Taking the Backroads


1. From In Memory Of - Willis Redden Swindell, son of John Swindell & Alley Clark, was born April 17, 1866 and died Sept. 12, 1943. His first wife was Mrs. Rebecca Frances (Linton) Porter and his second wife was Jennie Lee Sawyer. Rebecca Frances Linton, daughter of William Linton and Elizabeth Sawyer, was born May 8, 1862 and died November 16, 1935. Willis and Rebecca are both buried in the Mount Olive Church Cemetery. Ruth Lee Swindell, the child that died of flu, was born August 2, 1903 and died November 18, 1918 and is buried near the Alton Sawyer home in the Willis Redden Cemetery. Ruth Lee Swindell's tombstone is the only one remaining in this cemetery. In Memory Of also reflects that Willis and his first wife, Rebecca, were the parents of Mary Elizabeth (b. 13 Sept 1893, d. 7 Jan 1964) who married James Byron (Biney) Hodges (b. 12 Mar 1889, d. 22 Oct 1947).

2. From In Memory Of - Romulus Watson, son of Thomas M. Watson & Mary Ann "Polly" Jester, was born November 2, 1880 and died November 2, 1955. He married Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Sawyer McHarney. He is buried in the Beulah Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery.

3. From Shirley Edwards - Walter Elmo Lupton's sister was Mary Elizabeth Lupton who married Joseph Madison "Joe" Raburn on February 28, 1932. Walter Elmo Lupton married Beatrice Goldie Watson on June 30, 1928 at Scranton, N.C. Walter Elmo and Mary Elizabeth Lupton were children of Walter Powers Lupton and Nancy Lenora Cullifer.

4. From In Memory Of - Sarah Jane Vaughn married Norfleet Ballance who died Feb. 18, 1934 and is buried in the Harris Cemetery on Credle-Tiny Oak Road near Hoover Cutrell's home. Harvey Murl Carawan, son of William Carawan & Annie May Neal, was born May 8, 1911 and died November 4, 1972 and is buried in Soule Cemetery. He married Mrs. Sarah Jane Vaughn Ballance, widow of Norfleet Ballance.

5. From In Memory Of - Joseph Redden "Joe" Mason, son of Jesse Simeon Mason & Clarissa Cutrell, was born June 8, 1880 and died May 17, 1944. He married Ina Bennett, daughter of John W. Bennett & Mary Elizabeth Gibson from Rockingham Co., N.C. Ina was born January 16, 1880 and died October 19, 1940. Joe and Ina are both buried in the Joseph Redden Mason Cemetery near Alton Sawyer's home. "Miss Clarissy", daughter of Charles Cutrell & Mahetabel Swindell, was born December 6, 1844 and died February 27, 1931. She was 1st married to Jesse Simeon Mason; 2nd to Benjamin Robert Neal and 3rd to Michael J. Flood. "Miss Clarrisy" and her first husband, are buried in the Jesse S. Mason Cemetery in close proximity to the Joseph Redden Mason cemetery.

From Diane Mason - Joe learned the sawmill business from his wife's (Ina) parents who came to Hyde County in a covered wagon about 1901 from Richmond County and brought their sawmill to Hyde on a train--I think it was built on Last Chance Road. Ina's sister was Ara Bennett Reynolds Popperville who married T.M. Popperville. Miss Clarissy was for the Union because her husband, Jesse Simeon Mason (born 1836) fought for the Union during the Civil War. Miss Clarissy and Jesse S. Mason are buried there next to their home that burned after their deaths.

6. From In Memory Of - Eben Sawyer was the husband of Mary Emeline Daniels, daughter of Henry Daniels and his wife Charlotte ______. Eben and Mary Emeline were the parents of Jennie Lee (Sawyer) Swindell mentioned in #1. More than likely, Eben is buried in the Rose Bay area.

7. From Report of Black Cemeteries in Currituck, Swan Quarter, Engelhard and Lake Landing; Researched by Marilyn Green and compiled by Marjorie T. Selby. NOTE: This researched work is not in print - There is a Lizzie Boomer Whitaker listed in this work. Whether it's the same Lizzie Whitaker that lived in Rose Bay, I haven't a clue. Her vitals are listed as being born May 12, 1864 and dying June 19, 1946. Her father is listed as Richard Boomer and her mother as Mary. It does not give the name of a husband nor children.

