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1920 Hyde Co., North Carolina Census

On January 2, 1920, at 9:00 a.m., the Bureau of the Census began taking the 14th decennial census of the United States. The Department of Agriculture had requested that the date be changed from the traditional spring/early summer dates to January. The department argued that harvests would be completed and information about the harvests would be fresh in farmers' minds, and more people would be at home in January than in April.

The format and information in the 1920 census schedules closely resemble that of the 1910 census. The 1920 census, however, did not ask about unemployment on the day of the census, nor did it ask about service in the Union or Confederate army or navy. Questions about the number of children born and how long a couple had been married were also omitted. The bureau modified the enumeration of inmates of institutions and dependent, defective, and delinquent classes. The 1920 census included four new questions: one asking the year of naturalization and three about mother tongue.

Because of the changes in some boundaries following World War I, enumerators were instructed to report the province (state or region) or city of persons declaring they or their parents had been born in Austria-Hungary, Germany, Russia, or Turkey. If a person had been born in any other foreign country, only the name of the country was to be entered.

The instructions to the enumerators did not require that individuals spell out their names. Enumerators wrote down the information given to them; they were not authorized to request proof of age, date of arrival, or other information. People were known to change their ages between censuses, and some people claimed not to know their age. The race determination was based on the enumerator's impressions.

Individuals were enumerated as residents of the place in which they regularly slept, not where they worked or might be visiting. People with no regular residence, including "floaters" and members of transient railroad or construction camps, were enumerated as residents of the place where they were when the enumeration was taken. Enumerators were also to ask if any family members were temporarily absent; if so, these were to be listed either with the household or on the last schedule for the census subdivision. The answers that appear on the microfilmed schedules depend upon what the enumerator recorded and what the people interviewed told the enumerator.

In 1920 each household is entered on a sheet showing the name of the township, name of the incorporated place (if any) and city ward (if any).  For households in urban areas, the street and number are given.  For each person listed the entry shows the following items.  For this census I only used those questions highlighted in red.  For the most part the handwriting was excellent in all 6 districts so I had very little trouble deciphering names or ages, however, there could be errors present.  If you see something that is blatantly wrong please bring it to my attention by dropping me a note by e-mail.

There were 6 Enumeration Districts in the 1920 Hyde County Census

Below is a table with links to each page in the 1920 census. I developed a small index (not full name) so it would be easier for you to find the surnames of interest. Just look on the index below, find the surname you are interested in, then click on the corresponding link to that particular page. REMEMBER - there may be more than one instance of a surname on a page.

Links to Census Pages
Dist. #18 - Currituck Twp.

192A 192B 193A 193B 194A 194B 195A 195B 196A 196B 197A 197B
198A 198B 199A 199B 200A 200B 201A 201B 202A 202B 203A 203B
204A 204B 205A 205B 206A 206B 207A 207B 208A 208B 209A 209B
210A 210B 211A 211B 212A 212B 213A 213B

Dist. #19 - Fairfield Twp.

214A 214B 215A 215B 216A 216B 217A 217B 218A 218B 219A 219B
220A 220B 221A 221B 222A 222B 223A 223B 224A 224B 225A

Dist. #20 - Lake Landing Twp. (Part of Lake Landing Voting District)

226A 226B 227A 227B 228A 228B 229A 229B 230A 230B 231A 231B 232A
232B 233A 233B 234A 234B 235A 235B 236A 236B 237A 237B 238A 238B
239A 239B 240A 240B 241A 241B 242A 242B 243A 243B 244A 244B 245A

Dist. #21 - Lake Landing Twp. (Engelhard Voting District)

246A 246B 247A 247B 248A 248B 249A 249B 250A
250B 251A 251B 252A 252B 253A 253B 254A 254B
255A 255B 256A 256B 257A 257B 258A 258B 259A

Dist. #22 - Ocracoke Twp.

