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The members of my Bridges-Hunter family are descendants of William Hunter and Sarah "Sallie" Ann Wynne Hunter. Through marriage, we have received many last names including Alston, Alexander, Barbee, Bridges, Coleman, Greene, Peace, Pinkney, Richardson, Rogers, and others. William Hunter was born a slave on the Jerman (also spelled Jermaine and German) plantation near Charleston, South Carolina, in 1828. In 1851 or 1857, Dr. Thomas Palmer Jerman (the slaveholder) brought William to North Carolina. In 1866, after the Civil War ended, William and Sarah Ann Wynne went to the courthouse to register their slave marriage and stated they had lived as man and wife since 1857. It is on this marriage bond that William gives his name as William Jerman and Sarah gives her name as Sarah Wynne because Andrew J. Wynne of Warren County, North Carolina had held her in bondage. The Hecht family of Warren County now owns the Wynne farm. In the 1870 Federal Census of Warren County, we find William and Sarah German living with several of their children.

By 1872, William German had changed his name to William Hunter and was a farmer and an astute businessman. He saved his money and purchased land in the Smith Creek District of Warren County. In March 1884, William sold a small piece of land to the Virginia and Carolina Railroad Company to enable them to build a double track railroad through his land. It is not certain when William died but in January 1897, his descendants divided the land he had owned into equal portions. Margaret Tibbs lives in Norlina on land originally owned by William Hunter and the road beside her house is named Hunter's Ridge. William's wife, Sarah "Sallie" Ann, lived much longer than William. Older residents remember her as "a tall woman with white hair". She died between 1927 and 1937 and is buried beside her husband in the Hunter family cemetery behind Margaret Tibbs' house on Route One in Norlina, North Carolina. William and Sally Ann had at least ten children with eight living to adulthood. Only three of their children had descendants and it is these three branches that were represented at the Hunter-Bridges Reunion held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in August 2000.

Born in December 1860, James Hunter was the oldest son of William and Sarah "Sallie" Ann Hunter. On May 15, 1895, he married Rebecca Wright and lived on a farm near his parent's home. Their children were James, Jerome, Archie Roy, John, Cornelius, and Willis Hunter. The grandchildren of James and Rebecca are the children of Archie Roy and Margaret Forney Hunter (now Tibbs). (See Margaret Forney Hunter Tibbs story). They are Cora Hunter Pinkney (of Richmond), Leroy Hunter, and Ester Hunter Coleman (of Norlina). Margaret married a second time and had James "J.C." Tibbs. Leroy Hunter's children are Everett, Belinda, and Shelton Hunter. Everett's children are Keijo, Ashley, Kelsi, and Margaret Jaye Hunter. Robert "Palmer" Hunter was the third son of William and Sarah. He was born in May 1868 and married Millie M. Wortham in Warrenton, North Carolina, on January 27, 1897. (See Palmer Robert Hunter story.)

Taper, the fourth son is the progenitor of the Hunter-Bridges branch of the family. Taper was born in February 1871. He married Alice Hopson, later known as "Grandma Burton", on January 30, 1895, in Durham, North Carolina. Their children were: Sweetie, William Henry Valentine, Alice Ruth "Mama Bridges" (who married John "Papa" Bridges), Vera, and Ralph Hunter. Taper and Alice's grandchildren from Alice Ruth Hunter a.k.a. "Mama Bridges" are Naomi Bridges Rogers, Beulah Bridges Williams, John R. Bridges, Helen Bridges Alston Crews, Horace Bridges, Margaret Bridges Peace, Charles Bridges, Oscar Lindsey Bridges, Leara Bridges Barbee, and Thurman Bridges. The majority of the descendants of Mama Bridges live in Durham, North Carolina.

Sources: Warren County marriage, deeds, birth and death records, Microfilm of Warren County Cohabitation Records at the North Carolina State Archives, interviews with Margaret Forney Hunter Tibbs and John Bridges.

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