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List of slaves belonging to Dr. Thomas J. Pitchford, copied from Family Bible

Thanks to Shirley Pitchford for contributing this slave list

Transcribed & Researched by Deloris Williams

Name Child of Time of Birth: Time of Death
Bruce Feb. 1815
Billy Feb. 1820
George Amy Dec. 1820*  (1830?)
Charles Amy Oct. 26, 1832 Sept. 1854
Peter Amy May 2, 1834
Jack Amy June 11, 1836 Sold 1857
Mary Ann Amy Dec. 22, 1838
Amy Phillis 1814 Feb. 17, 1844
Dick Harris Feb. 27, 1844
Louisa July 1837
Henry 1830
Armistead 1832
Nancy Jan. 1820
General Nancy Nov. 4, 1843
Rosa Nancy June 24, 1845
Lydia Nancy July 4, 1847
Catherine Maria Aug. 23, 1825
Major Catherine Oct. 30, 1843 June 1853
Caroline Catherine Sept. 15, 1845 Sept. 1854
Patience Catherine Feb. 3, 1847
Dick Catherine July 4, 1850
Julia Catherine (#1) Jan. 1818
Sylla Julia Mar. 24, 1833
Sol Julia Aug. 28, 1837
Kit Julia Mar. 1, 1841
Moses } twins Julia Nov. 15, 1843
Aaron  } twins Julia Nov. 15, 1843
Andrew Julia Dec. 31, 1843* (1845?)
Martha }twins Julia Jan. 1, 1848 June 1853
Easter  } twins Julia Jan. 1, 1848 Feb. 11, 1857
Jackson Julia Oct. 23, 1849
Courtner Julia Jan. 15, 1815** (1851?) Sold 1852
Amy Nancy Nov. 4, 1850 1860
Arthur Julia 1833 Sept. 1854
Plummer Julia Jan. 3, 1851 Sept. 1854
Moses 1808 June 1858
Mary Short 1812 Dead [18]60
Martha Ann Mary S. 1846
Betsy Ann 1849
Ellen 1848
Daniel 1783 Dec. 23, 1857
Victoria Mary S. 1841 1860
(Mary?) Grace Mary S. 1844 1858
Agnes Mary S. 1833 1858
Minerva Ann Mary S. 1838 1860
Adam 1849
(name obstructed) Mary S. May 6, 1852
(obstructed) could be Fannie Catherine Nov. 29, 1852
William Simon Julia Feb. 9, 1853
Eliza Nancy May 12, 1853
John Catherine Oct. 1858 1862
Alice Catherine July 1855
Laura Julia Apr. 9, 1855
Marina Nancy Aug. 1856
Judy Mary Ann Feb. 14, 1856
Trine ( should be Trim) Catherine March 1860
Minnie Mary Ann Dec. 1858 Dead 1862
Patty Minerva Nov. 1858
Peter Minerva Apr. 1860
Emma Nancy Apr. 1860 Dead
Eveline Sylla July 1859 Dead
James Nancy May 5, 1861
Bettie Lot Mary Ann Aug. 5, 1861 1863
Bob Julia 1860
Harriet May 8, 1828 1863
Wesley Harriet June 1860
Tom Harriet Jan. 1857
Tom Catherine Aug. 1862 1864
Henrietta Mary A. Dec. 1862
John Tobia (shud be Julia) Feb. 1863
Augustus Patience Jan. 1864
Polly Nancy Apr. 17, 1864
Angeline Catherine July 1865
*Note that a few of the dates above are likely incorrect because of the age of the mother, or the age of the siblings*

**Probably named Courtney, a daughter of Julia, b. 1818, listed with incorrect birth date which probably should say 1851.

Following is a list of the above names listed by Mothers:

Amy, b.1814, dau/of Phillis: Nancy, b.1820:
George General
Charles Rosa
Peter Lydia
Jack Amy
Mary Ann Eliza
Catherine #1: James
Julia, b. 1818 Polly
Maria: Julia, b. 1818, d/o Catherine #1:
Catherine Sylla
Catherine, b. 1825 d/o Maria: Kit
Major Moses
Caroline Aaron
Patience Andrew
Dick Martha
(obstructed) probably Fannie Easter
John Arthur
Alice Plummer
Trim William Simon
Tom Laura
Angeline Bob
Mary Short, b.1812: Mary Ann, b.1838, d/o Amy:
Martha Ann Judy
Victoria Minnie
Mary Grace Bettie Lot
Agnes Henrietta
Minerva Ann
(name obstructed on page)
Minerva, b. 1838, d/o Mary S: Sylla, b. 1833, d/o Julia:
Patty Eveline
Harriet, b. 1828: Patience, b. 1847, d/o Catherine:
Wesley Augustus

