My GGGrandfather was Alexander Campbell, 8/23/1817 - 4/17/1859.  My uncle shared an old wallet that belonged 
to Alexander Campbell.  Alexander called this wallet "his book".  In it were lots of papers, as you 
can see from the picture.  Among them is a list from January 8th, 1853 which I believe is the original list of 
people who pledged to give money to build Sandy Grove Church.  As you can see it states they would each pay the 
sum in 3 parts, 1/3 when the frame was raised, 1/3 when the work is completed and 1/3 in 3 months after the work 
is completed.  As you can see this is a very old piece of paper and the names on the right are hard to read.  I 
wanted to share this with others who might have ancestors on the list.  

My grandfather was Murdoch Scot Campbell.  He had 5 children in which my mother was his 4th.  My mom passed away 
in 1989.  She had a sister who passed away last month and it only leaves my uncle, who is the baby of the family.  

My g-grandfather was Murdoch Christopher Campbell and his father was Alexander Campbell.  

My sister and I have been working on our geneology for about 7 years and we are quite bitten by the bug.  I made 
a trip to Fayetteville 2 years ago and hope to go back in the near future.  My grandfather always told me stories 
of his life in Fayetteville and how much he loved it there.  He was a teenager when they moved to Gaskin, FL and 
later to Mobile, AL, where he died.
Submitted by Wavelyn Pippin

Right side of list: John A. McKithen - $25; Neill McCaskil - 27; W. McCaskill - 10; A. Campbell - 15; Peter Shaw - 10;
Murdock Campbell - 15; M. McDuffie Jr. - 5; Neil McCraney - 5; Angus Finlayson - 15; Murdock McDuffie - 10; NMK Blue - 10;
R.D. Gillis - 10; Arch'd McLeod - 10; Malcom McIntyre - 5; Angus McDonald - 10; Duncan McDuffie - 5; J.L. Campbell - 10;
John M. Graham - 10; J.C. Currie - 10; John Laslie - 5; E. Munroe - 5;

Left side of list: Angus Campbell - $5; John McDougald - 1; Alex or Alen McDougald - 5; R. McLearen - 5; A.M. Campbell - 10; 
M.C. Lamont - 10; John Black -  (illegible); (Illegible); Alexander Finlayson - 5; Neil Campbell - 1; Jno McMillian - 5; 
John McColl - 5; Malcom Finlayson - 5; Neil Lester - 5; Peter Campbell - 10; Gilbert Munroe -  3; Arch'd G. Ray - 5; 
Dr. McKithan (?); John McRae; Angus or Arch Wilkes ? (Illegible);(Illegible);(Illegible);

Alexander Campbell's wallet, which he called his "book", and also the sheet where he had everyone sign their 
pledge on January 8, 1853 to give the money to build the church at the place (known as the Egypt old field).  
I think this is Sandy Grove.  He also has copies of taxes, land transactions, etc. in his "book".

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