WAR OF 1812

Lt. Col. William Watson's Hyde Co., NC Regiment of Militia


Watson, William Lieutenant Colonel
Credle, John Captain
Gibbs, Samuel, Jr. Captain
Jordan, Seth B. Captain
Meekins, John Captain
Neal, Amos Captain
Bell, Joshua Lieutenant
Benson, Carrowon Lieutenant
Credle, William Lieutenant
Watson, Benjamin Lieutenant
Williamson, Dempsey Lieutenant
Jordan, John Ensign
Selby, Samuel Ensign

Non-Commissioned Officers

Brinn, Benjamin 1st Sergeant
Credle, Mathew 1st Sergeant
Sawyer, Isaac 1st Sergeant
Brinn, Thomas Sergeant
Carrowon, William Sergeant
Cutrell, Eleazar Sergeant
Dixon, John Sergeant
Fuller, Edward Sergeant
Lloyd, Joseph Sergeant
McCloud, James Sergeant
O’Neal, Ephraim Sergeant
Sadler, Richard Sergeant
Swindell, John Sergeant
Tooley, Athen Sergeant
Martin, Benjamin 1st Corporal
Carrowon, Mannan Corporal
Culifer, Bartlett Corporal
Hamilton, Preston Corporal
Harris, Gordon Corporal
Mason, John Corporal
Mason, Thomas Corporal
Neal, Willis Corporal
Sadler, Richard, Jr. Corporal
Sawyer, Joseph, Jr. Corporal
Sawyer, Zephamiah Corporal
Swindell, Loster (?) Corporal
Swindell, Jesse Corporal

Enlisted ( A - J )

Ashley, William Private
Atkins, Cornelius Private
Bailey, Bryan Private
Ballance, John Private
Ballance, Laban Private
Bell, Asa Private
Bell, Edward Private
Bell, Elenezer Private
Bell, Jesse Private
Bell, John, IV Private
Bell, Jonathan Private
Bell, Littleton Private
Bell, Lovett Private
Bell, Samuel Private
Bell, Thomas G. Private
Bell, Uriah Drummer
Bell, Zacheus Private
Berry, Ezekiel Private
Berry, John Private
Berry, William Fifer
Berry, William Private
Blount, William Private
Bradwell, Silas Private
Boomer, Benjamin Private
Boomer, William Private
Bowen, John Private
Bridgman, James Private
Bridgman, Joseph Fifer
Bridgman, Thomas, Jr. Private
Brinn, Richard Private
Brooks, Ismael Private
Brooks, William Private
Caffee, Jacob Private
Cahoon, William Private
Campbell, John Private
Campbell, Vineyard Private
Carrow, Henry Private
Carrow, Jordan Private
Carrow, Thomas, Jr. Private
Carrow, Thomas, Sr. Private
Carrowon, Benjamin Private
Carrowon, Green Private
Carrowon, Joseph Private
Carrowon, Patrick Private
Carter, Silas, Jr. Private
Cohoon, Henry Private
Credle, David Private
Credle, James Private
Credle, Joseph Private
Credle Nathaniel Private
Cutrell, Henry, Jr. Private
Cutrell, Henry, Sr. Private
Cutrell, Jacob, Jr. Private
Cutrell, Joseph, Jr. Private
Cutrell, Peter Private
Cutrell, Robert Private
Cutrell, William Private
Davis, Archibald Private
Davis, John Private
Davis, William Private
Davidson, James Private
Davidson, Leonard Fifer
Dixon, Franklin Private
Dixon, Washington Private
Easter, John Private
Easter, William, Jr. Private
Eastwood, Israel, Jr. Private
Eastwood, Israel, Sr. Private
Elden, James G. Private
Ellis, John Private
Emery, Stephen Private
English, Gideon Private
English, Solomon Private
Fisher, David Private
Fisher, Robert Private
Foddery, Hugh H. Private
Fortiscue, John Private
Fortiscue, Thomas Private
Gaskill, Anthony Private
Gaskill, Jacob, Jr. Private
Gaskill, Jacob, Sr. Private
Gaskill, Thomas Private
Gaylord, John Private
Gibbs, Bartee Private
Gibbs, Benjamin Private
Gibbs, Cason, Sr. Private
Gibbs, Daniel, Jr. Private
Gibbs, David Private
Gibbs, Henry, Jr. Private
Gibbs, Henry, Sr. Private
Gibbs, Jabez Private
Gibbs, Jesse, Jr. Private
Gibbs, Jordan Private
Gibbs, Morgan Private
Gibbs, Robert, Jr. Private
Grace, William Private
Green, David Private
Hall, Benjamin Private
Hall, Enoch Private
Hamilton, Thomas Private
Harris, Cason Private
Harris, Ezekiel Private
Harris, Joseph Private
Harris, Josiah Private
Harris, Robert Private
Hodges, Josiah Private
Hollowell, Ira Private
Hollowell, Michael Private
Howard, Thomas, Jr. Private
Howard, Thomas, Sr. Private
Humphrey, John Private
Humphrey, Jesse Private
Hutson, Archibald Private
Hutson, Elijah Private
Hutson, Ezekiel Private
Hutson, James Private
Hutson, Joel Private
Hutson, Moses Private
Hutson, William Private
Jordan, George W. Private

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Source: War of 1812 Service Records, Record Group 94, Records of the Adjutant General's Office, Microfilm Publication M602 (234 rolls)

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