Thomas Jefferson Pitchford (1810-1883) was the son of Sterling Pitchford and Elizabeth Davis (daughter of Matthew Davis & Mary Madray) who were married Sept. 4, 1809. He married Matilda Hinton Cheek (1812-1881)on March 15, 1833, the daughter of Robert Tynes Cheek & Matilda Mary Hinton Alston. Sterling Pitchford (1781-1822) was the son of Samuel & Amy Pitchford. Samuel had a will probated 1802 in Warren County, which named his children: Elijah, Jesse, Thomas, Burwell, Stirling, Rhoda, and an unnamed daughter who had married ______ Perkinson. Sterling & Elizabeth Davis Pitchford's children were: Thomas, married Matilda H. Cheek; Rebecca, married Edward Davis; Polly, died in infancy in 1814;  Nancy, married Henry A. Foote; George, died in 1821 at age 4; and Mary, married Charles Jackson Egerton.  The children of Thomas J. Pitchford & Matilda H. Cheek were: John C. mar: Harriet Day; Robert T., mar: Bettie V. Lott; James, mar: 1st Sallie Davis (d/o John S. Davis & Martha Powell), 2nd Parmelia Duke (d/o Mark Duke & Nancy Pitchford), 3rd Alice Perry; Elizabeth, mar: Col. John W. Williams, moved to TN; Mary Polly, mar: Isham H. Davis (s/o John S. Davis & Martha Powell); Thomas Jr., mar: Pattie Plummer; Samuel W., mar: Emma Fleming (d/o Solomon Fleming & Elizabeth Riggan); William, died at 2 mos. of age in 1848; Nancy, died at age 2 mos. in 1849; Emily, died at 1 mos. of age in 1851; Annie, mar: Matthew Duke (s/o Mark Duke & Nancy Pitchford); Sterling II, never married, died June 29, 1862 after being struck on the head by a shell during the battle around Coal Harbor, VA during the Civil War. 

(Pitchford family info from the "Research of Florence Egerton Underhill on the Egerton, Davis and Pitchford families" under the Peter Davis family research and Pitchford Family Research pages, which also contains a list of family from the Lizzie Davis Records, as dictated to her by her grandmother, Rebecca Pitchford Davis; NC State Archives Digital Collection)

See also,  photo of Dr. Pitchford's home, Long Branch

Some of these same Slaves can be found in the Estate of Peter R. Davis, 1850


In relationship to the above PITCHFORD Slave List, following is from the Estate of Sterling Pitchford, Inventory of Slaves, where many of the same names from the Thomas J. Pitchford list are included and which gives one further info about them.

State of North Carolina, Warren County
8th December 1832

Pursuant to an order of court we have divided the Negroes belonging to the Estate of Sterling Pitchford between the children and widow of said Pitchford and have alloted them as follows vizt:

To ELIZABETH PITCHFORD we have alloted
FANNY - Value - $275
STEPHEN ---------150
Total: $730
To HENRY FOOTE & Wife NANCY as follows:
MARIA - Value  - $315
BEN ---------------105
Total: $680
To EDWARD DAVIS & Wife REBECCA as follows:
PATTY -Value -  $325
LUCY ------------- 90
ANN --------------140
Total: $685
To THOMAS J. PITCHFORD as follows:
AMY -    Value -      $325
CHARLES ----------- 70
GEORGE -----------115
Total: $695
To MARY PITCHFORD as follows:
ELIZA - Value  -    $300
HARRY ------------- 250
ELLEN -------------140
Total: $690
ELIZABETH PITCHFORD to pay HENRY FOOTE & Wife Sixteen dollars- $16
Also to pay EDW'D DAVIS-----11
Also to pay THO'S J. PITCHFORD --1
Also to pay MARY PITCHFORD---6


Warren County, Feb'y Sess. 1833
The commissioners appointed to divide the Negroes belonging to the Estate of STERLING PITCHFORD dec'd between the Widow & Children of said dec'd made the foregoing report, and on motion it is ordered to be recorded.

Division of the Slaves belonging to the Estate of STERLING PITCHFORD dec'd
Recorded Page 117

Inventory of Slaves, November 1822:

FANNY's young child born since the death of S. PITCHFORD, name not known.

Rec'd of JOS. T. GREEN for three Hho. tobacco crop of 1821 two hundred & forty seven dollars and some cents
November Court 1822

Warren County, November Court 1822
This Inventory & acct of sales of the Estate of STERLING PITCHFORD was returned upon oath in open court by PETER R. DAVIS the Adm'r. & on motion is O.R.



