Decr 1805
Alexander Hawkins 1st April 1806 at 6 P. M.
Phil … Leonidas Polk 10th Apl- 1806
Lucy Davis Hawkins, dau. of (J D H) 26 Nov 1807
(torn) Ann Hawkins, dau. of (W H) 29th February 1808
… Brown Polk 1st Sept 1808
…(Benja?)min Hawkins (son of W. H.) 10 August 1809
.. Thomas Person Hawkins (son of B.F.H) 9 Feby 1808
Francis Philemon Haywood (Son of Shw H.) 1810
Frances Boyd Hawkins, dau. J.D H 22 Nov 1810
George Little 27th Feby 1810
… Dallas Polk Haywood (son of Stp-H) 1810
Alexander Hamilton Polk 19th Sept 1810
Margaret Craven Haywood
Alexander Hawkins (son of J W. H) 2 August 1812
Robert Williams Haywood 8th October 1812
John Hawkins Polk 15th August 1812
… A Hawkins 20 September 1811

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