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Warren County Bible Records-E, F,G

Note: For privacy purposes, Births and Marriages after 1930 that are included in the original Bibles have been edited out, unless a death date is also included here.

Thomas Richard Evans Family Bible

Thomas R. Evans, in Warren County, NC 27 Dec 1875
Bessie Lou Morris, in Halifax County, NC 28 Oct 1887
Willie Gray Evans, in Warren County, NC 10 Jun 1909
Mildred Palmer Evans, in Warren County, NC 9 Jul 1912
Ruby Jackson Evans, in Warren County, NC 28 Sep 1917
Virginia Rue Evans, in Warren County, NC 30 Aug 1923

Thomas R. Evans and Bessie Lou Morris 7 Jul 1907
Willie Gray Evans 20 Nov 1941

Elizabeth Jackson 3 Aug 1907
Henry Evans 28 Feb 1920
Thomas Richard Evans 17 May 1959
Willie Gray Evans 4 Jun 1969
Bessie Lou Morris Evans 19 Dec 1969



Felts Bible Records, Warren County, NC (includes Munn Family)
Contributed by Bonnie Morgan

Richard B. Felts was born 1883 Jan.19
Lewis Ransom Felts was born 1886 April 29
Waltes Felts was born July I, 1881
Robt. E. Felts was born Jan. 17, 1878
Pattie Felts was born Feb. 2, 1885 wife of Richard Felts

Age of Alexander Munn Phildrin
Alexander Munn Jun. Was born 5th Feby 1800
Nancy Munn was born 18th December 1801
Franklin Munn was born December 28th,1803

This book is property of Jna O Bullock

Lucy Ann Shanks, her book
Lucy Ann Shanks

in 1973 Bible in possession of Margaret S. Felts, Rt. 1, Box 315 Norlina, NC.
Bible Published 1800, printed 1886


William Young Finch Bible

William Y. Finch 3 Jan 1853
Sarah C. Ellis, his wife 2 May 1854
Rebecca C. Finch, dau. of William Y. and wife Sarah C. Finch 7 Sep 1875
Augustus B. Finch 25 Nov 1876
Ira J. Finch 4 Jun 1878
William Y. Finch 12 Jul 1880
Mary E. Finch 26 Sep 1883
Ida F. Finch 26 Apr 1886
Mark D. Finch 11 Sep 1888
Mark T. Finch, son of Wm. Y. and wife Anne E. Finch 25 Aug 1897
Betsy Annie Finch 6 Aug 1899
James W. Ellis 28 Sep 1877
Lula B. Ellis 24 Sep 18(torn)
Mary F. Ellis 7 May 1893
Addie Finch Apr 1862
Cas. Y. Quincy 8 Dec 1881
Lanard Quincy 14 Jun 1884
Julia Quincy 23 Aug 1887
Lottie C. Quincy 31 Aug 1890
Anner Elizabeth Perkinson 2 Jul 1860
Sallie Perry Finch, dau. of Wm. Y. and wife Anner E. Finch 2 Jul 1901

Wm. Y. Finch and Sarah C. Ellis 18 Nov 1874
Wm. Y. Finch and Anner E. Perkinson 15 Jan 1896

Augusta B. Finch 20 Mar 1877
Ira Finch, father of William Y. 29 Jun 1878
Augusta B. Finch, son of Ira Finch 5 Sep 1874
Mark D. Finch 10 Jun 1891
Sarah C. Finch, wife of William Y. Finch 18 Jun 1891
Ida G. Finch 6 Feb 1906
Ann E. Perkinson 8 Dec, 1909, age 79
Zackariah Perkinson 10 Aug 1896, age 72


Fishel Family Bible

William Coleman Fishel 25 Jul 1913
Margaret Emma Fishel in Vaughan, NC 18 Mar 1915
Davidson Alexancha Fischel Jr. 16 Oct 1916
Harry Algum Fishel Jr. 13 May 1918
Edward Kryth Fishel 20 Oct 1919
Mammie Lee Fishel 2 Oct 1921
Samuel Mansfield Fishel 13 Aug 1923
Sophie Harrison Fishel, in Vaughan, NC 11 Sep 1925
Almeda Francis Fishel 5 Dec 1926



Simon Peter Fleming Family Bible

Simon P. Fleming 11 Aug 1846
Didoleer E. Fleming, wife of Simon P. 18 Oct 1852
Fannie F. Fleming, dau. of S. P. Fleming and wife D. E. 2 Sep 1870
Grace P. Fleming 29 Oct 1872
Lucie D. Fleming 13 Nov 1874
Horace C. Fleming, 14 May 1878
Nannie D. Fleming 17 Apr 1880
D. Eleanor Fleming 2 Mar 1884
Simon P. Fleming 2 Mar 1884
William L. Fleming 9 Mar 1888
Francis F. Rooker 15 Jan 1910

Simon P. Fleming and Didoleer E. Paschall, in Warren Plains, NC 30 Dec 1869
Nannie D. Fleming and Andrew B. Spencer 18 Sep 1900
Fannie F. Fleming and P. W. Rooker 10 Jul 1901
D. Eleanor Fleming and Benjamin P. Terrell 31 Dec 1903
H. Clyde Fleming and Susie Mangum 12 Jan 1905

Grace L. Fleming, dau. of S. P. Fleming and wife D. E. 25 Sep 1878
Lucie D. Fleming 20 Jun 1890
William L. Fleming 14 May 1899
Fransie F. Rooker 15 Jan 1910 or 8 Jun 1910
Simon P. Fleming Jr. 9 May 1913
S. P. Fleming Sr. 3 Jan 1923


Fleming-Pitchford Bible

Now, 1970, in the possession of Mrs. Joe Neal (Bettie Pitchford) printed, 1850

Lizzie Hinton Cheek book and then to Annie Blanch Cheek

On Friday morning, February 10th, 1905, Rev. James A. Pitchford meekly and joyfully fell to sleep. He would have been 68 years the 24th, of this month. Rev. Pitchford was married three times, first to Miss Sallie Davis, daughter of Mr. John S. Davis, to them two daughters were born, Mrs. Stephen Duke and Mrs. Jane Gupton, second to Miss Permelia Duke, one son and four daughters were added to this union, third and last to Miss Alice Perry, of Franklin County, no children to last marriage.