Additional info from Marriage Records on some of the above Slaves

Following are marriages for many of the slaves listed in the Thomas Pitchford Family Bible. As will be apparent from some of the surnames used, various of the slaves took the CHEEK, DAVIS, & KEARNEY Surnames, all indications of the different families they ended up with after 1832. Females from above lists who are indicated as mothers below, are written in color, some with variations in the spelling of their names as they appear on their marriage records. Note that some who didn't have mothers listed above, do have them listed in other records which I have included below, which cans further help those seeking their ancestors' parents names.

Armistead Pitchford - married Martha Alston - March 2, 1867
Peter Pitchford (s/o Plummer Davis & Amy Pitchford)- married 1st: Siller Ann Pitchford (d/o Julia) in 1858 (Cohabitation Marriage Records)
Peter Pitchford (s/o Plummer Davis & Amy Pitchford)-married 2nd: Millie Little (d/o Peter & Caroline Little) - August 4, 1867
Mary Ann Pitchford (d/o Amy) -married Lewis Davis in 1854 (Cohabitation Marriage Records)

Ellen Pitchford, b.1848 (d/o Arthur & Ellen Pitchford) -  married Lewis Williams (s/o Wiley & Charity Williams) - Nov. 2, 1867

Henry Pitchford, b.1830 (s/o Lewis Martin & Winifred Cheek) -married Nancy Davis (d/o Robert & Rosena Davis)-Feb. 4, 1871; Winifred was probably the Winny, who went to the family of Edward & Rebecca Davis in 1832.
Catherine Pitchford (d/o Tom & Maria Pitchford, both dead ) - married Dick Davis (s/o Dick [Kearney] & Hixie Davis) -May 15, 1877
Rosa Pitchford (d/o Nancy Cheek) married  Thomas Williams (s/o Osborn & Cherry Williams)  - Sept. 22, 1868
General Pitchford (s/o Nancy) married Bettie Williams (d/o Bettie Williams) - lived in Halifax Co.,NC
Marina Pitchford (d/o Nancy) married Mack Williams (s/o Mack Womble & Nancy Stallings)  - in 1872

Patience Davis (d/o Dick Davis & Catherine Pitchford)  married Joseph Davis (s/o Dempsy Alston & Cherry Davis)  - Dec. 30, 1870. Her older children's father was indicated to have been John Davis, deceased prior to 1870.

Angeline Davis (d/o Dick Davis & Catherine Pitchford) - married 1st: Robert Kearney (s/o Drew Kearney & Angeline Williams, mar: 1853) - August 26, 1882

Angeline Kearney (d/o Dick Davis & Catherine Pitchford)- mar. 2nd: Ned Williams (s/o Bunney Williams)-Mar.25,1902
Augustus Davis (s/o John Davis & Patience Davis) married Tempie Davis (d/o Amy Davis) - Dec. 15, 1881

Richard "Dick" Davis (s/o Dick Davis & Catherine Pitchford)- married Della Williams (d/o Allen & Luvenia Williams)  -Feb. 21, 1874

Fannie Davis (d/o Dick Davis & Catherine Pitchford) -married Hawkins Davis (s/o Arthur & Anna Davis) - April 5, 1874

Trim C. Davis, (s/o Dick Davis & Catherine Pitchford) - married Sarah E. Alston - Feb. 6, 1881
Julia, b. 1818, (d/o Catherine #1) married Plummer Davis, b.1813 - lived in Fork Twp., Warren Co.,NC
Aaron Pitchford  (s/o Julia) - married 1st: Sarah Alston - April 18, 1866
Aaron Pitchford (s/o Julia) - married 2nd: Rosana Kearney (d/o Ossian & Amelia Kearney) - Nov. 29, 1910
Moses Pitchford (s/o Julia)  married Mary ______? - lived in Halifax Co., NC
Kit Pitchford (s/o Julia) - married Abby ____?  in 1860- lived in Halifax Co., NC
Andrew Davis, (s/o Plummer Davis & Julia) married 1st: Suky Williams (d/o Tom & Judy Williams) - March 6, 1871

Andrew Davis (s/o Plummer Davis & Julia) married 2nd:  Sallie Alston (d/o William & Margaret Alston) -June 1, 1876

Andrew Davis (s/o Plummer Davis & Julia) married 3rd: Pinky Nicholson (d/o Jeff Nicholson & Emily Egerton) - Aug. 15, 1885

John Davis (s/o Plummer Davis & Julia) married Laura Hawkins (d/o Matt Hawkins & Pleasant Green) - Dec. 8, 1881

William Davis (s/o Plummer Davis & Julia) married Indiana Williams (d/o Moses & Rachel Williams) - Oct. 7, 1871
Robert Davis (s/o Plummer Davis & Julia) married Hargie Williams (d/o Booker Williams & Ella Alston) - Dec. 25, 1881



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