Taking the Backroads

I comforted myself with the thought that if you're not going to cover the big stories, at least you can travel around the country in an old bus, and maybe get a feeling for the country that you might miss if you were forever covering important stuff. Going slow, feeling the seasons change -- CBS didn't even know where I was; they didn't care where I was. But I think maybe I did get a feeling for the country that I might have missed if I were forever covering only the big stories. - Charles Kuralt

If you, or anyone you know, would like to share similar remembrances of your Hyde County neighborhood, please e-mail Kay Midgett Sheppard for inclusion on our Backroads page. For persons wanting to add information or corrections to any of these pages I have added an Addendum page for that purpose and a link to it because I would like to leave these pages just as the authors remembered them.

1. Remembrances of Rose Bay

2. Childhood Memories at Swindell Fork

3. Thelma Credle Fulford's rembrances of early childhood

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