U.S. Pension Record for
Thomas Jefferson Voliva

(Photo 1870)

Drummer, Company B,
First Regiment, North Carolina Infantry
(Union Volunteers)
Contributed by Robert G. Lewis, great grandson of Thomas Jefferson Voliva and member of the National Genealogical Society; The North Carolina Genealogical Society; New England Historic Genealogical Society; The Tar River Connections Genealogical Society; The Alford American Family Association.

Thomas Jefferson VOLIVA was a drummer boy while in service. Some within my family believe him to have been the youngest drummer boy in the Army but I have found nothing to support that claim.

Thomas Jefferson VOLIVA and Marena Elizabeth (SADLER) VOLIVA were my ggrandparents. They produced 6 children: Walter died as an infant; Alice Elizabeth m. Christopher LUPTON who was Chief of Police in New Bern for some years; Mamie who died just prior to her wedding day; Angeline m. William STALLINGS; Lucy m. Rev. John William ALFORD (my grandparents), and Sophia died as an infant.

After the death of Thomas Jefferson VOLIVA on Feb. 15 Feb 1884, Marena married a man by the name of Joseph LEWIS in 1890, but he died in 1893 and she never remarried. Due to this remarriage, she is shown in most records as Marena LEWIS.

I have listed T.J. VOLIVA as son of Nathan VOLIVA, JR. and you will probably not find the "JR" anywhere else. It is strongly believed that Nathan, Jr., was the son of Nathan, Sr. and Easter (CAHOON) VOLIVA. It is also believed that Nathan, Jr., was either married to or had a familial relationship with Amassa MORRIS prior to marrying Alice SAWYER. It is believed that three children were produced by the MORRIS/ VOLIVA relationship and three by the SAWYER/VOLIVA marriage.

Letter/note written by Thomas Jefferson Voliva, 12 Oct 1870

The following is taken verbatim from a copy of an letter written by TJV himself. This letter was in the possession of his daughter Lucy Elladene (VOLIVA) ALFORD at the time of her death..

---------------------------------- Quoting -----------------------------------

Thomas Jefferson Voliva, the son of Nathan Voliva and Aley his wife was born October the 11th 1847.

The picture above was taken in Washington, N.C. on the corner of Main and Market Street - October the 21, twenty-first in 1870.  I was twenty-three years and ten days old.

BORN: Oct. 11, 1847 This Oct.12,1870 {picture of a hand} Thomas J. Voliva

I was taken by Daniel CARAWAN after the Death of my parents. I suppose I (was) three or fore years old. I stade with him tel I was fifteen years old when i went in the Yankee Army in May 3, 1862 --stade tel July 12, 1865.

Thomas J. Voliva Oct.12,1870 - Washington, NC

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When this you sea think of me
in God put your trust
This you may sea and think of me
When I am cold in dust

{picture of symbols}

--------------------------------- End of Quote -------------------------------

Military History

He was in Company B, First Regiment, North Carolina Infantry. Records show his name as Jefferson Wallavy, Jefferson Wallavey, Jefferson Wallevy, also as G. Wallongy.

According to a Company Descriptive Book in the above mentioned records, TJV was 16 years old, 5'1" tall, light complected, blue eyed, light hair, and was born in Hyde County, NC. According to this Descriptive book, he enlisted in Washington NC on 3 May 1862. Also on the Company Muster Out Roll, it shows that he was discharged on 27 June 1865. These dates are close to the ones in the above letter from TJV.

Pension Record for

Born: (___?___)
Place: Hyde County, NC (Discharge papers)
Married: Marena E. Sadler
Date: 1 May 1873
Place: Hyde County, NC
Military: Info from Discharge Papers. Shows name as Jefferson Wallavy
Enlisted: Co. "B", 1st Regiment, NC Volunteers
Date: 3 May 1862
Length of time: 3 years
Discharged: 27 June 1865.
Mustered out in accordance with SO # 88 ______ Dept. of NC
(No objection to his being re-enlisted is known to exist)
Place: New Bern, NC
Age at time of Discharge: 16 years of age
Height: 5 feet, 1 inch
Complexion: Light
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light
Rank at time of discharge: Private
* This sentence will be erased should there be anything in the conduct or physical condition of the soldier rendering him unfit for the Army. (A. G. O. No. 99)

Claim for Invalid Pension:
Date Stamp of Pension Office:
7 June 1879

Place: Pamlico County, NC
Date of filing: 18 March, 1879
Age at time of filing: 31 years
Enlisted: Co. B, 1st Regiment, NC Volunteers
Date: 3 May 1862
Discharged: 27 June 1865
Reason for claim: Had measles which settled in my system and I am in consiquence much disabled and claim a pension.
Occupation: Farmer
Post Office Address: Goose Creek Island, Pamlico County, NC
Witnesses: L.D. Henries residing at Bayboro, NC; William Voliva residing at Vandemer (?), NC.