John Pitchford & Mollie Moseby was married Dec. 5, 1898
Kitty Clide and Waite Johnston Pitchford was born [married?] Sep. 26, 1899
Clinton Hill Neal was born September 28, 1915
Nettie Sibyl Neal was born March 15, 1918
Willie Neal and Beaufort Cheek was married December 23, 1914
Sibyl Neal & M. L. Gallaway were married Nov. 27, 1937
Alice Perry Neal & Milton Overby were married Nov. 27, 1937
William Tines Pitchford was born August 17, 1892
William Tines Pitchford Jr. was born April 4, 1932
Sam Philip Pitchford was born March 3, 1934
John Rea Pitchford was born June 2, 1939
Sarah Vaughn Pitchford was born Aug. 4, 1908
W. T. Pitchford & Sarah Vaughan was married April 6, 1931

Solomon Fleming October 10th, 1853 at 1:00 a.m.
Annie Blanch Pitchford August 10th 1875
Samuel Jefferson Pitchford February 5th, 1883 age 4 months and 5 days
A baby girl was born and died 1st day of June 1890
Augusta A. Cheek April 7, 1895
Elizabeth J. Riggan 16 May 1903
Ronald B. Pitchford Sept. 29, 1905, 7 months old
Sterling Francis Hardy June 1905, 5 weeks old
Annie Blanch Cheek September 20, 1907
Sam Wait Pitchford July 15, 1923

Elizabeth Johnson January 1, 1827
Sol. Fleming January 27, 1824
Solomon Fleming & Elizabeth Johnson were married 8th Dec. 1847
Annie Blanch Cheek March 18, 1889
Elizabeth Hinton Pitchford?? August 22, 1869
Johnie Wait Pitchford August 21, 1873
Emma Estell Pitchford 3rd March 1877
Sterling? or Solomon Pitchford 8 June 1879
Samuel Jefferson Pitchford October 1st 1882
William Tines Pitchford August 17th 1892
Annie Blanch Pitchford February 2nd 1879
Samuel Wait Pitchford October 9, 1846
Emma?? Fleming May 20, 1849
Bettie Marion Pitchford March 26, 1884
James Alston Pitchford January 22, 1887
John W. Riggan & Elizabeth J. Fleming were married 12th Nov. 1863
Samuel Pitchford & Emma S. Fleming was married 22nd July 1868
William A. Cheek October 14th, 1891
Beufort Cheek December 10th 1894
Van Willard Hardy September 6th, 1897
Alvin Nichlison Hardy May 2, 1899
Bessie Marion Hardy July 16, 1907
Thad A. Cheek & Lizzie H. Pitchford were married 28 July 1887
Charlie H. Hardy & Estelle E. Pitchford were married 22 Nov. 1876
Emma Dale Cheek September 11th 1897
Robert Twitty Cheek September 24, 1899
Joe Neal & Nettie Pitchford were married September 1, 1912



William Fort Bible Records

William Fort, the father of the following children , was born Nov.7, 1807 at Silsden,N. Skipton in Craven Yorkshire England. His father was named Willam and his mother¹s maiden name Mary Green daughter of Bernard Green of Steeton N. Highley Yorkshire.
Harriet Fort, the mother of the folowing children was born Dec. 12, 1808 at Lutton, N.Skipwith as above. Her maiden name Wilson, daughter of Edm? Wilson, her mother¹s maiden name Ann Dixon.

Mary Ann Fort, born at Ellicotts Mills, Maryland Jan. 7, 1831.
Sarah Fort born at Ellicotts Mills, Maryland, July 13, 1834.
Henry Marshall Fort and Henry Wilson Fort, Elizabeth Fort-the twin sister of Sarah-all died in infancy-Henry Marshall was 20 months, Henry Wilson 7 months and Elizabeth 1 month.
Martha Magdalene Fort died at Ellicotts Mills, Sept. 28, 1841 aged 9 months and 4 days.
Margaret Jane Fort died at Ellicotts MIlls Oct. 4, 1841 aged 1 year 11 months and 10 days.
Emory Monroe Fort died at Ellicotts MIlls in consequences of a fall from the terrace of the Potapisco Hotel, while at play Oct. 18, 1845 aged 1 year and 10 months 10 days.
Margaret Emma Fort died at Ellicotts MIlls Jan 8, 1847 aged 18 months 20 days.
Annie Wilson Fort died at Ellicotts Mills Jan. 7, 1851 aged 2 years 6 months.
Charles Denny Hilliard Fort died in Oxford, N.C. Feb 19th, 1926. Funeral Service by Rev. A.L. Ormand and F.M. Shannhburger.

Harriet Hannah Fort born at Ellicotts Mills Feb. 24, 1836.
Hennrietta Olivia Fort born at Ellicotts Mills March 2, 1838
Margaret Jane Fort born at Ellicotts Mills Oct. 24, 1839.
Martha Magdalene Fort born at Ellicotts Mills Dec. 24, 1840
William Edmund Fort born at Ellicotts Mills Maryland on August 11, 1842.
Emory Monroe Fort born at Ellicotts Mills Dec. 8, 1863.
Margaret Emma Fort born at Ellicotts Mills Maryland June 18, 1845
Laura Reese Fort born at Ellicotts Mills Nov.19,1846
Annie Wilson Fort born at Ellicotts Mills July 5, 1848.
Charles Denny Hilliard Fort born at Ellicotts Mills March 1, 1852