260A 260B 261A 261B 262A 262B 263A 263B 264A 264B 265A 265B

Dist. #23 - Swan Quarter Town

266A 266B 267A 267B 268A 268B 269A 270A 270B
271A 271B 272A 272B 273A 273B 274A 275A 275B
276A 276B 277A 277B 278A 278B 279A 279B

Surname Index


[unreadable] - 232A, 240B
Adam - 226A
Adams - 198B, 203B, 205B, 226B, 248B, 259A
Ainsley - 197B, 199B
Alcox - 194B
Anderson  - 204B
Angle - 264A
Armstrong - 200A, 215A, 219A, 256B, 257A
Austin - 262B, 265B


Ba____? - 237B
Ball - 194A, 201B, 210B, 211B, 272B
Ballance - 218B, 219A, 228B,  229A, 233A, 234A,  254B, 257A, 261A, 261B, 262A, 262B, 263A, 264B, 272A, 272B, 274A
Balls - 241A
Balsom - 200B
Barber - 211B, 212A, 226A, 227A, 227B, 228B, 229B, 231B, 232A, 237A, 237B, 241B, 247A, 248A, 254B
Barnes - 273A
Barrow - 193B, 195A, 204B, 205A, 205B, 206A, 207A, 211A, 215B, 216A, 217A
Bateman - 237B
Baum - 220A, 221B, 270A, 276B
Beach - 241A
Beckwith - 227A, 238A, 239B
Bel Bevarqua? - 210B
Bell - 195A, 195B, 201B, 235A, 276A
Benson - 202B, 205A, 228A, 236B, 237A, 237B, 239A, 240A, 241A, 243A, 266A, 273B
Berry - 206B, 219A, 220B, 226B, 235A, 240A, 242B, 254A, 254B, 257A, 277A, 278A, 278B, 279B
Bishop - 192B, 197B, 198A, 200B, 266B
Blake - 214A, 216A, 217B, 218A, 223B, 225A, 246A, 266B
Bloha? - 200B
Blont/Blount/Blunt -
197A, 227B, 235B, 236B, 241B, 245A, 265A, 266B
Bonner - 226B, 267A, 267B. 268A
Boomer - 226B, 235B, 236A, 236B, 237A, 237B, 238A, 268A, 272B
Bowden - 255A
Bowdsing? - 254B
Bowhing - 249A
Bouding - 249A
Boyd - 194B, 202B, 212A
Bradshaw - 212A
Bragg - 261A, 262B, 264B, 265A
Brewer - 196B
Briant - 258B, 259A

Brickhouse - 202A
Bridgman - 213A, 226B, 270B, 271A, 276A, 276B, 277A
Brimage - 194B, 195A, 217A, 273A, 275A
Brin/Brinn - 194B, 195B, 207A, 211A, 243B, 250A, 252A, 255B, 271B, 278B
Brooks - 194A, 195B, 233A, 233B, 238A, 242A, 244B
Brothers - 279B
Brown - 193A, 202B, 232A 203A, 210A, 231A, 248A, 248B
Bruce - 209A
Bryant - 265A, 252A, 258A
Bullock - 236A
Bunch - 194B, 210A, 213B
Burgers - 244B
Burris? - 238A
Burrous/Burrus - 194B, 201B, 202A, 213B, 217A, 218A, 219B, 220A,  220B, 221A, 222A, 222B, 223A, 224A, 225A, 244B, 246B, 247A, 247B, 248A, 248B, 271B


Caffee - 237A
Cahoon - 197B, 198A, 199B, 200A, 219A, 220A, 223B, 224A, 226B, 233B, 235A, 239B, 240A, 252A, 252B, 255A, 255B, 267A, 269A, 275A, 275B, 276B, 277A, 278A
Campell/Campbell - 193A, 229B, 239A
Canada - 254B
- 207A, 211B, 221B, 228A, 237A, 244A, 270A, 270B, 271A, 275A, 275B
Carrow - 205A
Carter - 195A, 210B, 219B, 220A, 220B, 221B, 223A, 223B, 224A, 224B, 225A, 240A, 246B, 248A, 274A
Cartwright - 225A
Casey - 264A
Caton - 196B
Chadwick - 200B, 224B, 271A
Chamblee - 214A
Chance - 221B, 222A
Chase - 273B
Chatman - 195A
Cillines? - 196B
Clark/e - 194A, 195B, 198B, 199A, 203B, 230B, 249B, 253A, 271B, 279B
Clayton - 198A, 198B, 222A, 251A, 259A
Coble - 275A
Cole - 273B
Collins - 192B, 205B, 214B, 215A, 216B, 217A, 217B, 220A, 221B, 222A, 226A, 232A, 239B, 246B, 253B, 254A, 254B, 259A
Cooper - 209B, 210B, 211A, 237A, 240A, 240B, 242B
Coval - 196A, 201A, 205A, 205B, 208A, 209A, 209B
Cox - 215B, 216A, 218A, 220A, 226A, 226B, 240B, 246A, 246B, 249A, 250B, 251B, 256A, 272B
Credle - 192B, 193A, 194A, 195A, 196B, 199A, 201A, 201B, 203A, 204A, 205A, 206A, 207A, 208A, 209A, 209B, 210A, 213A, 213B, 214B, 224A, 237A, 239A, 240B, 241A, 253B, 268A, 270B, 271A, 271B, 272A, 273B, 279A, 279B
Crook - 196B
Cudworth - 251B

