Abstract of the Army Accounts of the North Carolina Line


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ABSTRACT of the ARMY ACCOUNTS OF THE NORTH CAROLINA LINE - settled by he commissioners at Halifax from the 1st September, 1784, to the 1st Feby, 1785 and at Warrenton in the year 1786, designating by whom the claims were receipted for respectively.

No.   Names and Rank              By Whom Received     Remarks

      Benj. Carter, Capt.         Alex. Brevard

45    George Cook, Lieut.         Selby Hearney

102   Thomas Cook                 Ab. Thomas

106   Martin Cross, Fifer            do

120   Giles Carter                H. Murfree

136   William Carrol              Jos. Hadly

137   John Carr                   Jno Nelson

138   John Curry                  Jno. Ingles

143   Shadrach Curry                 do

162   William Cole                J. Craven

172   Elijah Cotton               Ephraim (X) Cotton  his mark


118   Benjamin Crabb              Selby Harney

218   William Cogdell             Alexr. Brevard

220   James Cavendar              John Atkinson

243   Andrew Canker               John Nelson

277   William Collins             William (X) Harrison his mark

279   Charles Collins                do

283   Robert Christie             H. Montfort          for R. Christie

284   Joshua Cheason              

285   Stephen Chance              James Cobb

330   Solomon Chavers             Jer Nelms

337   William Childers            Thomas Armstrong

393   John Cochran                C. Dixon

396   Jonathan Clower             Eli McVey

401   James Clark                 Archd. Lytle

423   John Conn                   Archd. Lytle

428   Lambert Clayton, St.        A. Brevard

443   Pleasant Childers           J. Craven

445   William Childers               do

446   Benjamin Clark                 do 

460   Nathan Cobb                 H. Montfort         for N. Cobb         

469   Bird Cornett                   do               for B. Cornett

471   James Cain                  Willie Jones        but not receipted

477   James Carothers             William Lytle

478   Thomas Carothers               do

490   John Collins                David Collins

492   John Chester                Ab. Thomas

493   Thomas Chittim                 do

511   Francis Capps               J. Faulcon

518   Thompson Curry, Sgt.        Thomas Armstrong

528   George Cathy                J. Craven

531   Philip Cakes                John Ingles         for Major McRee

542   John Cornelius              Thomas Stewart      for J. Cornelius

560   David Cozart                H. Montfort         for M. Hunt

564   James Copeland              A. Lytle            

572   Matthew Cates                  do

575   Jacob Cliever                  do

582   George Conder                  do

624   Benjamin Conner                do

646   William Clifton             A. Lytle            for W. Clifton

704   Osborn Crabb                William Sanders

705   Jarrett Crabb                  do

707   John Crabb                     do

734   Drury Chavers               Thomas Person

752   John Callaham (sic?)        H. Montfort         for J. Callahan

753   William Callaham               do               for W. Callahan

755   James Carmack               J. McNees

762   Daniel Carroll              H. Montfort         for D. Carroll

768   James Cammell               J. Sheppard

774   Thomas Carraway                do

782   John Cotton, St.               do 

793   James Cockburn              Ab. Thomas

800   George Coombs               H. Montfort        for G. Coombs

829   Thomas Cocks or Cox         John Price

839   James Coomer                Jesse Reed

851   Benjamin Collins            John Daves

854   John Clemmons                  do

885   Drury Cook                  William Sanders

886   Daniel Carrol                  do

899   Thomas Carpenter            William King

921   Daniel Camble               A. Lytle

924   Absalom Clifton                do

930   Robert Cates                   do

931   Zachariah Cates                do

938   James Conner                   do

945   John Coupland                  do

961   Levi Coulter                   do

963   Thomas Castles                 do

970   Edward Cole                    do

972   Jesse Cole                     do

983   William Crow                J. Craven

991   James Charlescraft          Tho. Evans

1004  Samuel Cooper               Jesse Reed

1015  John Cason                  Robert Fenner

1016  Stephen Cook                   do

1024  Cesar Chavers               H. Murfree

1027  Robert Chummer              H. Montfort

1028  John Conner                    do

1049  William Cox                 Nicholas Long

