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One of the best ways to help connect to other researchers, is to post messages on public forums.  We suggest that you subscribe to the Halifax County Mailing List on Rootsweb.com, or to the Message Boards on Rootsweb, Genforum, or other forums of your choice.  The following are links to those sites where you will find lists or boards for  State, County, Surname and many other Topics of interest to aid in your research.


Tips on Posting Messages

Remember that when posting a message to either a Mailing List or Message Board, you should be clear and concise as to what you are looking for. In the Subject line, you should include the Name, Location, and a Time Frame at the very least, then in the Body of the message, a more detailed description of the individual and/or family saying what other records you have looked through and where,  will better enable others to help you in your research. Never ask for "all the records that you have..." or similar wording when requesting research help, one should always be specific and courteous in any message posted on a public forum, and you will get much better results because researchers are more likely to read through a well-worded message than one that gives little or no details.

Additional detailed instructions for posting messages can be found on How to Post a Query; this is a must-read especially for beginners.




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List of QUERIES for posted names on Surnames Page

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Click onto the ARCHIVED QUERIES Pages to view older messages going back to 1996:

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