Please contribute the pension records for any of your Hyde County ancestors (or their widows) who fought and received a pension for the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, the Civil War, or any other war America participated in. In the case of the Civil War, where there are numerous pages dealing with your ancestors pension, please summarize the contents of the pension papers.  Submit your ancestors pension as a Text (.txt) or Document (.doc) file. You may send it as an email attachment or by snail mail. Send your pension to me at: Kay Midgett Sheppard, or email me for my street address. Please enclose your name, how you are related to the veteran receiving the pension, and your email address. If you wish to include information about your ancestor and his family, please do. Thanks for sharing you research with all of us.

Pension Roll of 1835 For Veterans of the American Revolution
Pension Record of Thomas Brooks
Pension Record of John Swindell
Pension Record of Thomas Jarvis of Hyde and Currituck Cos., NC

WAR OF 1812
Pension of Henry Mason (1791-1815)
Pension of Asa O'Neal (1792-1867)
Pay Voucher for Sparrow Midyett (c1781-1837)
Bounty Land Claim for Richard Midyett (c1795-1877)

Oliver N. Gray
Ezekiel Hooper

CIVIL WAR (Confederate)
Confederate Pensions
Sampson / Samuel W. Rose

Hyde's Union Soldiers (Some Pension Info)
Alfred M. Sadler
Thomas Jefferson Voliva

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