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1786 Census - Hyde County, NC

The data used for the 1784-1787 North Carolina Census abstracts were all taken from the published version of this census: "State Census of North Carolina 1784-1787," Transcribed and Indexed by Mrs. Alvaretta Kenan Register; Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, Maryland, 1973; pp. 72-76a. The microfilm copies of the original records were not consulted. If any error is noted in the abstracts here, please e-mail me with the information.

1787 North Carolina Census Columns:

* Name of Head of Household
* Number of Free White Males aged 21 years and up but under 60 (i.e. age 21-59);
* Number of Free White Males aged under 21 (i.e. age 0-20) or aged 60 and up;
* Number of Free White Females (all ages);
* Number of Blacks (male and female) age 12 and up but under 50 (i.e. age 12-49);
* Number of Blacks (male and female) age under 12 (i.e. age 0-11) or over 50.

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Part 1 Capt. Cason Gibbs' District
Part 2 Capt. Capps' Company

Capt. Joseph Gibbs' Company

Part 3 Capt. Thomas Smith's District

Capt. Gaylard's District

Capt. William Satterthwait's Company

Source: "State Census of North Carolina, 1784-1787, by Alvaretta K. Register, pp. 72-76a; Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, MD. 

  Prepared by Clarence & Sallie Gargis


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