1088  Britton Carrol              B. McCulloch

1091  Benjamin Carroll               do

1092  Richard Corbert                do

1107  Lau'lin Campbell, St.       H. Montfort      for L. Campbell

1116  Wm Campbell, Art.           John Kingsbury   

1148  James Cremor                John Bonds

1156  John Clark                  T Dixon

1160  Robert Chumley              Charles Dixon

1170  John Curls                  Henry Overstreet

1191  Isaac Cornelius             Willie Jones

1216  John Clinton                H. Montfort      for J. Clinton

1232  John Chester                John Sheppard

1243  Francis Carraway            H. Montfort      for Carraway

1302  Richard Corbett             B. McCulloch

1311  Joseph Case                 H. Montfort      for Case

1313  William Campbell               do

1321  John Cole                   C. Dixon

1327  Edmund Cole                    do

1336  William Cavender               do

1344  John Curk                      do

1349  James Cleveland             John Jones

1352  John Caven                  C. Dixon

1361  Samuel Carey                   do

1365  Frederick Cooch                do

1367  Absalom Clifton                do

1370  Peter Curtis                   do

1372  John Cutty                     do

412   William Clower              Archd. Lytle

419   William Clark                  do

1     James Craven, Lieut.         T. Dixon

2     Butler Cowell, Lieut.        

4     Wm Charleton, Lieut.         B. McCulloch       for Col. Harney

18    David Cowen, Lieut.          Philip Fishburn

70    Wm. Coventon, Lieut.                            no receipt

1406  Thomas Cullas                William Faircloth

1407  John Cullas                     do

1440  John Cameron                    do

1441  Wm Cobb                         do

1479  Sampson Culliner                do

1480  John Campton                    do

1489  Abraham Clark                J. McNees

1490  Jacob Clark                     do

1496  Anthony Cross                   do

1546  Jesse Cann                   John Price

1551  Solomon Casey                   do

1583  Joel Conigy                     do

1617  Sampson Collins                 do

1637  Brittain Culliver               do

1643  Burwell Collins                 do

1645  Job Carlisle                    do

1667  Andrew Clark                    do

1676  Elisha Cove                     do

1678  Taylor Cole                     do

1680  Dempsey Cain                    do

1687  West Coley                      do

1700  Malachi Crockley             William Faircloth

1713  Azariah Casey                   do

1716  Thomas Crain                    do

1727  Sampson Covenor                 do

1736  Thomas Cain                     do

1745  John Conner                     do

1764  Thomas Chesnut               William Faircloth

1766  Joseph Chesnutt                 do

1781  Ethelred Carter                 do

1793  John Crichet                    do

1797  John Cummins                    do

1799  Coleman Cliavat                 do

1807  Timothy Covener                 do

1811  Oliver Clay                     do

1814  Allen Clifton                   do

1826  George Cook                     do

1841  Dennis Corbett                  do

1844  George Copewell                 do

1848  Archibald Clary                 do

1849  Benjamin Cannon, M.             do

1858  Elias Crockley               Thomas Butcher

1881  George Carby                    do

1888  George Cockburn                 do

1912  Elias Cand                      do

1919  Peter Canaly                 William Faircloth

1921  Anthony Cheshire                do

1965  Willis Chandler                 do

1994  Benjamin Cade                   do

2001  Peter Calvin                    do

2037  Thomas Caton                 B. McCulloch      for Selby Harney

2048  Willoby Crief                   do                   do

2050  Christopher Church              do                   do

2055  Hillary Crabb                John Sheppard           do

2058  Anthony Charlton                do

2061  John Clark                      do

2091  Arthur Cross                 Thomas Butcher

2108  Edward Chappel               Sherd. Barrow

2124  Hick Cee                        do

2129  Randall Cross                   do

2153  Nathaniel Cooper             Tho. Butcher

2155  John Cate                       do

2173  Silas Cross                  Sherd Barrow

2183  Henry Chamberlin                do

2200  John Crawford                John Sheppard

2202  William Carrell                 do

3219  Solomon Campbell             Isles Simmons

2224  John Campbell                   do

2256  Stephen Corch                William Sanders

