Abstract of the Army Accounts of the North Carolina Line

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ABSTRACT of the ARMY ACCOUNTS OF THE NORTH CAROLINA LINE - settled by the commissioners at Halifax from the 1st September, 1784, to the 1st Feby, 1785 and at Warrenton in the year 1786, designating by whom the claims were receipted for respectively.

No.   Names and Rank           By Whom Received     Remarks

4     Francis Ross, Lt.        Ab. Thomas

12    John Raiford, Lt.        H. Montfort         for Raiford

23    Joseph Richardson, Lt.      do               for Richardson

24    John Richardson, Ens.       do                 do

39    Hezekiah Rice, Capt.     Ab. Thomas

99    James Rainey                do

101   Peter Rainey, Lt.           do

103   John Reddin                 do

115   Thomas Robinson          Arch. Lytle

117   Stephen Ray              H. Murfree

140   Nathaniel Roper          John Ingles

150   Jesse Rickson               do

212   John Reel                Alex. Brevard

235   Jacob Robinson, St.      Thomas Armstrong

248   Andrew Randall, St.      David Passmore

249   Isaac Rhodes             H. Murfree

255   Jesse Reeves             Saml. Pitman

264   David Robinson           John Nelson

272   Abraham Reddick  

275   Samuel Reeves            H. Montfort          for S. Revons

287   Joshua Reams                do

295   Maurice Raiford             do                for M. Raiford

302   Peter Rheims             Richard Fenner

307   Benjamin Reeves          John McNees

318   Thomas Reasons           H. Bond

324   James Riddle             H. Montfort          for J. Riddle

394   Lewis Ralph              C. Dixon

397   Moses Roberts            H. Montfort

399   William Rowland          Arch. Lytle

400   Robert Rowland              do

406   Thomas Robinson             do

416   James Rowland               do

424   James Ross               A. Brevard

448   Joel Robinson            J. Craven

473   Thomas Roberts           "pd willie Jones"    not receipted

505   Daniel Rice              Ab. Thomas

552   Thomas Richardson        H. Montfort          for M. Hunt

566   John Rice                A. Lytle

475   Kinchen Roberts          H. Montfort          for Kin Roberts

611   Joseph Robinson          C. Dixon

627   William Randall             do

633   Thomas Richardson           do

642   Isaac Reddick            Benj. Perry

644   James Rawls              H. Montfort          for M. Barksdale

655   William Randolph         Alexander McMillan

689   Thomas Rice              William Sanders

701   James Rigsby                do

706   Charles Rowe                do

761   Benjamin Revons          H. Montfort          for Reeves

772   John Rigkins             J. Sheppard      

798   William Robbs            H. Montfort          for W. Robbs

831   Ephraim Rogers           J. McNees 

838   James Richards           Thomas Armstrong

842   Nathan Roads             B. McCulloch

852   Stephen Rogers           John Daves

856   Ephraim Reynolds            do

861   John Revells             John Sheppard

894   Frederick Reeves         H. Montfort          for M. Hunt

905   Morris Richards          A. Lytle

927   George Reggs                do

948   Jesse Robinson              do

977   John Ross, Dag.          Ab. Thomas

979   Hudson Ray               A. Lytle

993   Jas. Rowe, F. Arty       Thos. Evans

999   Reuben Robinson          Upshaw Robinson

1012  James Roberts            Robert Fenner

1022  William Rix              H. Murfree

1077  John Rowe                B. McCullock

1098  William Russell             do

1103  Henry Robertson          B. Atkins

1117  Malachi Russell          H. Montfort        for M. Russell

1147  Frederick Reed           John Bonds

1151  Vincent Roberts          T. Dixon

1209  Michael Rogers           John Price

1236  John Right               H. Montfort        for Right

1255  Lazarus Revell              do              for L. Revell

1268  William Rollins             do              for W. Rollins

1271  Eli Rogers               John Price 

1297  Jeremiah Reardon         H. Montfort        for J. Reardon

1346  Joel Riggins             C. Dixon    

1350  Samuel Rooks                do

1359  John Ross                   do

1371  Peter Rame                  do