Claim for Widow's Pension:
Date Stamp of Pension Office:
14 January 1885

Place: Craven County, NC
Date: 2 January 1885
Name: Marena E. Voliva
Age: 34 years
Widow of: Thos. Jefferson Voliva (alias Jefferson Wallavy), enlisted as Jefferson Wallavy.
Place: Washington, NC
Date: May 1862
Unit: Co. B, 1st NC Vols. in the War of 1861
Cause of Soldiers Death: Contracted measles on or about June 1862 at Washington, NC and died 15 February, 1884 after being discharged from said service from said disability, - 15 February, 1884.
Enlisted as Drummer.
Married under name of: Marena E. Sadler
To: Thos. J. Voliva
Date: 1 May 1873
By: Asa J. Smith, J.P.
Place: Sladesville, NC
Alice E. Voliva - b. 13 October 1875
Mary E. Voliva - b. 22 April 1877
Angeline M. Voliva - b. 1 May 1880
Lucy D. Voliva - b. 11 October 1881
Sophia M. Voliva - b. 16 April 1883; d. 24 May 1884
Prior application: By soldier for Invalid Pension: Claim # 290752.
Appoints as her attorney to prosecute her claim: George E. Lemon of Washington, DC
Widow's residence: Vandemer, Pamlico County, NC
Post office: Vandemer, Pamlico County, NC
Witnesses: E. W. Carpenter and Mathew Simmons
Also appearing as persons of respect and credit: Joseph P. Voliva and Esther C. Voliva residing at corner of Geo. & Front Street in Newbern.

Marena's Claim for Widows Pension in her words
Date Stamp of Pension Office:
18 September 1886

North Carolina .)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ). Superior Court
Pamlico County )