Cullifer - 203A, 203B, 205B
Cutchins - 208A
Cutrel/Cutrell - 208B, 209A, 209B, 214A, 215A, 215B, 216A, 218A, 219A, 219B, 220B, 221A, 222B, 223A, 223B, 224B, 228B, 234B, 242A, 243A, 276A, 279B


Daily - 274A
Daniels - 202A, 204A, 220A, 272B, 273A, 274A
Davenport - 214A, 266A
Davidson - 224A, 257A
Davis - 192B, 193A, 193B, 194B, 196A, 196B, 197A, 197B, 198A, 199B, 207B, 209A, 211A, 214B, 224A, 237B, 247A, 250A, 272A, 273B, 274A, 275A
Davison - 216B
Deal - 198A
Dillahunt - 194B
Dillon - 206A
Donald - 275B
Doughty - 207A
Douglas - 227A, 227B
Dudley - 234A, 239A, 243A, 273B
Dunbar - 192A, 199B, 200A, 200B, 212B, 227A


Eason - 193B, 203A, 241A
Elixson - 201A
Ellis - 248B

Ellison - 194A
Emery/Emory - 235A, 235B, 244B, 245A
English - 272B
Ensley - 194A, 215B, 217B
Equils - 192B, 194A
Evans - 193A
Everett - 195B, 259A


F_____? - 227A
Farries? - 242B
Farrow - 203B, 210A, 227B, 229A, 234B, 236A, 238B, 248A, 267B, 274A, 275A, 276B
Fisher - 192A, 201A, 213B, 237B, 239A, 278A
Flower/Flowers - 205B, 271A
Flynn - 236A
- 196A, 245A, 266B, 267A
Forbes - 262B
Fortiscue - 193A, 195B, 201B, 202B, 207B, 209A, 209B
Foster - 262A
Franklin - 200B, 203B, 230B, 273A
Freeman - 196A, 202B, 203A
Fulcher - 260B, 262A, 262B, 263A, 263B, 264A, 264B
- 247B, 250A, 253B, 275A


Gardner - 241A
Gariot - 273B
Garrish - 208B, 209B, 210A, 210B, 260A, 260B, 261A, 263A, 264B
Gaskil/Gaskill - 261A, 262B, 264B, 265B
Gaskins - 196B, 199B, 203A, 216B, 227B, 238A,  260B, 261B, 262A, 262B, 263B, 278B
Gaylord - 236A
Gerganus - 195B
Gibb/Gibbs - 192B, 194B, 195A, 197B, 198B, 200B, 201A, 202B, 203A, 203B, 205A, 207B, 211A, 212B, 214A, 214B, 216B, 217A, 218A, 218B, 219A, 219B, 220B, 223A, 225A, 226B, 227B, 228A, 228B, 229A, 229B, 230A, 230B, 231A, 231B, 232A, 232B, 233A, 233B, 234A, 234B, 235B, 237B, 238A, 238B, 239B, 240A, 240B, 241B, 242A, 242B, 243A, 243B, 245A, 246A, 246B, 247A, 247B, 248A, 248B, 249A, 249B, 250A, 250B, 251A, 251B, 252A, 252B, 253A, 253B, 254A, 254B, 255A, 255B, 256A, 257B, 258A, 258B, 259A, 266B, 275A, 276A
Giles - 212A
Gillam/Gilliam - 233A, 239A, 272B
Girkings - 275B
Good - 243B

Gordon - 226A
Gower - 236B
Gray - 193A, 202B, 203B, 204A, 205A, 207A, 207B, 213B, 223B
Greeley? - 243B
Green - 193A, 195A, 202B, 204A, 211A, 211B, 224A, 240B, 255A, 266A, 267A, 267B, 268A, 270A, 273A, 273B
Griffin - 213B, 279A
Gulley - 200B
Guthery/Guthrie - 251B, 264A, 279B