1386  Reuben Roberts           T. Dixon

28    Zeri Rice, Lieut.        Thos. Donoho

37    Lovick Rochell, Lt.      John Marshall

1461  Thomas Richardson        William Faircloth

1462  Solomon Ramsey              do

1463  Thomas Reddick              do

1464  Andrew Russel               do

1484  Aaron Renn                  do

1486  Peter Reddick               do

1487  Jesse Rogers                do

1501  Andrew Rowel             John Sheppard

1502  Samuel Rowel                do

1536  Samuel Rutledge          John Price

1579  William Robbins             do

1597  Samuel Rowland              do

1622  James Robins                do

1633  Andrew Rose                 do

1649  Aaron Ruther                do

1650  Howell Redman               do

1689  Moses Raley                 do

1692  Jonas Reddick            William Faircloth

1728  Henry Richards              do

1743  John Russell                do

1749  James Roberts               do

1761  Sampson Roberts             do

1815  Solomon Rose                do

1903  Elisha Roke              Thomas Butcher

1923  Jethro Randolph          William Faircloth

1962  David Ruster                do

2003  Benjamin Rowland            do

2038  John Ralph               Benjamin McCulloch      for S. Harvey

2053  Andrew Rowell            John Sheppard

2076  Samuel Rowe, C.          Joshua Davis

2077  John Richardson             do

2147  Daniel Rhodes            Thomas Butcher

2159  Hardy Robertson             do

2204  Henry Ruff                  do

2216  Eli Rogers               Robt. Fenner

2237  James Rainey             William Lytle

5239  Nicholas Rochester          do

2272  Buckner Rooks            William Sanders

2298  Larkin Rogers            John Marshall

2343  Jacob Rusher             Philip Fishburn

2370  Jonathan Richards        James Bristow

2421  Abraham Reddick                                  no receipt

2429  Mark Robertson           William Sanders

2439  James Rogers                                     no receipt

2448  Anderson Runnery                                   do

2461  Peter Roberts            William Sanders

2469  Charles Rosier           T. Dixon

2473  Jesse Rowel                do

2482  Jordan Rosier              do

2486  Samuel Ross              William Gowdy

2498  James Royall             John Daves

2521  Charles Roach            Charles Gerrard

2535  John Ridgeway            J. Craven              for J. Ingles

2538  Shadrach Roberts         Samuel Parker

2560  Thomas Ryan, M.          William Sanders

2624  Arthur Rogers               do

2675  William Rogers           James Williams

2745  Andrew Right             John Price

2805  William Read             John Sommers

2814  John Roberts             H. Murfree

2825  Thomas Reddin            Thos. Donoho

2834  William Ridley              do

2838  George Roaper               do

2853  Ebnezer Rasberry         William Faircloth

2866  Jeremiah Reynolds           do

2908  John Renniefer           Will Lytle

2915  Reason Rickets              do

2938  Constantine Reddit, C.

2946  Jarvis Rains             James Homes      

2973  Anthony Rogers           Sim. Totevine, Frau

2974  Joseph Ritter              Maxwell, Jno. Gar-

2982  James Rickerson            land & Jas. Homes

2992  Absalom Riggs               do

3020  James Roark              John Sommers

3042  Daniel Rawson, S.        Tho. Armstrong

3057  William Red                                      no receipt

3066  Powell Riggins    

3087  John Renton              B. Sanders

3110  Powell Riggins

3134  Williamson Rogers        Samuel Parker

3138  Cornelius Roomer         Isles Simmons

3156  John Reeves              James Bristow

3191  George Rochell           C. Dixon                by J. Marshall

3216  William Roberts          John Marshall           for C. Dixon

3227  David Rogers               do 

3242  Thomas Rickets, M.         do

3248  Edward Robertson                                 no receipt

3261  Charles Russ             Philip Fishburn

3311  Frederick Reeves         Warren Alford

3325  William Reddit           Timothy McCarthy

3347  David Ryan                 do

3363  Daniel Ray                 do

3377  David Reeves               do

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