8. From In Memory Of - Sylvanus Mason, son of Jesse Simeon Mason & Clarissa "Miss Clarrisy" Cutrell, was born August 1864 and died circa 1940. He married Margaret "Mag" Sadler, daughter of Benjamin Sadler and Mary Cartwright. "Mag" was born May 9 1875 and died September 19, 1944. Their unmarked graves are in the Jesse S. Mason Cemetery.

9. From In Memory Of - Rena Currin Mason, daughter of Sylvanus & "Mag" Mason, was born April 7, 1895 in Pantego and died November 2, 1955. Her first husband was Ralph Buxton Hodges and her second husband was Herbert Bateman. Rena is buried in the Jesse S. Mason Cemetery and Herbert Bateman is buried in Tyrrell County.

10. From In Memory Of - Samuel Simmons Sadler, son of Benjamin Sadler & Mary Cartwright, was born March 22, 1858 and died April 14, 1940. He married Elizabeth Ann "Betsy" Clark. Betsy was born September 27, 1871 and died April 18, 1940, only fours days after her husband. Samuel and Betsy, as well as their son, Jack Haven Sadler, are buried in Mount Olive Church Cemetery.

11. From In Memory Of - William Fillmore Carawan was born February 22, 1863 and died February 27, 1936. He married Annie Mae Neal who was born June 1872 and died circa 1945. Their unmarked graves are in the William Fillmore Carawan Cemetery located at Rose Bay-Hodges Fork Road #1304 near the home of Carroll William.

12. From In Memory Of - Charlie Robert Sadler was born December 22, 1890 and died April 13, 1969. He married Sudie Pearl Harris. Charlie is buried in Soule Cemetery.

13. From In Memory Of - Deborah Swindell, daughter of Gamaliel Swindell & Margaret Buffaloe Credle, was born February 7, 1868 and died May 10, 1916. She married Robert Cicero Chadwick. Deborah and Robert are both buried in the Fairfield Cemetery.

14. From In Memory Of - Oliver Cromwell Swindell married Mary Emily Credle.

15. From Ellen Williams - Nathaniel Credle, son of George Veal Credle, Sr. and Martha Ann McWilliams, married Annie Laura Williams, daughter of Benjamin and Rhoda Helen Gibbs Williams. This is part of my husband's family.

16. From Ellen Williams - Seth Bridgman Credle, Sr. married Nellie Claudia Jarvis, daughter of Foster Jarvis and Nellie Claudia Lincoln. They were the parents of (a) Helen Credle who married Harvey Mason; (b) Blandina Credle who married Lawson Cahoon; (c) Edith Credle who married George Norman Thompson; and (d) Seth Bridgman Credle, Jr. who married Lemmie Dell Garrish.

Blandina and Helen are the only ones still living - Edith passed away last week and was my mother's roommate at Cross Creek Health Care Facility. George "Norman" Thompson, Edith's husband, is my husband Billy's first cousin.

17. From Report of Black Cemeteries in Currituck, Swan Quarter, Engelhard and Lake Landing; Researched by Marilyn Green and compiled by Marjorie T. Selby. NOTE: This researched work is not in print - Clee Hardy married Dollie Credle.

18. From In Memory Of - Peter Sawyer, son of Asa Sawyer and his wife Matilda, was born September 22, 1849 and died February 15, 1920. He married Orpha Berry, daughter of Redden Berry & Sarah Spencer, who was born April 3, 1859 and died February 12, 1938. Peter and Orpha Sawyer's unmarked graves are in the Jordan-Sawyer Cemetery at Rose Bay-Hodges' Fork Road #1304.

19. From In Memory Of - David Morgan Carawan, son of George D. Carawan & Eleanor Harris, was born October 18, 1848 and died December 25, 1928. He married Anna Eliza Stotesbury. Anna Eliza was born January 6, 1847 and died March 7, 1918. David and Anna Eliza Carawan, as well as their daughter, Melissa Evelina Carawan, are buried in the David Morgan Carawan Cemetery at Rose Bay-Hodges' Fork Road at Alva O'Neal's home.

20. From In Memory Of - John Robert O'Neal was born January 29, 1871 and died January 27, 1937. He married Eleanor Matilda "Ella" Carawan who was born November 29, 1878 and died December 26, 1955. They are also buried in the David Morgan Carawan Cemetery as listed in #17.