On this 28th day of April 1886 personally appeared before me a Clerk of the Superior Court in and for the County and State aforesaid, Marena E. Voliva of Bayboro, Pamlico Co., NC, who being duly sworn says that she is the identical M. E. Voliva who has a pension claim pending as the widow of Thomas Jefferson Voliva, alias Jefferson Wallavy, dec'd., late a private in Co. B, 1st NC (Union) Vols., who at the time of his death 15 February 1884, had a claim pending for Invalid Pension for disabilities contracted while in said service, which claim is No. 290752, that since the death of said soldier she has also filed a claim as widow of said soldier whose death was caused by disabilities contracted in said service, he, said soldier, having contracted the measles while in said service, and took cold before recovering from same, which produced a complication of troubles, which affected his spine, lungs, limbs, and affected him internally, chronic diarrhea, rheumatism and other troubles he also had, when he returned home from the said service in June 1865, date of his discharge at which time I was intimately acquainted with him, having known each other intimately from early childhood that when he returned home from the army he was unable to do any work except of a very light character and much of his time was confined to the house. At times he seemed to be improving and able to walk about, was first - up and down from the time of his discharge to date of our marriage, but after our marriage he continued to grow worse until the date of his death; that the least effort in the way of over exerting himself in the way of work would prostrate him and he would remain helpless for weeks and months at a time; that he was totally disabled from manual labor on account of these afflictions thus contracted in said service, from the time of his discharge to the date of his death and that we were obliged to depend upon relatives and friends the most of this time for our support, except what I could do myself towards the support of myself, husband and children; that I was married to said Thomas J. Voliva 1 May 1873 in Hyde Co. NC by Asa J. Smith, J.P. by which marriage we had five children, four of whom are still living with me, viz.: Alice E. Voliva, born 13 Oct 1875; Mary E. Voliva, born 22 Apr 1877; Angeline M. Voliva, born 1 May 1880; Lucy D. Voliva, born 11 Oct 1881; Sophia M. Voliva, born 16 Apr 1883, died 24 Apr 1884.
That with the exception of one more child, named Walter, who died in infancy, the forgoing and above named are all the children born of said marriage; that neither myself or my said husband were never previously married nor were any other children born to either of us; that I have not remarried since his death and still remain his widow that Dr. Durham (could be Dunham), dec'd., who treated my said husband from date of his discharge from the army and for several years thereafter, is dead; that there is no public records kept of deaths in this state outside of cities, none is kept in this county, hence I can not furnish such a record; that when my said husband and soldier enlisted, he was very young and served as a Drummer boy and the enrolling officer got his name wrong, as I have been informed by my husband and soldiers of his Company; that he was enrolled as Jefferson Wallavy his right name was Thomas Jefferson Voliva; that I have had letters written to Surgeon H. J. Merrminger, Brooklyn, NY, for information relative to the disabilities of my husband while in the service, but do not get any reply; that I have been informed by soldiers of this Company and Regiment that there was no Surgeon attached to this Company or Regiment at the time my husband took the measles, it being sometime thereafter before the Regiment was fully organized. Late Surgeon Julius C. Salter of this Regiment is dead, also 2nd Lieut. W. K. Hammond, 1st Lieut. Jas. W. Ethredge, Manteo, NC now residing in Washington, DC states that he can give no information whatever relative to deceased and his diseases, because he Ethridge, was not with the Company and Regiment but on detached duty while in the service; that Capt. Jas. J. McLane and Capt. Jno. B. Reed and 2nd Lieut. W. C. Livermore have all been written to for the information called for relative to the disabilities contracted by my husband in the army, none of whom except Ethridge has been heard from; that if they are living it is doubtfull if they can remember what is desired for them to state, hence I cannot expect to furnish the evidence desired from them if alive; that myself and children are in part assisted in our support by the Court of Pamlico, NC, Claimant employed as Matron of Poor House where we reside, Bayboro in said County is my Post Office address; that I am very desirous to educate my children and sadly need the assistance due me ant them from the Government my husband assisted to protect and maintain; that I have no one in whom I can depend to assist me in the support of myself and little children and trust early action may be taken in my said claims for pension, that for my good character as one worthy of this bounty I would refer to the Sheriff of this County, also to the Post Master at Bayboro and the Probate Judge of this County, also to the Probate Judge at Newbern, NC who was instrumental in getting my said husband to enlist in this Regiment, who knew him intimately as of his disabilities, as he often saw him from date of enlistment to date of death or up to the time of my husbands last visit to Newbern where he occasionally went or was carried to Dr. H. G. Bates for medical treatment who said Bates treated him from time to time from about the Spring of 1869 to the date of his death as stated by him in the enclosed evidence that my said husband was a great sufferer from the time he came home from the army to the date of his death, with a complication of troubles arising from taking cold while suffering with the measles in the said service as he and his comrades have often informed me; that deceased never complained nor was ever known to have any of the diseases or troubles above mentioned prior to enlisting in this Regiment, that he was a perfectly sound and able bodied man at that time, or boy as he was not then fully matured.

Signed in presence of G. W. Miller and J. P. Voliva

Sworn and subscribed to before me the day and year first above mentioned and I certify that the foregoing was read to the Claimant before signing the same and that she is the identical person she claims to be and is credible and worth of belief. I further certify that Claimant is Matron of our County Poor House and that she is a very respectable woman and most esteemed by all who know her; that I am intimately acquainted with her and her children, four in number, who reside with her, whose names above appear, that she has no means of support except by her own labor and what is being done for her by her services as Matron and what friends and relatives are able to do for her.

I further certify that I have no interest whatever in her said pension claim. I deem it my duty to make this statement in justice to her she having referred to me above as the Probate Judge of this County of which I am also Clerk of the Superior Court.

Respectfully returned to Commissioner of Pensions:

Jefferson Wallavy, a Drummer of Co. B, 1st Regiment, NC Inf. Volunteers, was enrolled on the ____ day of ____, 186_, at__________ and is reported:

Returns prior to Jan 1863 are not on file. Name not borne as Thomas J. Voliva. The records of this office furnish no further evidence of disability. Co. Morning reports or Regtl. Hospital records are not on file.

