Abstract of the Army Accounts of the North Carolina Line

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ABSTRACT of the ARMY ACCOUNTS OF THE NORTH CAROLINA LINE - settled by the commissioners at Halifax from the 1st September, 1784, to the 1st Feby, 1785 and at Warrenton in the year 1786, designating by whom the claims were receipted for respectively.

No.   Names and Rank           By Whom Received     Remarks

82    Joseph Futrill           H. Montfort

107   James Fogarthy           Ab. Thomas

175   Edward Farrell           H. Montfort         for Ferrell

227   James Ferrell, 12 mo.       do               for J. Ferrell


246   John Ferrill             T. Dixon

310   William Fryer            H. Montfort         for W. Fryer

311   Josiah Fryer                do               for J. Fryer

323   George Fuller               do               for G. Fuller

335   John Flind               Thomas Armstrong    

407   David Fulton             Arch. Lytle

467   James Ferrill, 3 yrs.    J. Craven           for J. Croom

486   Patrick Foy, Corpl       Thomas Armstrong    

567   Samuel Fist              A. Lytle

583   Mack Ferguson               do

591   Robert Fletcher          Cha. Dixon

656   Thomas Foley             Alexander McMiilan

661   John Foley                  do

741   Robert Ferguson          H. Montfort        for Rob. Ferguson

754   Nathan Freeman           Rob. Fenner

757   Abraham Fardwell         John McNees

790   William Fulcher          C. Dixon

797   Francis Fortney          H. Montfort        for Fortney

802   William Filmon              do              for Filmon

809   Nathan Farrell           C. Dixon

868   Richard Freeman          F. Harget

884   William Ferrill          Wynn Dixon

933   Gabriel Ferrill          A. Lytle

949   Thomas Flemming             do

1050  Thomas Frashier          J. Craven          for Hance Bond

1053  John Floyd                  do                 do

1062  William Farror           H. Montfort        for W. Farror

1118  Joseph Flemming             do              for J. Flemming

1119  John Franks                 do              for J. Franks

1167  Jonathan Fornes             do              for J. Fornes

1177  David Foster             Henry Overstreet

1213  William Fornes           H. Montfort        for W. & J. Fornes

1214  John Fornes                 do

1266  Lazarus Flora            Selby Harney

1295  Joshua Forbes               do

1353  Isham Forge              C. Dixon

1354  James Flack                 do

3     Luke L. Ferrill, Lt.     B. McCulloch       for Col. Harney

35    Micaiah Ferrill, Lt.     J. Marshal

1468  Francis Fowler           William Faircloth 

1494  Peter Furney             J. McNees

1534  George Flood             John Price

1545  Frederick Francis            do

1559  Nicholas Frasier             do

1568  Ambrose Fonton               do

1602  Thomas Fulcher               do

1615  William Frost                do

1651  Cornelius Futrull            do

1711  Lawrance Floyd           Wm. Faircloth

1737  Joel Fisher                  do

1753  John Floyd                   do

1758  John Fletcher                do

1833  Jacob Freeland               do

1900  Abel Fowler              Thomas Butcher

1937  Henry Fitner             William Faircloth

1939  Ambrose Fisher               do

1946  Hugh Frasier                 do

1947  John Fusman                  do

1966  Benjamin Fordice             do

1985  Simon Fitzpatrick            do

1991  James Fletcher               do

1992  Jacob Fitzgerald             do

2032  Thomas Fenton            Selby Harney          for B. McCulloch

2043  Edon Fuller                  do                    do

2054  Jacob Ferrell            John Sheppard

2087  Isaac Fisher             Thomas Butcher

2103  David Furbee             Sherd. Barrow

2205  Peter Flood              Thomas Butcher

2279  Reuben Fletcher          William Sanders

2282  Nathan Fletcher              do

2304  Jotham Felps             John Marshall

2396  William Fletcher, S.     Griffith Dauge

2432  Robert Ferrebee              do

2477  Samuel Freeman           T. Dixon

2499  James Fooks              John Dares

2581  Britain Foster           John Price

2589  Moses Frost                  do

2602  Peter Foster             John McNees

2585  William Foster           John Price

2629  James Fenney             William Sanders

2706  Thomas Forrester         G. J. McKee

2717  John Fannen              John Price

2722  Patrick Flannegan            do

2723  Charles Forrest              do

2751  Sampson Forehand             do

2768  Jesse Fulton             Philip Fishburn

2855  Levi Forehand            William Faircloth

2861  Briggs Fitzpatrick           do

2873  William Filyan               do

2891  John Fitzflemming            do

2922  Peter Ferguson           John Armstrong

2963  Willis Floyd             James Holmes

3041  Abner Fletcher           Thomas Armstrong

3065  Isham Ferguson           William Peay

3097  Arthur Fennell           C. Ivey

3098  Nicholas Fennell            do

2500  John Fooks               John Daves

3100  Maurice Fennell          C. Ivey

3107  Timothy Fields           John Marshall

3129  Jesse Fountain

3136  George Florence          Thomas Butcher

3144  Richard Fosterlin                              no receipt

3153  Isham Ferguson           William Peay

3208  Jesse Flood              J. Marshall           for C. Dixon

3299  Andrew Franks               do                 for Wm. Sanders

3358  Isham Finch              Timothy McCarthy

2620  William Foster           William Sanders


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