Abstract of the Army Accounts of the North Carolina Line

- Misc. Notes -

I certify the foregoing to be truly stated from the original books and documents of the Commissioners of North Carolina at Halifax and Warrenton as receited in the caption.

State N. Carolina

Philadelphia, 25 Feby, 1793


1050 Thomas Frashier
1051 Thomas Endless
J. Craven receipts for these 2 accounts, for H. Bond. In the body of the receipt is inserted "The property of Charles Hensley, deceased" and under the name of Frashier is inserted "this amount received for Thos. Jordan." J.C.
I cannot elucidate the ambiguity. A.T.

1055 Jeremiah Ashley
1053 John Floyd
1054 Peter White
1056 Francis Hubbard
1057 Dempsey Jones
1058 Miles Woodward
Circumstances as the above.

2394 Austin Prescott, the acct. marked as "J.Hadley's."

2682 & 2683 Frederick Strickland & Tho. Lewis, Mr. Craven receipts for the Due bills only "on account of Godfrey Fowler." The account of Lewis endorsed to Fowler, nor endorsement on the other.

241 Richard White. "This account was the property of Colo. John Armstrong, and taken in payment of his bond given to Messrs. Jones and Montfort. On account of a mistake in settlement of his own account the bond is in hand of the Comptroller," and the acct. is filed with Col. Armstrong's No. 3 file A.
No. 40 William Covington, endorsed "Mr. Benjamin Jones account."
No. 46 should be Richard Dickinson

1399 George Waff. The surname of the receiptor is not legible either in the book or on the acct. but it has the appearance as supposed.

No.   Name and Rank             By Whom Received   Remarks

3032  Daniel Thomas             Thomas Donoho      Omitted in order

3034  William Trowel            John Sommers       do

3067  Thomas Thomas             J. Craven          do 

3135  John Thompson             Issles Simmons     do
AB. Thomas

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