Filed by Geo. E. Lemor, Atty.
Date Stamp of Pension Office:
27 June 1888

North Carolina )
Pamlico County )

On this 28th day of May 1888 personally appeared before me John Lupton and Mahala Lupton both of said county, who being duly sworn, say that they were intimately acquainted with Thomas Jefferson Valiva, dec'd., late private of Co. B, 1st NC (Union) Vols., from the time he came out of this service to the date of his death being from June 1865 to 1884 and that from June 1865 to 1869 we resided in the immediate neighborhood with him with the exception of a few months, in 1866 when he, the deceased, visited an adjoining county for his health, that during these years we saw him and sometimes daily and that we saw from his appearance that he was an invalid and in frequent actions from the bowels and complained of more or less pain, which facts were very generally known by all who were intimate with him.

When he first came home from the army and who knew him intimately during this period, as could plainly be seen from his appearance; that he often talked about suffering this bowel trouble, would tell how it weakened him and prevented him from work, this appeared to be his condition each year during this period which trouble he told us he contracted in said service and from which we heard he died: that from his appearance and our knowledge of his condition it was apparent to us and all who knew him that he was totally disabled from earning his subsistance from manual labor during each year of this period from June 1865 to 1869; that our post office address is as follows, Stonewall, Pamlico County, NC and further that we have no interest in this claim

North Carolina )
Pamlico County )

Sworn and subscribed to before me this __ day of May 1888 and I certify that the foregoing was read to affiants before executing the same and that they are the identical persons they claim to be and are credible and worth of belief also that I have no interest in his claim

Minor Children's Claim for Pension
Date Stamp of Pension Office:
20 January 1891

James C. Harrison, Applicant as Guardian of minors of Thomas Voliva alias Jefferson Wallavy, Co. B, 1st Regt. NC Union Vols.

Place: Craven County, NC
Date: 16 January 1891
Filed by: James C. Harrison, New Bern, Craven County, NC
Age: 52 years
Guardian to children under 16 years of age: Alice E. Voliva, Mary E. Voliva, Angeline M. Voliva, and Lucy D. Voliva. Legitimate children of Thomas Voliva (alias Jefferson Wallavy).
Enlisted under name of: Thomas Voliva
Place: Washington, NC
Date: May 1862
Unit: Co. B, 1st NC Union Vols. War: 1861
Died: 15 February 1884
Place: Pamlico County, NC
Cause: From disabilities contracted in U.S. Service
Enlisted as: Drummer
Widow: Marena E. Voliva - Remarried since her pension was allowed No. 25516
Surviving children: Alice E. Voliva, b. 13 Oct. 1875; Mary E. Voliva, b. 22 Apr. 1877; Angeline M. Voliva, b. 1 May 1880; Lucy D. Voliva, b. 11 Oct. 1881.
Deceased Child: Sophia M. T., d. 24 May 1884
Marriage: Thomas J. Voliva and Marena E. Sadler, 1 May 1873
Prior Application: Marena E. Voliva and allowed by Cert. No. 255164
Her current residence: Pollock St., New Bern, Craven County, NC
Post Office: New Bern, Craven County, NC
Signed: Jas. C. Harrison, Guardian
Attest: E. W. Carpenter, Notary Public; Moses Richardson
Appearing as character witnesses: D. N. Williams, near New Bern NC, and Robert Hancock, Jr., New Bern, NC

Minor Children's Claim for Pension
Date Stamp of Pension Office:
12 January 1892

State of: North Carolina )
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .) . . . SS.
County of: Craven . . . . . .)

Claim No. 496942

Claim for: Jas. C. Harrison, Guardian of Alice E. Voliva, Mary E. Voliva, Angeline M. Voliva and Lucy D Voliva minor children of Thos. J. Voliva (alias Jefferson Wallavy). Co. B, 1st Regt. NC Inf. Vols.

