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Hyde Co., North Carolina

1890 Tax List

In 1988 several Hyde County residents and members of the Hyde County Genealogical Society generously volunteered to go into the attic of the Courthouse and clean it out.  Among the records found was this 1890 Tax List.  This was such an important find because there is no 1890 census for Hyde County.  A tax list is a document that identifies taxable property, its value, the amount of tax due on it (or paid), and the person responsible for that tax.  While this is not, by any means, a listing of every person in Hyde County in 1890 we, as researchers, are extremely lucky that all townships of this list are intact.  Thanks is given to Crestena Jennings Oakley who abstracted this list from the original and who has graciously allowed us to put her abstraction online and to Ellen Williams who contributed the list for us to post here for your use.

There were 7 columns on the original list with age & race being combined into one column.  I chose to separate these columns to avoid confusion.  There were also several abbreviations used such as "adj." for adjacent, "hrs." for heirs, "grd." for guardian, "agt." for agent and "pat" for patent.  In most cases I used the complete word instead of the abbreviation.  In many cases neither the age nor race was given.  There were very few women listed in any of the townships and most, if not all, did not have ages listed.  This tax list was in semi-alphabetical order but I chose to put it all in alphabetical order for ease of searching.  Below you will find a description of the column headings and also a table with links to the names in each township.


1. Name - lists the name of taxpayer
2. Age - lists the age of taxpayer if available
3. Race - gives the race as white or colored in most cases
4. Acres - gives the number of acres in each tract of land
5. Description - gives the name or other description of each tract of land
6. Value - gives the value of land, estimated at its true value in money, with improvements, in dollar amounts (decimals for cents)
7. Stock - gives the total number of horses, mules, jacks, jennies, goats, cattle, hogs and sheep listed by the taxpayer as personal property
8. Total - total amount of tax paid for state, general and special taxes and county taxes.  It also includes taxes paid for the value of other personal property.


Currituck Twp.

Swan Quarter Twp.


Fairfield Twp.


Lake Landing Twp.


Ocracoke Twp.


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