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Tilman Ferdinand Jarvis, Sr. & Louisa David (Jarvis) Jarvis

      January 17, 1842 - May 24, 1888                April 1, 1857 - December 16, 1931

Tilman Ferdinand Jarvis, Sr. was the son of Jonathan Jarvis (c.1810-c.1878) and Elizabeth Sawyer (c. 1812-1903). Tilman married 5 times: 1st (1865) to Hattie Jane McGowan (c.1844-c.1866); 2nd to Mary Frances Bridgman; 3rd to Dorcas Elizabeth Bridgman; 4th to Mary Ann Holiday; and 5th to Louisa David Jarvis. During the Civil War, Tilman enlisted in 1861 as a Private in Company H, 33rd Regiment, NCST. He was wounded and disabled at Sharpsburg, Virginia. Louisa David Jarvis was the daughter of Levi Leonadas Jarvis and Rhoda Farrow. Tilman Ferdinand Jarvis, Sr. and his 5th wife, Louisa David Jarvis, are buried in the T.F. Jarvis, Sr. Cemetery on Farrow Road in Swan Quarter Township. They had two children:

(Photo of Tilman Ferdinand Jarvis and information submitted by Ellen Williams. Photo of Louisa David Jarvis submitted by Louise McLeod.)

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