WAR OF 1812

Enlisted ( L - W )

Lt. Col. William Watson's Hyde Co., NC Regiment of Militia

Lacey, Adam Private
Leary, Lemuel Private
Lewis, Daniel Private
Lewis, Uriah Private
Linton, Michael Private
Liverman, Josiah Private
Mackey, Robert Private
Martin, Daniel W. Private
Mason, Benjamin Private
Mason, Coffee Private
Mason, Edward Private
Mason, James, Sr. Private
Mason, Jesse Private
Mason, Thomas Private
Masters, Joseph Private
May, Joseph S. Private
McCloud, Benben (?) Private
McGowan, James Private
Meekins, Nimrod Private
Meekins, William Private
Midyett, Anthony Private
Midyett, Levi Private
Midyett, Richard Private
Midyett, Sparrow Private
Moss, William Private
Murphy, Luke Private
Murray, Daniel, Sr. Private
Murray, William Private
Neal, Benjamin Private
Neal, Christopher, Jr. Private
Neal, Christopher, Sr. Private
Neal, John Private
Neal, William Private
Norris, James, Jr. Private
O誰eal, Asa Private
O誰eal, Daniel Private
O誰eal, John Private
O誰eal, Joshua Private
O誰eal, Levi Private
O誰eal, Mathew Private
Owens, James Private
Owens, Stephen Private
Paine, David Fifer
Paul, Redman Private
Pickett, Thomas Private
Piner, Joel Private
Pittman, William Private
Pucket, Thomas Private
Pugh, Dameron Private
Pugh, Little John Private
Reed, Ezekiel Private
Rew, Charles Private
Rew, Reuben W. Private
Rew, Solomon Private
Rew, William Private
Richards, James Private
Richards, Samuel Private
Richards, Shadrick Private
Richards, Thomas Private
Rose, Edward Private
Rose, William Private
Sadler, Annias (?) Private
Sadler, Samuel, Jr. Private
Sadler, Samuel, Sr. Private
Sadler, Shadrach Private
Sadler, Thomas Private
Sawyer, Asa Private
Sawyer, Elihu (?) Private
Sawyer, Elijah Private
Sawyer, Elisha Private
Sawyer, John, Jr. Private
Sawyer, Peter Private
Sawyer, Randal Private
Sawyer, Thomas Private
Sawyer, Willis Private
Sawyer, Wilson Private
Seabrook, Daniel, Jr. Drummer
Seabrook, Daniel, Sr. Private
Selby, Jeremiah Private
Selby, John, Sr. Private
Selby, Samuel, Sr. Private
Selby, William Private
Serman, Isaac Private
Serman, Jabin Private
Serman, Joseph Private
Silverthorn, John Private
Simpson, Abraham Private
Slade, John Private
Spencer, Christopher, III Private
Spencer, Thomas Private
Spencer, William B. Private
Stotesberry, John Private
Swindell, Hardy C. Private
Swindell, Jennet Private
Swindell, Joel Private
Swindell, Martin Private
Swindell, Robert Private
Swindell, Valentine Private
Swindell, Waide Private
Swindell, William, Jr. Private
Swindell, William, Sr. Private
Swindell, Zedekiah Private
Tart, Thomas Private
Taylor, John Private
Tooley, Abel L. Private
Tooley, Alford L. Private
Tooley, Anson L. Private
Tooley, Bryan Private
Tooley, Clinton Private
Tooley, James Private
Tooley, Jesse Private
Tunnell, Joseph Private
Turner, Benjamin Private
Ufford, John Private
Vernelson, Nehemiah Private
Ward, Joseph Private
Warner, Jeremiah Private
Warner, John Private
Watson, Israel Private
Watson, James Private
West, Robert Drummer
Weston, Samuel Private
White, Henry Private
Williams, Levi Private
Williams, Samuel, Jr. Private
Williams, Valentine Private
Williamson, Avevy Private
Williamson, Samuel Private
Wilson, John Private
Winfield, Thomas Private
Winfield, Volentine Private

Source: War of 1812 Service Records, Record Group 94, Records of the Adjutant General's Office, Microfilm Publication M602 (234 rolls)

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