William Fort and Harriet Wilson married at the Parish Church Hildwith N. Skipton Yorkshire England by Rev. John Perrin, March 26 1829-Emigrated to the United States and landed in N. York Oct. 22, 1829 after 42 days passage in the ship Delta of Newbury Port. Captain Stone commander passage pleasant.
Children of the above parents married
Sarah Fort and Dr. Thos. Jefferson Hughes of Gloucester County VA. Were married in the city of Baltimore Oct. by Rev. Bishop ?Naugh of M. E. Church.
Mary Ann Fort and Joseph Afreed Jones of Warren North Carolina were married in the town of Halifax, N. C. by Rev. Thos. G. Lowe Aug 11, 1861.
Harriet Hannah Fort and Col.A.P. Davidson of Nesh Va. Were married in Baltimore by Rev. Henry M. Harmon Dec.
Henrietta Olivia Fort and Dr. F. M. Fitzhugh of Vicksburg Mis. Wer married in the city of Vicksburg by Rev. M. Marshall.
Charles Denny Hilliard Fort and Lucy Willson (?) Taylor were married in Oxford N.C. Dec. 5, 1882 by Rev. L. H. Gibbons

owned by Duke Jones, Warrenton,N.C. 1970

Bible published R.P. Desilver, Phildelphia, 1836



Peter Foster Sr. Family Bible

This is the bible of Peter Foster (1787-1844) belonging to another descendant who shared with Bill Harris.

Mary Ann Foster, daughter of Peter & Elizabeth was born Sept. 13th 1811 Friday
Susan Foster daughter of Peter & Elizabeth Foster was born 2nd Jany 1814
Augustus John Foster Son of the above was born 1st Novr 1815, Wednesday
Virginia Harriett Foster daughter of the above was born Decr 13th 1817, Sa[turday]
Elizabeth Harden Foster daughter of the above was born Nov 18 1820 Sa[turday]
Peter Stapelton Foster Son of the above was born September 18th 1823, Thursday
Wm. Beverly Foster Son of the above was born May 13th Thirteenth 1826, Saturday
Louisa Jane Foster daughter of the above was born the 9th day of October 1828. Thursday
Lucy Elizabeth daughter of the above was born the 19th June 1831, Sunday
Omega H. Foster was born the 14th August 1835, Friday
Henry Hardin Son of O. H. & M. F. Foster was born Dec'r 24th 1860
Robert Pleasant Toney son of O. H. & M. F. Foster was born January 26th 1863
John Stapleton son of Beverly & Mary Keeble was born 25 Dec 1821
Walter Thomas son of the above was born Jany 1824
Charles Franklin son of Robert & Ann Debnam was born April 19, 1802
Thos. Richard Debnam son of Ro. & Ann was born 14th March 1806
Isabella K. Fowlkes daughter of Edward & Mary Ann Fowlkes was born August 22nd 1833
Elizabeth Keeble Fowlkes daughter of the above was born Nov 11th 1834
Julia Frances Fowlkes daughter of the above was born Nov 5th 1836
Alpheus Monroe Fowlkes was born Nov 22nd A.D. 1838 Thursday
Mary Wootton Fowkes was born May 22nd A.D. 1841
Susan Louisa Fowlkes daughter of the above was born April 19, 1843
Leroy Edward Fowlkes was born
Edward Taylor Fowlkes was born 18th May 1848
Samuel Augustus Fowlkes was born 1850

Peter Foster Junior was born May 16th A.D. 1787 in Mathews Cty, Virginia
Elizabeth Harden Keeble was born November 7th 1792 on Gwynns Island, VA
Fenton G. Foster was born April 16th 1838 son of A. J. & Ann Foster
Mary Elizabeth Keeble daughter of A. J. & Ann Foster was born July 12th 1839
Priscilla Frances Gowin daughter of A. J. & Ann Foster was born May 12th 1841
Edward L. Fowlkes was born August 22nd A.D. 1807
Thos. B. Cooke was born April 22nd A.D. 1812
Richard Peter Cooke son of Thos. B. & Virginia Cooke was born Dec 2nd 1842, 1/2 past two o'clock P.M.
Eugene Thos. son of T. B. & V. H. Cooke was born
Walter son of T. B. & V. H. Cooke was born
Mary Elizabeth daughter of T. B. & V. H. Cooke was born
Lucy Julia daughter of T. B. & V. H. Cooke was born
Virginia Louisa daughter of T. B. & V. H. Coke was born
Ernest Stapleton son of P. S. & M. K. Foster was born
A. J. Cooke son of T. B. & V. H. Cooke was born May 10th 1861

Walter T. Keeble & Sally Y. Debnam was married March -- th day 1810
Peter Foster & Elizabeth Harden Keeble was married Dec 6, 1810
Beverly Keeble & Mary Blacknall was married
Wm. S. Keeble & Mrs. Mary Cooke was married April 1st 1823
Ro. B. Debnam & Margaret Slater was married 19th Oct 1826
Bartlet Y. Debnam & Elizabeth Macon was married 21st Dec 1826
Edward T. Fowlkes and Mary Ann daughter of Peter and Eliza H. Foster was married September 26th A.D. 1832
Thomas B. Cooke and Virginia H. daughter of the above was married Oct 1st A.D. 1833
Augustus J. Foster & Ann Foster was married July the 12th 1837
Peter S. Foster & Matilda K. Williams was married September 3rd 1845
Thos. J. Blacknall and Louisa J. Foster was married Jan 28th 1852
William B. Foster and Pattie A. Southerland was married August 26th 1857
Omega H. Foster & Mary F. Jones were married Sept 28, 1859

Peter Foster Senr. died 31 Dec 1818 aged
Ann Foster wife of the above died January 2nd 1819 aged
Susanna Foster daughter of the above died in Brunswick, VA May __ th 1813
Susan Foster daughter of Peter & Elizabeth died October 1st 1814 aged 9 months
Robert Debnam died 20th April 1823
Charles Keeble son of Walter died June __ th 1824 aged
Elizabeth Brown daughter of Peter & Ann Foster & wife of Joshua G. Brown died November 1827
Elizabeth Harden Foster daughter of Peter & Elizabeth Foster died Dec 30th 1830
Stapleton Keeble died March 25, 1805
Mary H. Keeble widow of the above died November 22nd 1825 aged
Wm. S. Keeble died 18th July 1827 at Oxford, aged
Peter Foster died June 1st 1844. Funeral Service preached by Rev. Mr. Flanks(?) from The 12th Chapter & 7th verse of Ecclesiastes
Walter G. Keeble died 10th Oct 1850
Edward T. Fowlkes died 22nd March 1851
Elizabeth Harden Foster wife of Peter Foster died Nov 16th 1863
Funeral Services preached by the Rev. G. B. Guthrie from Revelations 14 Chapter 13
Omega H. Foster died Feb 1864



