The Granville District - 2/3 of NC was owned by Lord Granville in 1729
The Great Wagon Road - Route travelled by early settlers from PA to throughout the Southeast.  Fry-Jefferson map 1751
The Wilderness Road Travelers
The Wilderness Road Map
1860 North Carolina/Virginia Map
Indian Tribes in North Carolina at European Contact
Modern North Carolina Indian Communities
Current day North Carolina
"The Formation of NC Counties, 1663-1943" by David Leroy Corbitt (online book)
County Formation Maps, 1700-1912  - From the NCGenWeb, Catawba Co.
North Carolina Counties 1700-1780 -LearnNC interactive map
Great Wagon Road - detailed color map with current day locations. "Our Ancestors" site
NC & VA Migrations 1600-1720 -animated map with migration of Colonists & Indian tribes
1584 Spanish Map of "la Florida"-parts now NC, showing Indian villages of the time
Atlas of Historical County Boundaries
Maps of North Carolina - includes interactive map of county formations
1845 Map of North Carolina
1860 North Carolina/Virginia Map - NC Maps Collection, downloadable
1863 Historical & Military Map, Southern States - Library of Congress
1895 North Carolina Maps - State, Counties & Towns;  from Pam Rietsch's Collection
North Carolina Maps - From the State Library of NC
Historic Overlay Maps - layered directly on top of current day road maps or satellite images
North Carolina Gazetteer - from NCPedia: Search for locations both past & present
NC County Formations - State Library, with links to each County with details
NC County Formation 1664-1911 - NCPedia, list of Counties formed in order
NC County Development Timeline Map 1664-1911 -interactive display; start map, then click arrows at bottom
The 13 Colonies in 1783 Map -includes Western NC which later became TN, the home of the Cherokees, as noted
North & South America in 1562 - early view of NC included
Virginia-North Carolina Boundary history -extensive NC history & maps from earliest days
Boundaries & Charters of Virginia - history of settlement & charters in Virginia
Virginia & North Carolina Boundary Lines -highlights the earliest boundary lines & dispute
Royal Colonial Boundaries-1665 - marking the colonial borders
North Carolina Map - from Digital Topo
North Carolina Map Collection - includes map of cities, rivers, & elevations
North Carolina Map with County Seat Cities - from
North Carolina at World Atlas - includes location histories
Tennessee Counties originally in North Carolina
Formation of Tennessee - NCPedia, includes maps
Records relating to Tennessee in NC State Archives


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