Ha____? - 242B
Hale - 196B
Hall - 230A, 266B, 268B
Hardy - 230B, 232B, 271A
Harris - 192A, 198A, 198B, 208B, 209B, 211A, 214A, 215A, 215B, 216B, 219B, 220B, 224A, 233A, 239B, 250A, 251A, 252A, 252B, 253A, 254A, 256B, 257A, 267A, 270A, 272A, 272B, 273A, 273B, 275B, 276A, 276B, 277A, 278A, 279A, 279B
Harvey? - 236A
Hawkins - 195A, 203A, 211A, 223A, 238A
Hayes/Hayse - 237B, 278B
Henfad? - 241A
Hill - 214B, 222A, 232A
Hodges - 192B, 203B, 204A, 214A, 229A, 250B, 251A, 253B, 268A, 268B, 271B
Holaway - 270A, 273A, 275A
Holderby - 278A

Hollowell/Holowell - 206A, 207B, 211A, 212B, 224A, 224B, 273A
Hooker - 192B, 197A, 250A, 272B
Hooper - 261B
Hooten - 194A, 205B
Howard - 193A, 198A, 198B, 202A, 202B, 229B, 230B, 231B, 234B,  238A, 238B, 239A,  240A, 258A, 261A, 261B, 264A, 264B, 268B, 273A
Hudson - 216A, 220B, 225A, 275A
Hussey? - 221A


Jackson - 260A, 260B, 261B, 263A
Janette - 270A
Jarvis - 192B, 193A, 193B, 194A, 201A. 201B, 213B, 219A, 221B, 222A, 231A, 231B, 236B, 250A, 252A, 258B, 269A, 271A, 272A, 273A, 276A, 276B, 277A
Jasup - 278A
Jennett/Jennette - 198A, 206B, 207B, 208B, 211B, 212A, 227A, 230A, 230B, 231A, 231B, 232B, 233A, 233B, 243B, 244B, 246B, 253A, 259A, 271B, 279A
Johnson - 195A, 199A, 213A, 224A, 236A, 236B, 237B, 241A
Joneas? - 223A
Jones - 196B, 197B, 198A, 200A, 202A, 213B, 215B, 217A, 218B, 223B, 225A, 226A, 236A, 237A, 238B, 239B, 240B, 246B, 247A, 266A, 266B, 271B, 275A, 275B, 276A, 278B
Jordan/Jordon - 212A, 270A, 270B


Keys - 195A, 224A
King - 197B, 204A, 204B, 205B, 206B, 207A, 216B, 217A, 218A, 220B, 223A, 223B


Laughlin - 196B
Lavender - 242B, 279A
Lawson - 259A
Lee - 267A, 267B
Lewis - 218B, 221A, 231B, 257A
Lilly - 214A, 215B
Linton - 213A
Litchfield - 241A, 251B, 258A, 279A
Liverman - 199B
Logan - 264A
Lollie? - 195B
Long - 193A, 195B, 208B, 216A, 216B, 229B, 235A
Longers? - 240B
Lovick - 201B, 208B, 210A, 213A
Low/Lowe - 212B
Lucas - 244A, 259A, 266A
Lupton - 195B, 204B, 205B, 206A, 210B, 213A, 273B, 279A


McCall - 224B
McClaud - 195A, 222A, 222B, 235B, 243B, 244A, 271A
McCleese - 258B
McCulough - 237B, 239A, 240A, 240B, 241A
McGowan - 235A, 267A
McHearn? - 237A
McIlvaine/McIlvane - 196A, 202B, 206A, 210A
McKinnie/Mackinnie - 206B, 207A, 208B, 210A,  215A, 217A, 218B, 224B, 228A, 231B, 234B, 239B, 240A, 241A, 251A, 252B, 253A, 253B
McWilliams - 261A
Mackey/McKey - 193B, 194A, 196A, 204A, 208B, 209A, 214B, 215A, 218A, 222A, 224B, 226A, 235B
Makley - 266A
Mann - 195A, 195B, 200B, 208A, 208B, 211B, 215A, 217A, 220B, 223A, 224B, 226B, 227B, 228B, 229B, 230B, 232B, 233B, 234B, 236A, 237B, 238A, 239B, 242A, 246B, 247B, 250A, 254B, 257B, 267B, 272A, 273B, 278A, 278B
Maning/Manning - 192A, 198B, 212A
Marshall - 233B, 246A, 249B, 259A
Mason - 195A, 208B, 209B, 210A, 223B, 239B, 240B, 243A, 244B, 250A, 270B, 271A, 271B, 276A, 276B, 277B
Mays?/Mayo? - 224B Mayo - 230A
Menbloe? - 200B
Merick - 268A, 268B
Merritt - 241B
Midatt - 201A
Middette - 279A
Mideyette - 278A
Miditte - 274A

