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James Wilson Williams & Louise Blanche Jarvis

      April 25, 1868 - June 8, 1935                         Sept. 5, 1886 - Feb. 3, 1930

James Wilson Williams was the son of James Haywood Williams and Mollie Credle. He was born in Wilson County, North Carolina on April 25, 1868. He and Louise Blanche Jarvis, daughter of Tilman Ferdinand Jarvis, Sr. and Louisa David Jarvis, were the first couple to be married in the Presbyterian Church located on Tiny Oak Rd. in Hyde County on February 8, 1911. James Wilson and Louise Blanche Jarvis Williams are both buried in Lot #126 of the Soule Cemetery in Hyde County

They had the following five children:

(Photos and information kindly submitted by Louise Jarvis McLeod.)

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