Abstract of the Army Accounts of the North Carolina Line


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ABSTRACT of the ARMY ACCOUNTS OF THE NORTH CAROLINA LINE - settled by the commissioners at Halifax from the 1st September, 1784, to the 1st Feby, 1785 and at Warrenton in the year 1786, designating by whom the claims were receipted for respectively.

No.   Names and Rank           By Whom Received     Remarks

37    John Lowe, Lieut.        Thos. Donoho

51    James Luten, Lieut.      H. Montfort          for Jas. Luten

64    Nath'l Lawrence, Lt.     Robt. Fenner

67    William Linton, Capt.    Thomas Person

76    S. Lockhart, Lt. Colo.   

98    James Legare             H. Montfort          for M. Hunt

121   Thomas Lassiter          H. Murfree

124   James Lett               H. Montfort          for J. Lett

133   John Liddy               John Nelson

147   Jesse Linton             H. Montfort          for Linton

149   Lemuel Litten            John Ingles

151   Abel Litten                 do

167   John Lewis 

168   Morgan Lewis

206   Jacob Lasseter           H. Murfree

216   James Lesseter           Austin Cicaty

222   Thomas Lucas             H. Montfort          for T. Lucas

320   James Lewis                 do

385   Valentine Lucas          Thomas Armstrong

459   William Lewis, Dr.       H. Murfree

484   Thomas Lewellen          Nicholas Long

539   Citizen Lain             H. Montfort

540   Benjamin Lain            Nath. Williams

554   Isaac Lilly              Benjamin Perry

558   John Lock                H. Montfort          for M. Hunt

569   Moses Leathers           A. Lytle     

586   John Logue                  do

645   Hardy Lewis              H. Montfort          for H. Lewis

663   William Loughby          Alexander McMillan

699   John Lefoy               William Sanders

710   Jesse Laneford              do

719   John Laneford               do

727   Isham Lucy                  do

803   Frederick Lewis          H. Montfort          for F. Lewis

825   Moses Lovick             John McNees

853   Aaron Lambert            John Daves

883   William Leak             Wynn Dixon

1019  Lewis Lilly              H. Murfree

1108  Stephen Linn, Lt.        H. Montfort          for S. Linn

1113  David Laws                  do                for D. Laws

1122  Francis Lewis               do                   do

1143  Charles Lewis            John Bond

1154  George Lott              T. Dixon

1173  Amos Lewis               H. Montfort          for A. Lewis

1203  William Lawson           John McNees

1205  Elisha Lanston           John Price

1215  William Leathgo          John Jones

1235  John Laughinghouse       Thos. Armstrong Jr.

1244  Philip Lee               H. Montfort          for Lodwick Alford

1269  Jethro Lane                 do                for Lane

1288  Thomas Leyden               do                for Leydon

1289  John Lambert                do                for Lambert

1331  Arthur Leekon            C. Dixon

1339  Adam Lawrence            Alexander McMillan

17    John Lissenby, Lt.                            no receipt

20    William Lord, Lt.        James Pearl

1424  Timonthy Lee             William Faircloth

1423  Hardy Lee                   do

1495  Joshua Larouse           Jno. McNees

1526  John Lawson              John Price

1586  Stephen Lynch               do

1587  Reuben Lolly                do

1607  John Lilly                  do

1612  Stephen Larking             do

1698  Zechariah Lofton         William Faircloth

1770  Lewis Lemare                do

1779  Henry Lane                  do

1782  Bennet Localare             do

1794  Stephen Lake                do

1800  Mark Lawson                 do

1839  Timothy Lewls               do

1850  Drury Langston           William Faircloth

1869  Isaac Lambkin            Thomas Butcher

1890  Francis Lolly               do

1892  Patrick Lancaster           do

1902  Joel Landom                 do

1980  Robert Langton           William Faircloth

1984  Martin Loubry               do

2024  Isaac Litter             B. McCullock          for Selby Harney

2040  John Litt                   do                    do

2081  Joshua Lewis             Joshua Lewis          (say John Sheppard)

2101  James Long               Sherd Barrow

2109  John Lippencut              do

2145  Jonah Langston           Thomas Butcher

2146  Henry Lambert               do

2154  William Lewis               do

2228  John Luffman             Isles Simmons

2289  David Lippencut          William Sanders

2293  William Loyd             James Armstrong

2307  John Linn                John Marshall

2309  Abraham Lee              Const. Redditt

2328  George Low               Nathaniel Williams

2340  William Lurk             Philip Fishburn

2346  John Loyd                   do

2351  George Lareman              do

2371  Abraham Low              Andrew Armstrong

2373  William Lomas            Benjamin McCullock      for Artt. Pearce

2413  Joseph Lawrence          Nathaniel Williams

2459  William Low              George Shurlock

2462  Uriah Leftyear           T. Dixon

2475  John Landers                do

2411  Edward Lewls             John Daves

2617  Daniel Leving            William Sanders

2653  Isaac Letter                do

2683  Thomas Lewls             J. Craven

2727  Joshua Lacey             John Price

2771  Richard Lee              John Sheppard

2802  Walter Lindsey           John Sommers

2928  Patrick Lyon             John Armstrong

2933  Jesse Lee                Richard Ship

2935  Charles Lee, Sr.            do

3009  Moses Lain               Nathaniel Williams

3081  John Linton              Isaac Gregory

3096  John Laighton            C. Ivey

3119  John Lambert                                   not receipted for

3132  William Lock             Samuel Parker

3193  Jesse Langston           C. Dixon

3237  Robert Locaber           B. McCulloch

3245  Joseph Lesly             John Marshall

3274  William Lynn                do                for Wm. Sanders

3283  Jesse Loyd                  do                   do

3368  John Lacey               Timothy McCarthy

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