Midgett/e - 204B, 209B, 262B, 276A
Midyett/e/Mydyette - 201A, 217B, 221A, 224B, 226A, 227A, 227B, 229A, 229B, 230B, 231B, 232A, 233B, 234B, 238B, 239B, 241B, 242A, 244B, 245A, 246B, 247A, 249A, 250B, 251A, 251B, 253A, 254A, 254B, 256B, 257A, 257B, 258A, 258B, 269A, 274A
Miller - 196B, 230A
Mooney - 216B, 218A, 223A, 224B, 229B, 249B, 258B
Moore/More - 204B, 205B, 207B, 210B, 211A, 222A, 223B, 224A, 227B, 235B, 236A, 255B, 267B
Morgan - 197A
Morris - 192A, 192B, 198A, 198B, 221B, 227B
Morrisey - 209A
Moten - 224A

Murray/Murry - 215A, 216B, 217A, 220A, 221A, 222A, 222B, 227A, 238B, 247A, 248B, 266A, 267B


Neal - 221B, 250B, 251B, 253A, 253B, 256A, 258B, 279A
Newby - 202A
Newman - 199A
Nickerbocher - 245A

Nixon - 199A, 214A, 226A, 228B, 249A, 252B, 253A
Nobles - 201A, 201B, 205B, 206B


Oats - 204A
Oneal/O'Neal - 196A, 200B, 201A, 201B, 202A, 203A, 203B, 204B, 206B, 207A, 208A, 209A, 211B, 212A, 213A, 218A, 219B, 223B, 224B, 231B, 232A, 235B, 240B,  241A, 242B, 244B,  255A, 256A, 257B,  260A, 260B, 261A, 262A, 263A, 263B, 264A, 264B, 265B, 267B, 268B, 270A, 275B, 276A, 279A
Orman - 217B
Outman - 193B
Overton - 275B, 276B



Park - 193A, 201A
Parson - 260A, 260B
Pate - 236A
Patrick - 192A, 248A, 250B, 253B
Patterson - 230B, 244B, 248B
Payn/Payne - 226A, 227A, 229B, 244A, 244B, 248A, 256A, 256B
Payor - 241A
Peterson/Petterson - 243B, 245A, 266B, 267B, 268B, 272B
Pharow? - 236A
Phillips - 278B

Pickles - 200B
Piggram/Pigram - 270B, 272A, 272B
Piland - 264A

Pledger - 197A
Polson - 193A
Porter - 270B
Powers - 205B
Price - 244B
Pugh - 200A, 236A, 242B, 243A, 244A, 244B
Quidley - 243A, 245A



Raborne/Rabourne - 192A, 196A
Raborns - 273B
Radcliff - 196B, 212B, 213A
Rascoe/Rascow - 257A, 272B
Rawls - 224B
Ready - 275A, 277A

Reddick - 202A
Reddy - 266A
Respess - 258B

Rhem - 212B
Rice - 279A
Richard - 192A, 194B
Richards, 201A, 255B, 256A
Rickard - 234A
Roberts - 218B, 267B
Robinson - 207A
Rollins - 246B
Roper - 228B, 244A, 250A, 250B, 251A
Rose - 194B, 214A, 243B, 252A, 253B, 268A
Ross - 199B, 203B, 206A, 211A, 244A
Rue - 223B
Ruffin - 205A
Rusel/Russel/Russell - 193A, 199A, 199B


