Bath Co., North Carolina


Bath County Surname Register


To register your Bath County surname(s), send an e-mail to the Contact Party at the bottom of this page.

Include the following in your e-mail:

Subject:  Bath County Surname Register   [put this in the subject of your e-mail message & the rest in the body]

SURNAME(S)    [CAPITALIZE so they will be easier to recognize - if more than one, please list alphabetically]
Time Period  [optional]
Your Name,  and
Your e-mail address.

Check back in a few days to see if it is posted.  If not, please send it again.


Bath County Surname Researchers

 Surname    Time Period    Researcher  
 BARTLETT      Dot Donegan  
 BENSON      Linda Benson Lee  
 MING    1701 - 1707    William L. Ming  
 SWINDLE/SWINDELL    1715 - 1775    Carolyn Easley  
 TREWHITT      Bob Truitt  



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