Anyone who has cemetery listings not shown on this page is urged to share them with others. If you know of a Hoke County cemetery I don't have listed, please consider submitting the names and any information you may have concerning them. Please E-mail Myrtle

Very Old Graves Uncovered in Hoke
History of Dundarrach Church - 1934
Graham-Nicholson Cemetery, McCain, NC
Gibson Cemetery
Oldham Family Cemetery
Saunders Family Cemetery
Hoke County Community Cemetery
Tabernacle Baptist Church Cemetery
Barefoot - Norton Cemetery
McCrimmon Cemetery
McCaskill - Philippi Presbyterian Cemetery
Philippi Cemetery Surname page
Old Shiloh Cemetery
Womack Family Cemetery
Antioch Presbyterian Church Cemetery Antioch Cemetery Surname page
Bethel Presbyterian Church and Cemetery
Bethel Cemetery Surname page
Raeford Cemetery - (401 Bus.)
Raeford Cemetery Surname page
McCaskill Cemetery
McCaskill Cemetery Surname page
Lumber Bridge Oakdale Cemetery


The point of contact for cemetery information is the Cultural Resources Manager Jeff Irwin 910-396-6680 or irwinj@bragg.army.mil.   The cemeteries are being monitored on a yearly basis as well as condition assessments per marker and basic cleaning and repair. mailslot

Sandy Grove Cemetery Records
Sandy Grove Cemetery Surname page
History of Sandy Grove Church
Another Brief History of Sandy Grove Presbyterian Church
Minutes of the Session
Sandy Grove Presbyterian Church Members
Register of Elders & Deacons of Sandy Grove
Roll of Ministers

Smith Cemetery
Campbell Cemetery
McIntyre Cemetery
McIntyre Cemetery Surname page
Longstreet Cemetery
Longstreet Cemetery Surname page
McDonald Cemetery
McLeod Cemetery
McLeod Cemetery Surname page
Goins Cemetery
Lane Cemetery
Monroe Cemetery
Smith-Campbell-Blue Cemetery
Utley Cemetery
Wilson Cemetery


This is not an error: It is the number to remember when you want to find the birthdate of someone when you only have the date of death and age.
How do you figure the birthdate?
Suppose the person died May 6, 1889, at the age of 71 years, 7 months, 9 days.
1. Write the year, month, day as:->18890506
2. Subtract the age at death:------->710709
3. This gives the figure:--------->18179797
4. Now subtract 8870:----------------->8870
5. The result is:----------------->18170927
Year 1817, 9th month (Sept), 27th day or 27 Sept, 1817
Source: Platte Co, MO Historical/Genealogical Society