Saddler/Sadler - 193B, 194A, 208A, 210B, 217A, 229A, 231A, 233B, 236B, 242B, 244A, 249A, 251A, 270B, 271A, 278A
Sanders - 209B
Sanderson - 203B, 204A, 229B, 239A
Satchel - 208A, 212A
Satterthwaite - 196B, 197A, 197B, 244B
Saunders - 248B, 267A
Saunderson - 209B, 210A, 214B, 220A, 221A, 255A, 258A
Sawyer - 195B, 196A, 196B, 203B, 206A, 206B, 209A, 214B, 223A, 270A, 270B, 272B, 273A
Scarboro - 262B
Scarborough - 260A, 260B, 263B, 265A
Sears - 206B, 211A
Selby - 199B, 226B, 227A, 227B, 229A, 229B, 233B, 236A, 238A, 240A, 242A, 243A, 246A, 248B, 249A, 249B, 250B, 253A, 266B, 276B
Selles? - 236A
Sewell/Sewells/Sewels - 228B, 229A, 230A, 231A
Shannon - 211B
Shavender - 240B
Shaw - 238A, 242A, 278A
Sheldon - 240A
Silverthorn/e - 192A, 199A, 203A, 213A, 234B, 248B
Simmons - 197B, 200A, 215A, 222B, 223B, 224B, 246A, 273B
Simpson - 217B, 218B, 221A, 223A, 224A, 261B, 262A, 265A
Singilton - 279B
Slade - 192B, 193B, 202A, 202B, 204B, 211A, 211B, 213A
Smith - 203A, 208A, 216A, 217A, 227B, 241A, 256A, 257A, 272B, 275B
Smithwick - 196B, 197B, 198A, 198B
Spencer - 192B, 193A, 193B, 199B, 201A, 201B, 204A, 207A, 207B, 208A, 210B, 211B, 213B, 214B, 217B, 218B, 219A, 219B, 220A, 221B, 222A, 223B, 224B, 226A, 227A, 228A, 228B, 230A, 231A, 232B, 234A,  234B, 235A, 235B, 236A, 236B,  237A, 238A, 238B,  239A, 239B, 240A,  241B, 242A, 245A,  246A, 247A, 247B,  248A, 248B, 249A,  249B, 250A, 250B,  251A, 251B, 252A,  253A, 253B, 254A,  254B, 255B, 256B,  257A, 258A, 261B, 262A, 262B, 268B, 270A, 270B, 271A, 273B, 275A, 278B, 279A, 279B
Spring - 210B
Spruill - 200B, 206A, 208A
Squyars - 197B
Stalling - 196B
Stancil - 202B, 211A

Stanley/Stanly - 196A, 203B, 204A, 227B, 228A, 232B, 245A
Stilley - 202A
Stokesberry - 240A, 276B
Stolncher? - 235B
Stow/Stowe - 198A, 198B,  250A, 252A,  253B, 262A
Styron - 260A, 264B, 265A, 265B
Swain - 195B
Swindell - 194B, 201A, 212A, 214A, 216A, 218B, 223B, 224B, 225A, 227A, 229A, 231A, 234B, 235A, 236B, 237A, 239A, 239B, 241B, 242A, 246A, 250B, 251B, 252A, 252B, 254A, 259A, 266B, 267B, 268A, 269A, 270B, 271B, 273A, 279A
Sydney - 197B


Taylor - 193A, 194A, 212B, 257B, 261A
Thigpen/Thigton - 270A
Thomas - 240A, 265A, 277B
Thompson - 244B, 249B, 251B
Tolan - 206A
Tolson - 261B, 265A, 265B
Tooley - 203B, 273A
Toppin - 223A, 235A, 236A, 240B, 266A, 266B
Tunnell - 237B, 239B, 275B, 279B
Turner - 247A
Twiford - 228B, 247A


Usher - 224B


Wahab - 209B, 210B, 213B, 264A
Ward - 220A, 252B
Warner - 195B, 196A, 206A, 206B
Waston - 206A, 213B, 216B, 219A, 224A, 224B, 225A, 226B, 228B, 229A, 232B, 233A, 250A, 251A, 267B, 278A, 278B, 279B
Waters - 212B
Watson - 205B, 211A, 216A
Wellington - 236A
West - 263B
Weston - 207B, 208B, 231A, 232A, 239A, 240B, 241A, 244A, 247B, 267A, 272B, 278A
Whidby - 209A
Whitaker - 235A, 235B, 241A, 270B, 272A
White - 230A, 242A, 271B, 273B
Whitfield - 247B
Whitley - 273A
Whitney - 217A, 217B, 218B, 266A, 268A, 277B
Williams - 193A, 194B, 195A, 204A, 204B, 206B, 208B, 210A, 210B, 211A, 211B, 214A, 215A, 215B, 216B, 217A, 219A, 220A, 221A, 221B, 222A, 223A, 236A,  237A, 242B, 243B,  248A, 256A, 256B,  257A, 260B, 261A, 262B, 263A, 263B, 264A, 264B, 265A, 265B, 275B, 276A, 276B, 277A, 279A
Williamson - 210B, 278A
Willie - 208B, 212A
Willis - 264B, 277A
Winly/Windley - 224A, 279A, 279B
Winfield - 198A
Winn - 200B

Wood - 217B
Worme? - 196B
Young - 223B, 227A, 233A, 248B, 254A, 258A


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