North Carolina National Guard and Reserve Units Deployed
and active units based in North Carolina; as well as other units served by sons and daughters of North Carolina. no particular order.   Please write to me if I've missed anyone...  If the unit has an association or unit link I'd like to know that too.  We'll include here any Regular, Reserve or NG unit which had North Carolinians assigned whether the unit/ship was/is from NC or not.

As I was compiling this list I began to wonder whether the Great State of North Carolina provided the preponderance of sons and daughters for this war. (Carson Turner)


991st Transportation Co. Reserve
1450th Transportation Co. Guard
540th Quartermaster Det. Guard
121st Transportation Det. Guard
1454 Transportation Co. Guard  [Concord]
431st Quartermaster Det. Reserve
805th Military Police co. Reserve
211th Military Police Co. Guard
398th Combat Support Co. Guard
385th Transportation Det. Reserve
315th Quartermaster Det. Reserve
210th Military Police Co. Guard
171st Combat Support Co. Reserve
337th Ml Bn. Reserve
382nd Public Affairs Det. Guard
3274th Army Hospital Reserve
29th Transportation Det. Reserve
702nd Transportation Bn. (provisional) Reserve [the 702nd was not an NC unit but a unit composed of RA, USAR, and ARNG soldiers and activated/deactivated in theatre.  Some of those soldiers, including the webmaster, were from NC]
4th Tactical Fighter Wing - F-15s   Seymour-Johnson AFB, NC
317th Tactical Airlift Wing - C-130 Pope AFB, N.C.
263rd Combat Command Squadron Badin
156th Aeromed Evac Flt. Charlotte
916th Air Refueling Group Seymour Johnson
916th Civil Engineering Squadron Seymour Johnson
915th Civil Engineering Squadron Pope
916th USAF Clinic Seymour Johnson
Medical Unit P-0725A Greensboro
Medical Unit P-0783A Wilmington
Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune Raleigh
Naval Hospital Cherry Point Wilmington
NR Military Sealift Cmmd. Charleston Raleigh
Naval Reserve Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune Charlotte
Naval Reserve Naval Hospital Charleston Asheville
Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune Greensboro
II Marine Expeditionary Force (II MEF)   Camp Lejune, NC
2nd Marine Division Camp Lejune, NC
XVIII Airborne Corps Artillery Fort Bragg, NC
82d Airborne  Division Fort Bragg, NC
HQ, XVIII Airborne Corps Fort Bragg, NC
5th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital Fort Bragg, NC
28th Combat Support Hospital Fort Bragg, NC
44th Medical Brigade Fort Bragg, NC
57th Medical Detachment (Air Ambulance) Fort Bragg, NC
261st Medical Company Fort Bragg, NC
257th Dental Detachment Fort Bragg, NC
429th Ambulance Company Fort Bragg, NC
36th Medical Company Fort Bragg, NC
4th Psychological Operations Group Fort Bragg, NC
846th Transportation Unit   Salisbury, NC
1st Corps Support Command Fort Bragg, NC
16th MP Brigade Fort Bragg, NC
18th FA Brigade (XVIII Corps Arty) Fort Bragg, NC
18th Avn. Brigade Fort Bragg, NC
20th Engineer Brigade Fort Bragg, NC
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