John Buxton Williams/Dr. Peter Stapleton Foster Bible
Contributed by Bill Harris
This info found in the Bible of Dr. Peter Stapleton Foster (1823-1898), which indicates that it had originally belonged to the family of John Buxton Williams (1815-1887). The bible has resided on an old square grand piano since the middle of the 19th century. Thanks to Bill Harris for sharing these records.

1. J. B. Williams
In pencil below name: Guston is dead/dad

2. Peter S. Foster & Matilda K. Williams were married 31 Sept. 1845
Peter W. Foster & Lutie L. Cooke were married Dec.19th 1889

3. Peter S. Foster & Ethel Collins were married Jan. 4 1919.-Children: Mary Kathryn Foster, Lutie Frances Foster.
Mary Kathryn was born Oct. 26 1922. Married July 16, 1943 to Maurice Clifton Joyner.
Lutie Frances Foster born July 11, 1920. Married John L. Casteen Oct. 26 1947. Divorced & married L. G. Harris July 18, 1953.
L. G. Harris Born Oct. 28, 1906, Died Aug. 7, 1973

William P. Williams born August the 26th, 1821.
Mary Eliza Williams born the 6th of September 1822
Matilda K. Williams born July 23rd 1824
Margaret Williams born the 12th of March 1826
Robert W. Williams born the 10th of September 1829

5. Mary Louise Foster daughter of Peter W. & Lutie Cooke Foster was born Nov 22nd 1890.
Peter Stapleton Foster son of the above was born Dec 29th 1892
Ernest Blacknall son of the above Nov 12th 1895.

All Born in Franklin County.

Martha James Williams was born the 20th of January 1800 and died 14th October 1852

7. Ernest Stapleton Foster, son of Peter & Matilda K. Foster was born 10 Nov 1846
Joseph Foster, Son of the above, was born 16th March 1848.
Peter Foster, son of the above, was born 3rd August 1849
Martha Elizabeth Foster daughter of the above born 11th Dec 1850

8. Augustus Omega Foster son of the above was born 4th August 1852
Mary Eleanor Foster, daughter of P.S. and M.K. Foster was born 19th January 1854
Matilda Charity Foster was born Dec 5th 1855

Peter S. Foster was born 18th September A. D. 1823
Frank Foster, son of P.S. & M.K. Foster was born 24th September 1857
Frank Williams Foster, Son of P.S. & M.K. Foster was born Aug. 30th 1859
Robert Edward, son of the above, was born 28th July 1861
Junius Hardin, son of the above, was born 7th of April 1863

10. Lucy Frances Foster was born 15th of March 1865
Ernest Blacknall Foster, son of Peter W. and Lutie Cooke Foster died March 16th 1929, Born Nov. 12th 1895.
Peter Stapleton Foster born Dec 29th 1892. Died March 24th, 1950

11. Martha J. Williams, wife of J.J. Williams died 14th October 1852 aged 62 years 8 months twenty four days.
Joseph J. Williams died 18th Dec 1856
Mary Louise Foster, daughter of Peter W. and Lutie Cooke Foster, born Nov. 22nd, 1890 died between Sept. 6 and Sept. 10 1976 (Note: actual death date is Sept. 9, 1976)
Mary Kathryn Joyner dies April, 2007 (Note: Actual death date is Apr. 2, 2007)

Joseph Foster, son P.S. & M.K. Foster died 16th of Feby 1849
Augustus Omega Foster, son of the above, died 14th of March 1853
Frank, son of the same, died March 19th 1859
Frank Williams, son of the above, died 20th January 1863
Matilda K. Foster March 5th 1868
Baby born dead 1st March 1868
Lucy Fannie died August 1868

13. Lee George Harris, husband of Lutie Francis Foster, Born Oct 28, 1906, Died Sept. 7th 1973, age 66 years. (Note: Actual death date is August 7th, 1973)
Lutie Foster Harris died 3/15/1988

Alimon was born 1844
Robert, Son of Peggy, was born in May 1844
Willie was born in 1844
Daniel, son of Rachel Tab, was born Jany 1849
Mary, daughter of the same was born March 1850
Wilson, Son of Rachel Tab, born May 1855
Mary, daughter of the same, was born in March 18--
Peggy, daughter of same, was born in April 1857
Frances, daughter of the same, was born Oct. 1854
Nancy, daughter of Amis, was born Nov. 1853
Penny, daughter of Lucy, was born June 1854

This was on a sheet of paper tucked into the bible:

(some of these are repeated twice)
Bob son of Peggy was born May 1844
Alimon born in the year 1844
Daniel son of Rachel born Jany 1849
Marry daughter of same born March 1850
Mary daughter of Harriett born 1850
Peggy daughter of same born April 1852
Georgy(?) daughter of Lucy born 1854 June
Fanny daughter of Annie born Nov 1853
Willie son of Malissa born 1842
Wilson son of Rachel born May 1855
Frances daughter of Harriett born Nov 1852 or 1854
Frank son of Isabella was born 28th November 1855
Janette daughter of Annie was born 25th December 1855
York son of Lizzy was born
Moses son of same was born
Nelson son of Jane or June was born
Margaret daughter of Sally was born July 1858
Melissa daughter of Martha born June 1857
Haywood son Martha born March 6th 1859
Frank son of Charity born 1854
Patsy daughter of Charity born 1857
Winny was born Nov 1857
Jenette was born Dec 25, 1855
Malvin was born March 1858
Patty born June 18th 1857
Enoch born March 1858
Archer son of Charity was born 13th August 1859

