This volume contains abstracts of Warren County, N.C. Record of Deeds, Book A, 1764-1766, a record of the first deeds of Colonial Bute County, N.C., presently in the vault of the office of the Register of Deeds of Warren Co., in the Courthouse at Warrenton. When Bute County was divided into Franklin and Warren, in 1779, the records of the discontinued Bute County remained in Warren County as the Bute County Courthouse had been in the area which became Warren. Deed Book A is the first of eight deed books containing the recorded deeds of the period of Colonial Bute County, 1764-1779.

No history of the area will be given here, but a few facts are necessary for a better understanding of the references in these abstracts.

In 1746, when Granville Co., N.C. was formed from Edgecombe, St. John's Parish was created, including all of Granville Co. In 1761, Granville Co. was divided into two parishes, the western part becoming Granville Parish and the eastern part remaining St. John's. In 1764, the whole of St. John's Parish, the eastern part of Granville Co., became Bute County and a small part of Northampton Go., N.C. was added to Bute, in 1766.

The above will explain the many references to Granville Co. in these, the first deeds of Bute Co. You will note that the deeds dated before 10 June 1764 (the date on which the Act of Assembly creating Bute Co. became effective) describe many of the grantors and grantees as of Granville Co. and often the land as being in Granville Co., but that, by the time the deed was proved, and registered, the area in which the land was described had become Bute and those living on the land residents of Bute Co., the area of which included all of present day Franklin and Warren Counties, and part of Vance County, N.C.

This area was included in the vast territory granted by King Charles II, "in the fifteenth and seventeenth years of his reign" (and he was King of England 1660-1685), to the eight Lord Proprietors of Carolina, one of whom was George Carteret, father of John Carteret, Earl Granville. King George II, in 1744, confirmed this grant to "Right Honorable John Earl Granville, Viscount Carteret and Baron Carteret of Hawnes in the County of Bedford in the Kingdom of Great Britain, Lord President of his Majesty's Most Honorable Privy Council and Knight of the noble order of the Garter".

There are references to Earl Granville Grants on every page of this compilation except four. There are fifteen Earl Granville Grants registered in this deed book A, executed by several of the Agents of Lord Granville and all executed prior to the formation of Bute County, as Earl Granville had died before Bute County came into existence. Born in England April 22, 1690, he never came to America and died in London January 22, 1763.

No attempt has been made to abstract all of the context of the Earl Granville Grants; they have been abstracted only for the names, dates, etc. which refer to the people of this area.

The many references to Halifax County, N.C. and Halifax Court can be explained by the fact that Bute County was in the Halifax Judicial District. The local Bute County Court was an Inferior Court of Pleas and quarter Sessions, conducted by the Justices of Bute County, but Superior Court was held at Halifax in the adjoining County. The Bute County Court Minutes (which exist as far as is known at present only beginning in 1767) include names of those appointed to serve as jurors at the Superior Court at Halifax and the Bute County Sheriffs' Annual Accounts show the payment of "Jury Tickets", fees for serving on the jury for Halifax Superior Court.

Names and places on this page are not included in the Indices.

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