2258  Abel Crump                      do

2262  William Cooper                  do

2269  Nathaniel Cooper                do

2302  Robert Cook                  John Marshall

2317  John Christopher             Will Lytle

2320  John Connoway, Lt.           Griffith Dange

2356  James Caylachen              Philip Fishburn

2402  James Caton C.               Griffith Dange

2409  Frederick Cooper             A. Nelson

2411  John Cheshire                   do

2432  Stephen Cross                William Sanders

2435  Benjamin Carroll             Will Lytle

2441  William Campbell             Philip Fishburn

2447  Jonathan Case                Isles Simmons

2453  James Craig                                       no receipt

2472  William Clark                T. Dixon

2533  Malachi Chamberlin           Joshua Davis

2534  David Conway, Lt.            J. Craven            for J. Ingles

2547  Joseph Cooper                William Sanders

2551  Willis Curling                  do

2567  David Crawley               (No. 174 new D Bills

                                   for Clark where      no receipt

                                   Ptolemy Powile has

                                   rec'd it who Smith 

                                   owed. H)

2568  George Carcher               Philip Fishburn

2570  Richard Clifton                                   no receipt

2590  Absalom Castander            John Price

2608  Peter Cammell                John McNees

2634  Dillard Collins              Wm Sanders

2635  Burwell Collins                 do

2643  Zadock Coward                   do

2644  Ephraim Coward                  do

2650  Caleb Collins                   do

3281  William Collins                 do                J. Marshal for W


2667  Solomon Carr                  John Macon

2689  Joseph Crief                  George Scurlock

2702  Daniel Cellars                Griffith I. McRee

2714  Clement Cleverill             John Price

2719  Harris Coon                      do

2730  JOhn Chaplin                     do

2754  Jacob Cersey                  Philip Fishburn

2755  Henry Cersey                     do

2778  Israel Cullom                 Peter Cullum

2795  Joseph Cowan                  Philip Fishburn

2798  Alexander Cameron                do

2804  Robert Carmichael             Jno. Sommers

2871  William Clifton               Thos. Donoho

2832  James Crabb                      do

2845  John Coats                    J. Craven          for B. McCulloch

2862  Valentine Cherry              William Faircloth

2879  Richard Clarey                   do

2884  Hardy Coward                     do

2885  Lawrence Connelly                do

2918  Chas. Coleman, Q.M

2920  Wm. Capps

2925  Wm. Clack                     Jno. Armstrong

2958  Jesse Caldwell                James Horner

2965  Morgan Coker                     do

2976  Francis Caesar               

3016  Charles Chamberlin            (Simon Toterine, Fra.

                                    Maxwell, John Garland

                                    Sr, Jas. Homes, Benj.


3053  John Carter                   Thomas Person

3055  Hugh Catchem                  William (X) Griffis    his mark

3084  James Carr, St.               Curtis Ivey

3085  Henry Cobb                    Andrew Armstrong

3090  Thomas Canady                 Curtis Ivey

3012  Abram Carter                  Alexr Carter

3109  William Clifton               John Marshall

3117  George Cole                                         Not receipted for

                                                          Assigned to N. Jones

3120  Wm. Carpenter                 Timothy McCarthy

3121  Jonathan Carrell                 do

3137  Wm Cale, M                    Nathan Lassiter

3157  Johnson Cruise                James Bristow   

3177  West Colson                   John Marshall         Order for C. Dixon 

3235  Jeffery Coley                    do

3259  Jeremiah Claunce              Philip Fishburn

3265  George Claunce                   do

3284  Joshua Cherry                 John Marshall         for W. Sanders

3297  John Clay                        do                      do

3302  John Cook                        do                      do

3308  James Crow                    Philip Fishburn

3313  John Cox                      Philip Miller

3318  Robert Cole                                         no receipt

3324  John Cherry                   Timothy McCarthy

3328  John Couran                       do

3336  Peter Clifton                     do

3343  Andrew Cox                        do

3346  John Coffield                     do

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