See also: John Buxton Williams Family Bible



Frazier Family Bible

James Edward Frazier, son of Ransom and wife Susan Frazier 9 Nov 1869
Pattie Lou Shearin Frazier 11 Nov 1877

Children born to J. E. and wife P. L. Frazier
Stella Blanche Frazier 25 Aug 1894
Ernest Edward Frazier 11 Apr 1896
Thomas Ransom Frazier 22 May 1898
Florence Evans Frazier 25 Apr 1900?
Myrtice Louise Frazier 11 May 1901
Loltye Mae Frazier 9 Nov 1903
Olive Rose Frazier 15 Apr 1906
Selma Rogers Frazier 25 May 1908
Pattie Lou Frazier 1 Jul 1910
Ella White Frazier 22 Sep 1912
James Edward Frazier Jr. 23 Oct 1915
Edyth Marie Frazier 3 Oct 1916
Edna Frazier 12 Feb 1919

James E. Frazier and Pattie Lou Shearin 15 Nov 1893
John Henry Frazier and Blanche Frazier 23 Dec 1913
Wilton Strickland and Florence Frazier 4 Mar 1917
Thomas R. Frazier and Julia Weldon 26 Mar 1919
Edgar Wood and Olive Frazier 23 May 1921
James Leach Newsom and Lolye Mae Frazier 18 Apr 1923
Ezra Thomas Harris and Selma Rodgers Frazier 4 Sep 1924

Myrtice Louise Frazier 5 Sep 1905
Ernest Edward Frazier 29 Sep 1918


Frazier Bible

Alfred H. Frazier 7 Mar 1862
Eugenia H. Frazier 26 Mar 1869
Lucy Pearl Frazier 13 Feb 1891
Rosa Belle Frazier 22 Apr 1893
Velma Russell Frazier 4 May 1898
Esther G. Frazier 22 Oct 1902
Manolia King Frazier 19 May 1905
Alfred Ray Frazier 18 Oct 1909
Virginia Lucille Frazier 10 Dec 1915
Patricia Anne Frazier 13 May 1937
William Ray Frazier 21 Apr 1938
Betsy Faye Frazier 18 Apr 1946

Alfred Frazier and Eugenia Fuller of Brookston, NC, at home of bride 9 Jan 1890 Wednesday
Gordon B. Hull and Lucy P. Frazier 30 Sep 1919
J. K. Pinnell and Rosa B. Frazier 18 Apr 1924
Frank Vaughan and Esther Frazier 20 Mar 1925
Ray Frazier and Ruth Jones 18 Nov 1936
J. D. Frazier and Virginia L. Frazier 25 Jul 1940

Velma R. Frazier 13 Sep 1901
Manolia K. Frazier 2 Aug 1909
Eugenia F. Frazier 1 Nov 1945
Alfred H. Frazier 12 Nov 1946
Lucy Frazier Hull 5 Sep 1961
Rosa Frazier Pinnell 3 Jun 1974


Gardner Family Bible

Children of F. P. and D. R. Gardner
Essie Gardner 1883, died in infancy
Thomas Baynard Gardner 11 Oct 1885
Mamie Elizabeth Gardner 18 Jan 1887
Walter Myrick Gardner 27 Aug, 1889
Sallie Bet Gardner 24 May 1892
Blanche Allen Gardner 12 Jan 1894
Helen Finetta Gardner 29 Aug 1895
John Rodwell Gardner 31 May 1898

Franklin Pierce Gardner, in Warren County, NC 5 Apr 1854
Franklin was the fourth son of Thomas Pettis Gardner and wife Finetta Ann Winnifred Myrick
Dora Lee Rodwell, in Warren County, NC 29 Oct 1863
Dora was third child of John Jackson Rodwell and wife Mary Pryor Rodwell

Franklin Pierce Gardner and Dora Lee Rodwell 29 Nov 1882
Thomas Baynard Gardner and Mae Fields 28 Jun 1914
Walter Myrick Gardner and Mary Francis Harris 21 Nov 1924
Blanche Allen Gardner and J. Harvey Aldridge 12 Jun 1918
Helen Finetta Gardner and James T. Bell unknown
John Rodwell Gardner and Elizabeth Webb 3 Jan 1935

Walter Myrick Gardner 26 Jun 1977
Mae Fields Gardner 9 Nov 1961
Mary Frances Harris Gardner 15 Dec 1961
J. Harvey Aldridge 19 Oct 1940
James T. Bell 10 Feb 1953
Elizabeth Webb Gardner Feb 1955
Franklin P. Gardner, in High Point, NC 12 Jan 1913
Dora R. Gardner, in High Point, NC 30 Jul 1908
Sallie Bet Gardner, in High Point, NC 29 Aug 1907
Thomas Baynard Gardner 5 Jul 1943
John Rodwell Gardner 26 Jan 1953
Helen Gardner Bell 10 Jun 1967
Blanche Allen Aldridge 19 Apr 1976


Gardner Family Bible

John H. Blalock 25 Jan 1857
Stella W. Shearin 7 Oct 1861
Eddie W. Blalock 11 Apr 1883
Alvin Coleman Blalock 16 Apr 1885
Anthony D. Harris Jr. 27 Aug 1898
Anthony D. Harris 21 Sep 1857
Mary Francis Harris 23 Sep 1893
John Daniel Shearin Harris 27 Apr 1895
Irene Harris 17 Apr 1897

John H. Blalock of Brunswick County, VA and Sallie W. Shearin of Warren County, NC at F. A. Shearin’s by D. A. Glenn 17 May 1881
Anthony. D. Harris and Stella W. Blalock, both of Warren County, NC 5 Oct 1892

John H. Blalock, age 31 years and 4 days 29 Jan 1888
John D. Shearin, died in Elmira, NY 4 Oct 1864
Johnnie D. Shearin, son of John D. and wife Fannie A. Shearin , in La Junta, CO 23 Mar 1889, age 24 yrs, 4 mos
Fannie A. Shearin, age 51 yrs and 11 mos 23 May 1890
Irene Harris, dau. of A. D. and wife Stella W. Harris 27 Apr 1897, age 10 days


