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 near Williamsboro, Vance County, North Carolina

originally part of Granville County

ASSOCIATED LINK(s): Montpelier, Ashland, the Sneeds were related to both the Williams and Hendersons
OWNER: Stephen Sneed (1756-1821)
BUILT: ca 1800
ASSOCIATED SURNAMES: Sneed, Henderson, Williams

Like many other homes in Vance Co., the Sneed Family home was originally in the part of Granville Co. which became Vance Co. in 1881. The patriarch of the Granville County Sneeds was Samuel Sneed (1723-1806) who first appeared in a 1761 deed transaction in Granville Co. He was on a 1769 List of Jurors in Orange Co., and on many of the Tax and Deed records of Granville throughout the mid- to-late 1700s, where he and his son, John Sneed (1757-1808) also appeared in Caswell Co. in 1790, and thereafter, Samuel and several of his sons & their families were then in Person Co. His son, Stephen Sneed (1756-1821) remained in Granville, where he held several different offices, including County Clerk, a position that several of his sons also served in the ensuing years. Stephen married on Jan. 4, 1780 to Mary Williams (1761-1826), daughter of William Williams (1733-1775) & Phillis Beckham (1737-1792). William died at the age of 43 in Boonesborough, KY, apparently as a result of wounds suffered during an Indian attack. William's brother was Judge John Williams (1731-1799) the well-known justice and statesman who lived in Granville Co. and both men were among the investors in the Transylvania Company, formed by their cousin, Richard Henderson (1735-1785), which was a venture meant to expand settlement into what is now Kentucky.

Stephen  & Mary's children were:
William Morgan Sneed (1780-1849)
Dr. James Sneed (1783-1841)
Archibald Henderson Sneed (1786-1829)
Maj. Junius Sneed (1788-1843)
Dr. Richard R. Sneed (1790-1861)
Stephen Koutousoff Sneed (1794-1841)
Samuel Farrar Sneed (1795-1837)
Emily Dudley Sneed (1797-1827)
Albert Gallatin Sneed (1799-1874)
Sarah Williams Sneed (1802-1832)

By 1850, most of the Stephen Sneed Family had left Granville Co., having moved on to Georgia, Tennessee, & Mississippi, although a few grandchildren remained in NC, but living in Johnston & Guilford Counties. Richard Sneed was the last of Stephen's sons living in Granville. He had married in 1814, Lucy Farrar Henderson (1800-1868) daughter of the former Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court, Leonard Henderson (1772-1833) & Frances Farrar (ca 1765-1845). Leonard Henderson was the son of Richard Henderson (1735-1785), the owner of Ashland Plantation. Leonard's mother, Elizabeth Keeling (ca 1742-1792), was a step-daughter of Judge John Williams, of Montpelier Plantation, and even though that plantation went to Elizabeth's sister, Agatha Williams-Burton's family, Leonard spent a great deal of time at Montpelier.
Richard Sneed moved most of his family to Henderson Co.,Kentucky in 1852, with the exceptions of his daughter, Sallie G. Sneed, who had married in 1845, and lived in Warren Co., and his oldest son, William Morgan Sneed who remained in Granville County, the last of the Sneeds in the County. Richard sold some of his slaves to his son, and the rest went with him to Kentucky.



SLAVE POPULATION: See: Sneed Family Bible, contains list of Slaves from Richard Sneed Bible, and names of slaves from abstracted Deed Books
Sneed Plantation- Slave Names with additional family information


RESEARCH NOTES: Richard & Lucy Henderson-Sneed's children were:
William Morgan Sneed (1819-1891) m:1st. Louisa Maria Bethel, 2nd. Sarah Ann Lewis-Bullock (a widow)
Cornelia Sneed (1822-1875) m: Tignal Jones Hopkins
Sallie Green Sneed (1825-1886) m: John Read
Emily Dudley Sneed (1827-aft 1880) m: James Alves Jr.
Elizabeth H. Sneed (1829-1864) m: James Alves Jr.
Lucy Farrar H. Sneed (1832-bfr 1870)m: George Walker Herr
Jeannie "Jane" Sneed (1834-1881) Never married
Leonard Henderson Sneed (1836-1863)Never married
Ella Sneed (1840-1866) m: John H. Butler
Stephen Koutousoff Sneed (1841-1910) m: Marianna Soaper


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