Sworn Statement of: J. P. Voliva and W. T. Dillon:
Citizens of: Craven County, NC, reputable and entitled to credit, and who, being duly sworn, declare in relation to aforesaid claim, that the date of the birth of the children of said soldier is as follows:
Alice E. Voliva b. 13 Oct 1875
Mary E. Voliva b. 22 Apr 1877
Angeline M. Voliva b. 1 May 1880
Lucy D. Voliva b. 11 Oct 1881
As appears from the family record. That we are neighbours of said family and are personally acquainted with the above named minors and that said children are now at this date still living with their mother Marena E. Lewis in Craven County, North Carolina who was remarried to Joseph Lewis in Pamlico Co. NC on the 4th day of May 1890 as appears from the public record of said County as we are informed and believe that we are also informed that the birth of the aforesaid minors have been established to the satisfaction of the Pension Department, that the above named minors are the only children surviving said soldier and that said mother of said children was never married prior to marriage to said soldier and that said soldier was never previously married.
That ________ present at the birth of the same in the capacity of __________ and has personal knowledge of the date as aforesaid ______________________ We further declare that we have no interest in said claim, and are not concerned in its prosecution.

Notary Public: E. W. Carpenter
Witness: C. G. Salmer (may be Salwer)

Sworn to and subscribed before me this day the above named affiants and I certify that I read said affidavit to said affiants, and acquainted them with its contents before they executed the same. I further certify that I am in nowise interested in the said claim, nor am I concerned in its prosecution. Witness my hand and official seal this 9th day of January, 1892.

Department of the Interior,
Knoxville, Tenn. Agency
30 April 1897

The Commissioner Of Pensions,
Washington, D. C.

    I have the honor to report that in the case of Minors of Thomas J. Voliva (alias Jefferson Wallavy), Certificate No. 341084; Marena E. Lewis whose post-office address is New Bern Craven Co., North Carolina, was appointed as guardian, 17 February, 1887 pensioner having been adjudged Received W. M. Watson, discharged.

Very respectfully,

For Finance Division.

Pensioner Dropped
Date Stamp of Pension Office,
Knoxville, Tenn
20 January 1898

U. S. Pension Agency,
Hon. M. Clay Evans
Commissioner of Pensions

    I hereby report that the name of Thomas J. Voliva - minors - Drummer Co. B, 1 NC VOL Inf. who was a pensioner on the rolls of this Agency, under Certificate No. 341084, and who was last paid at $ 12.2, to 10 Oct 1897, has been dropped because of legal ending. Very respectfully,

Every name dropped to be thus reported at once.

Declaration for Remarried Widow's Pension
Date Stamp of Pension Office
23 October 1916

Wid C Number 255.164
Claimant: Marena E. Lewis
Soldier: Jefferson Wallavy (alias Thomas J. Voliva)
Service: B. 1. NC Vols (crossed out) Inf

Declaration For Remarried Widow's Pension
Section 2, Act of 8 September 1916

State of: North Carolina,
County of: Craven

On this 21 Oct 1916, personally appeared before me, a Notary Public within and for the County and State aforesaid Marena E. Lewis who, being duly sworn by me according to law, declares that she is 66 years of age, and that she was born 14 February 1850, at Hyde County NC.
That she was formerly the widow of Thomas J. Voliva, who enlisted in Co "B", 1 NC at Washington, NC under the name of Thomas J. Voliva as a Drummer in Co "B" 1st North Carolina Volenteers and was honorably discharged, at close of war, having served therein during the Civil War.
That she was married to said soldier (or sailor) 1st May 1872, under the name of Marena E. Sadler at Cury Tuck, Hyde Co by Asa J. Smith; that she had not been previously married; that he had not been previously married;
That said soldier (or sailor) died 15 February 1884 at Pamlico County and that she was not divorced from him. That she was _____ formerly pensioned as the widow of said soldier (or sailor), the number of her pension certificate being 255.164 that her pension or right to pension terminated because of her marriage ________ _________, 1__ to Joseph Lewis at __________, that he died the 13th Sept, 1893, at New Bern NC. or , that she was divorced from him upon her own application and without fault on her part _______ at____ That he did not serve in the Army, Navy, or Marine Corps of the United States. That she did not marry again after the death of the soldier (or sailor) except to Joseph Lewis named above.
That she makes this declaration for the purpose of being placed on the pension roll of the United States, as a remarried widow, under the Second Section of the Act of Congress Approved 8 September 1916

C. Lupton, New Bern, NC
Angie Stallings, New Bern, NC

SUBSCRIBED and sworn to before me this 21st day of Oct 1916, and I hereby certify that the contents of the above declaration were fully made known and explained to the applicant before swearing, including the words _______________ erased, and the words ________, added; and that I have no interest, direct or indirect, in the prosecution of this claim.

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