John Calhoun Gardner Family Bible

Edgar Holman Swann 20 Apr 1917
Unus Edgar Swann 26 Nov 1880
Sarah Elsworth Gardner 22 Sep 1947
Gale Swann 27 May 1948
Kate Gardner, wife of Jesse Gardner 20 Mar 1893
J. C. Gardner 5 Mar 1851
Sallie B. Gardner unknown
Anna J. Gardner 8 Apr 1861
Jesse Gardner 21 Jun 1885
John M. Gardner 26 Mar 1887
Mary Annie Gardner 29 Dec 1888
Claude Gardner 15 Oct 1891
James Clyde Gardner 7 Apr 1895
Alton Jackson Gardner 23 Aug 1897
Anna Egerton Gardner 21 Jun 1922
Marie B. Gardner 8 Aug 1903
Lizzie Gibson Gardner 5 Oct 1893
John M. Gardner Jr. 18 Nov 1919

Edgar Holman Swann and Helen Henley 17 Jun 1941
Anna Egerton Gardner and Robert Benjamin Butler 16 Oct 1941
John M. Gardner Jr. and Sara Bass of Latta, SC 19 Oct 1946
John C. Gardner and Sallie B. Rodwell 29 Oct 1879
John C. Gardner and Anna J. Rodwell 5 Dec 1883
John M. Gardner and Lizzie Valparaiss Gibson 27 Dec 1911
Mary Anne Gardner and Unus Edgar Swann 18 Mar 1913
Jesse Gardner and Kate White Gardner 28 Nov 1917
James Clyde Gardner and Eva Estelle Thomas 14 Jun 1923
Alton Jackson Gardner and Marie Lolita Bethune 15 Aug 1931

Sallie B. Gardner 30 Sep 1882
Claude Gardner 25 Jun 1893
John C. Gardner 10 Nov 1913
Anna J. Gardner 14 May 1948
Kate Gardner, wife of Jesse 23 Aug 1962
John M. Gardner Jr. 1965
Annie G. Swann 7 Dec 1966


Thomas Gardner Bible

Note: This Bible was published in 1805 by Mathew Carey, Philadelphia. The original owner was Rev. Thomas Gardner (1756-1827), a Baptist minister, of Halifax and Warren Counties, N. C. He began the record (inclusive dates, 1721-1882) with the births of his parents and their children. The Bible is now (1969) in custody of a descendant, Mildred Allen Adams (Mrs. James E., Sr.) Warrenton, N. C. This typescript was edited and transcribed by Mildred A. Adams and Malcolm E. Gardner.

Thomas Gardner & Betty Gardner February 12th, 1778
Polly Gardner & Francis Balthrop December 27th 1804
Thomas Gardner & Elizabeth Kerk, his second wife March 15th 1808
Betsey Gardner & Joseph Tanner January 19th 1812
Martha P. Gardner & G. Talley January 20th 1826
Thomas P. Gardner & Finetta S. A. W. Myri(ck) March 8, 1848

Winfield S. Gardner was born Oct. 7 1849, son of Thomas P Gardner and Finetta S. A. W. Myrick his wife
John C. Gardner was born March 5 1851, son of T. P. Gardner
Thomas Gardner Senr August 8th 1721
Martha Gardner his wife April 10th 1723
Thomas Gardner Junr March 16th 1756
Bettie Gardner his wife January 7th 1754
William Gardner May 6th 1744
Thomas Gardner January 17th 1746
John Gardner December 11th 1748
George Gardner November 30th 1750
Christopher Gardner October 26, 1752
Kemp Gardner July 5th, 1754
Thomas Gardner, the Younger March 16th, 1756
Pryor Gardner January 19th, 1758
Betty Gardner November 18th, 1759
Starling Gardner May 5th, 1762
Nancey Gardner December 27th 1778
Polley Gardner June 2d 1780
Betsey Gardner December 16th 1781
Frances Gardner March 16th 1784
John Waller Gardner January 9th, 1786
Patsy Pryor Gardner January 20th, 1788
Thomas Pettis Gardner, son of John W. Gardner and Nancy P. Gardner
February 17th, 1831
Patsy Kemp Balthrop November 17th, 1805
Betsey Waller Balthrop October 23rd, 1807 sic
Thomas Gardner Balthrop January 7th, 1808
John Christian Balthrop April 8th, 1810
William Balthrop September 29th, 1811
James Madison Balthrop April 17th, 1813

Thomas Gardner Senr November 10th, 1773
Martha Gardner, his wife March 13th, 1780
Ann Ray, mother to my wife May 5th, 1796 in her 67th year
Nancy Gardner, daughter of Thomas Gardner Junr August 6th, 1800
Betty Gardner, the tender Loveing wife of my youth November 14th, 1806
Polley Balthrop, my daughter May 13th 1813
Elizabeth Gardner, my Second Wife August 19th, 1824
Thomas Gardner October 15th, 1827
Martha P Talley August 8th, 1829
John Waller Gardner departed this life February the 4th 1837 about 3:00 p. m. after a painful illness of nine days which he bore with Christian fortitude
Frances Johnson, dau. of Revd Thomas Gardner August 16th 1841
Pattie Petis Gardner, dau. of Finetta & Thomas P. Gardner August 7, 1857

Winfield S. Gardner Oct 7 1849
John C. Gardner March 5 1851
James M. Gardner Jan 17 1853
Franklin P. Gardner April 5 1854
Pattie Pettis Gardner September 28, 1856
Pattie Ray Gardner Nov 28, 1857

Winfield S. Gardner & Sallie N. Egerton Nov. 2nd, 1875
Pattie Ray Gardner & Jas R Rodwell Jan 14th, 1879
John C. Gardner & Sallie B. Rodwell Oct 29th 1879
Jas M Gardner & Cate H. White Nov 26, 1879
Franklin P. Gardner & Dora Rodwell Nov 29, 1882


