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Beaufort Co. Superanuated & Invalids of the Regiment
Bute Co. Oath of Allegiance
Carteret Co.
Muster Roll of 1747
  *Company commanded by Capt. Joseph Fulford [1754-1755]
  *Company commanded by Capt. Moses Houston [1754-1755]
* These two lists are actually a single document which is undated. I suspect these are the "Militia Returns 1754 - 1755: Carteret Foot . . . Capt'n Joseph Fulford (and) Will: Fulford (under command of) Coll. Tho: Lovick." (State Records, XXII, p. 307). Thanks to Dr. Bob Lewis for citing this reference. JSR
  Carteret County Militia Regiment Newbern, 20 February 1771



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