Winfield Scott Gardner Bible

Winfield Scott Gardner, son of Thomas Pettis and wife Finetta 7 Oct 1849
Sallie N. Egerton, dau. of Thos. Malone Egerton and wife Mary Hawkins 6 Oct 1854
Thomas J. Gardner, son of W. S. and wife Sallie N. Gardner 20 Apr 1876
Lula Bett Gardner 12 Sep 1877
Mary Fleming Gardner 2 Feb 1880
Myrtice Gardner 3 Jan 1882
Bernard Gardner 10 Sep 1883
Finetta Anne Gardner 13 Aug 1885
Lizzie Hawkins? Gardner 16 Feb 1887
Sallie Egerton Gardner 22 Dec 1888
Hardy M. Gardner 9 Feb 1890
Simon M. Gardner 26 Nov 1891
Kate W. Gardner 20 Mar 1893
J. Herbert Gardner 1 May 1896
Mildred Gardner Allen, dau. of Turner and wife Mary Allen 1 Oct 1907
Willis Byrd Rawlings, son of Byrd and wife Nettie Rawlings 4 Nov 1907
Dorothy Leigh Parker, dau. of W. Jasper and wife Elizabeth Parker 25 May 1912
Jane Elizabeth Parker, dau. of W. Jasper and wife Elizabeth Parker 16 Oct 1913
Marguerette Egerton Harris, dau. of Henry B. and wife Lula B. Harris 21 Oct 1912
Thomas Gardner Harris, son of Henry B. and wife Lula B. Harris 26 Jul 1920
James Scott Rawlings, son of Byrd and wife Nettie Rawlings 26 Jun 1922
Thomas Scott Gardner, son of S. M. and wife Alma Gardner 11 Jul 1923
Laura E. Gardner, dau. of Herbert and wife Virginia Gardner 14 Aug 1922
Sallie Elizabeth Gardner, dau. of Herbert and wife Virginia Gardner 15 Feb 1925
Winfield Scott Gardner Jr., son of Herbert and wife Virginia Gardner 2 Oct 1926
Mary Vann Gardner, dau. of Herbert and wife Virginia Gardner 26 Nov 1926
Emma Egerton Gardner, dau. of Cale and wife Jesse Gardner 21 Jun 1922
Prior W. Bowers, son of Sallie and W. Ray Bowers 31 Jan 1917
Thomas Egerton Bowers, son of Sallie and W. Ray Bowers 23 Jun 1918
William E. Bowers, son of Sallie and W. Ray Bowers 31 Aug 1920
Sallie R. Bowers, dau. of Sallie and W. Ray Bowers 24 Jun 1925
Guy Winstead Gardner, son of Lucile and Bernard Gardner unknown
Kathryn Gardner, dau. of Emma and Hardy M. Gardner 11 Nov 1919
H. M. Gardner Jr. , son of Emma and Hardy M. Gardner 27 Oct 1922
H. Edward Gardner, son of Emma and Hardy M. Gardner 9 Dec 1924
Jack Scott Gardner, son of Emma and Hardy M. Gardner 27 Feb 1930
Erui? Gardner, dau. of Emma and Hardy M. Gardner 7 Sep 1927

W. S. Gardner and Sallie N. Egerton, in Warren County 2 Nov 1875 by Rev N. A. Turijoy
Myrtice Gardner and Custis L. Hallett 15 Nov 1928
Finetta Ann Gardner and Byrd Lundy Rawlings 10 Oct 1906
Mary Fleming Gardner and Turner V. Allen 21 Nov 1906
Lula Bet Gardner and Henry B. Harris Jr. 17 Jan 1912
Elizabeth Hawkins Gardner and W. Jasper Parker 12 Jul 1911
James Herbert Gardner and Virginia Jones of Texas 29 Mar 1931?
Kate White Gardner and Jesse Gardner 28 Nov 1917
Simon Gardner and Alma Shearin 11 Oct 1922
Hardie Myrick Gardner and Emma Lane Edwards, of Bryan County, GA 17 Feb 1919

Thos. J. Gardner 15 Oct 1876
Myrtice G. Hallett, in Richmond, VA 6 Aug 1937
She was the wife of C. L. Hallett of Cape Charles, VA
Finetta Ann Gardner, wife of B. L. Rawlings, in Richmond, VA 5 Nov 1938
Winfield Scott Gardner Feb 1944
Sallie N. Egerton Scott, wife of Winfield Scott Gardner 31 Jan 1950


Gibson or Gipson Family Bible

(The folder at the Court House as “Gibson” as the last name. The Bible record lists “Gipson” as the last name. The 1920 Census in Warren County, NC lists “Gibson”.)

Thomas J. Gipson 2 Nov 1878
Emmie E. Gipson 17 Dec 1878
Mary E. Gipson 16 Nov 1904
Bessie M. Gipson 24 Sep 1905
Bernice S. Gipson 23 Dec 1904
Nora L. Gipson 5 Nov 1910
Agnes S. Gipson 22 Jan 1915
Lillie E. Gipson 15 Jan 1919
Fannie Maud Gipson 11 Jul 1922

Thomas J. Gipson and Emmie Edmunds 22 Dec 1903
Nora Lee Gipson and W. H. Wright 10 Jul 1930

Benjamin Allen Edmonds unknown
Thomas Gipson 27 Apr 1940, Saturday, just past 12 AM
Emmie E. Gibson 11 Sep 1947



Gloster Family Bible

Thomas Benn Gloster, son of Arthur and wife Catherine Gloster 16 Sep 1763
(He was born on St. Michaels Day in Limerick, Ireland and left there on 1 Jul 1785. He arrived in Warrenton on 20 Feb 1786.)
Mary Hayes Willis 13 Jul 1780
Elizabeth Willis Gloster, dau. of Thomas B. and wife Mary H. Gloster 25 Sep 1796 at 4 AM
Arthur Brohon Gloster, son of Thomas B. and wife Mary H. Gloster 18 Feb 1799 at 8 AM
John Anderson 16 Oct 1789

Daniel Beverage Anderson, son of John and wife Elizabeth W. Anderson 6 Nov 1815 at 12:30 PM
(Daniel was born in Warrenton, NC and at 16 months was christened in Petersburg, VA by Rev. Andrew Syme of the Protestant Episcopal Church)

Thomas Gloster Anderson, son of John and wife Elizabeth W. Anderson 12 Feb 1818 at 5 AM
(Thomas was born in Warrenton, NC and christened at three weeks old in Warrenton, NC by Rev. Bethel Jud)

Mary May Anderson, dau. of John and wife Elizabeth W. Anderson 11 Apr 1821 at 10 AM
Elizabeth Gloster Anderson, dau. of John and wife Elizabeth W. Anderson 27 Oct 1823 at 10 PM
James Archibald Anderson, son of John and wife Elizabeth W. Anderson 11 Jul 1826 after 6 AM
George Anderson, son of John and wife Elizabeth W. Anderson 16 Feb 1829 at 4:30
(He was born in Fayette County, TN.)
Arthur Gloster Anderson, son of John and wife Elizabeth W. Anderson 11 Mar 1831 at 4:30 PM
(He was born in Fayette County, TN.)
John Gloster Anderson, son of John and wife Elizabeth W. Anderson 17 Aug 1833
William Walker Anderson, son of John and wife Elizabeth W. Anderson 8 Dec 1835
Mary Drucilla Gloster 18 Sep 1841
Elizabeth Willis Gloster 3 Feb 1844
Emma Polk Gloster 5 Nov 1846, died 3 Apr 1847
Rosa Lenore Gloster 1 Jul 1848, died 9 Jul 1857
William Mercer Gloster 19 Jun 1853, died 19 Dec 1860
Thomas Benn Gloster, son of Arthur B. and wife Mary H. Gloster 7 Oct 1829
Arthur Willis Gloster, son of Arthur B. and wife Mary H. Gloster 28 May 1832
Lucy Plummer Gloster, dau. of Arthur B. and wife Mary H. Gloster 17 Aug 1834
Infant Gloster, dau. of Arthur B. and wife Mary H. Gloster 21 Aug 1836, died 23 Sep 1836
Plummer Willis Gloster, son of Arthur B. and wife Mary H. Gloster 23 Sep 1837, 18 Jul 1838
James Otey Gloster, son of Arthur B. and wife Mary H. Gloster 23 Aug 1839

Thomas Benn Gloster and Mary Hayes Willis in Orange County, NC 30 May 1795
(Mary Hayes Willis is the dau. of John and wife Mary Willis.)
Elizabeth Willis Gloster and John Anderson in Warrenton, NC 17 Jan 1815
(John Anderson was a son of Daniel and wife Mary Anderson of Scotland.)
Arthur Brohan Gloster, son of Thomas and wife Mary, Mary Hayes Willis, dau. of Plummer and wife Drucilla Willis in Fayette County, TN 24 Dec 1828

Thomas Benn Gloster in Warrenton, NC 12 Jan 1819, age 55 yrs. 4 mos.
Mary Willis, wife of John Willis, in Warrenton, NC 12 Oct 1824, age 74
George Anderson, son of John and wife Elizabeth W. Anderson 21 Jun 1831 at 2 PM, age 2 yrs. 4 mos.
Arthur Gloster, son of John and wife Elizabeth W. Anderson 3 Jan 1832 at 1:30 PM, age 9 mos.
John Gloster Anderson, son of John and wife Elizabeth W. Anderson 6 Jul 1835, age 1 yr. 11 mos.
George Anderson, in LaGrange 1 Jan 1843
John Anderson 8 May 1848
Mary H. Gloster, wife of Thomas B. Gloster 21 Jul 1854, age 73
Elizabeth Willis Anderson 8 Mar 1873, age 75
Thomas Benn Gloster, son of Arthur B. and wife Mary H. Gloster 4 Jan 1859
James Otey Gloster, son of Arthur B. and wife Mary H. Gloster 31 Dec 1862,Battle of Murfreesboro, TN



Family Bible of John Christmas Green and Elizabeth Ann Bullock

(Transcribed by D. Williams)

My thanks to C. Caudill for allowing the posting of this bible record

Fanny Lyne Green daughter of John C. & Elizabeth Ann, born February 3rd 1854
George Bullock Green son of John C. & Elizabeth Ann, born March 3rd 1855
Charles Thomas son of Elizabeth & John Green, born April 7th 1856
Elizabeth Ann daughter of Elizabeth & John Green born 27th February 1858
Mary Cornelia daughter of John C. & Elizabeth Green born 27th March 1859
John Franklin son of J.C. & E. A. Green born 6th Nov. 1860
James Macon son of J.C. & E. A. Green was born on the 11th day of Jany 1863

Charles Thomas Green Died August 12th 1857 at Camden, Ark
John Franklin Green died February 14, 1877 at Prescott, Ark
James Macon Green died April 27th 1881 at Eureka Springs, Ark.
Fannie Lyne McGill daughter of J. C. & E.A. Green, died the Oct 23rd 1906. at Oxocina[?], Ark.
[may be trying to spell Ouachita]

John C. Green died April 17th 1887 Eureka Springs, Ark.
C. A. Green, wife of J. C. Green, died April 18th 1881 at Eureka Springs, Ark
Dr. G. B. Green son of John C. and Elizabeth A. Green died May 2nd 1921 at Beggs, Oklahoma
Elizabeth Ann Green Purcell daughter of John C. and Elizabeth Ann Green died Sept. 6, 1929 Arkadelphia, Ark

John Christmas Green and Elizabeth Ann Bullock married 29th March 1853

[Some pages are extremely faded and difficult to read]

Note: This was John Christmas Green Jr., b.1821 Warren Co.,NC  son of John C. Green, b.1777, & Delia M. Hawkins; John Sr.,the son of William Green & Mary Elizabeth Christmas, was living in Dallas Co.,Arkansas by 1850.



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