Marriage and Death Notices in Old Newspapers

Contributed by Roger Kammerer and Elizabeth Ross (c) Sep 2, 1999

Our references are microfilmed newspapers, a large collection of which are available at the East Carolina University Joyner Library, North Carolina Collection, Greenville, NC.

Newspapers and abbreviations used:

  • Carolina Christian Advocate; (CCAdv)
    Carolina Federal Republican; New Bern, NC (CFRep)
    North Carolina Star; Raleigh, NC (NCStar)
    North State Whig; Washington, NC (NSWhig)
    Raleigh Register; Raleigh, NC (RR)
    Raleigh Register Semi-Weekly; Raleigh, NC (RRSW)
    Raleigh Christian Advocate; Raleigh, NC (RCAdv)
    Tarboro Southerner; Tarboro, NC (TS)
    Wilson Advance; Wilson, NC (WilsAdv)

The Notices:

Died. in Hookerton, Greene Co., Matilda ORMOND, age 27, wife of Samuel ORMOND. (RR, July 28, 1847)

Died. Sen. Jesse SPEIGHT at Lounds Co., Miss., on the 1st Instant. Age 5_?, US Senator. From Greene Co., NC. (RR, May 21, 1847)

Died. Greene Co., NC, James HARPER, Legislator. (RR, Se[t. 20, 1844)

Died. Greene Co., on the 17th Instant, Samuel VINES, aged about 60. (RR, Dec. 6, 1844)

Died. in Greene Co., Samuel VINES, Esq., in the 70th year of his age. (RR, Jan. 3, 1845)

Married. in Greene Co., Thomas J. DAWSON of Lenoir Co. to Miss Huldah T. DANIEL. (RR, Nov. 6, 1846)

Married. in New Bern, John ALBRITTON of Greene Co. to Miss Deborah TIGNOR. (CFRep, Mar. 14, 1812. Also NCStar, Mar. 27, 1812)

Married. Greene Co. on the 24th Ultimate, Robert WITHERINGTON of Lenoir Co. to Miss Lovey OLDS. (CFRep, Mar. 5, 1814)

Married. on 16th Ultimate at the seat of Gen. Thomas HOLLIDAY in Greene Co., Willie J. CROOM of Lenoir to Miss Elizabeth HOLLIDAY of Greene Co. (CFReb, Jan. 3, 1818)

Died. Nathan Edwards of Greene Co. (TS, Feb. 18, 1876)

Died. Snow Hill. Jan. 30, Mrs. Margaret DAIL, wife of John R. DAIL, Esq. (TS, Feb. 7, 1878)

Died. Hon. Joseph Dixon, Greene Co. (RCAdv, Mar. 12, 1884)

Died. Last week, Mrs. William DARDEN of Greene Co. (RCAdv, June 18, 1884)

Died. Greene Co., July 15. Mrs. Martha ADAMS, age 67. (RCAdv, Aug. 6, 1884)

Died. Greene Co., Maria, wife of Henry BEST. Age 73, born 1812. (RCAdv, Sept. 24, 1884. Also WilsAdv, Aug. 29, 1884)

Married. Greene Co., near Ormondsville at the bride's father's house, W. F. EDWARDS [father] on Dec. 18, 1884, A. B. NOBLE of Craven Co. to Mis Laura EDWARDS. (RCAdv, Jan. 14, 1885)

Died. Greene Co., Thomas H. SUGG, age 59. He was twice married, first in 1848 and second in 1856. (RCAdv, Apr. 22, 1885)

Married. Greene Co., E. A. DARDEN to Stella HARPER, dau. of Sheriff HARPER. (RCAdv, Feb. 10, 1886)

Died. Greene Co., Martha B. EDWARDS. (RCAdv, Oct. 13, 1886)

Married. Snow Hill, Greene Co., by Rev. W. J. McMASTER, Dr. W. H. HORNE to Miss Mary E. PORTER, both of that place. (RRSW, Dec. 4, 1840)

Died. Oct. 21st, Joseph Speight DARDEN of Greene Co., age 29 years. (NCStar, Nov. 24, 1815)

Died. Near Snow Hill, Greene Co., Jas. Edward SANDERS, blacksmith. (NCStar, Apr. 28, 1820)

Married. Greene Co., Adam TOOLY to Elizabeth CARR, dau. fo Charles CARR. (NCStar, Oct. 25, 1811)

Died. in Greene Co. on the 7th Instant, Mrs. Nancy How POPE, consort of John POPE and daughter of the late Rev. Seth SPEIGHT. Age 19. (NCStar, Feb. 21, 1812)

Died. Greene Co. on the 15th Instant, Mrs. Elizabeth SCARBROUGH, wife of David SCARBROUGH. (NCStar, Feb. 5, 1813)

Married. May 30. Major Henry J. G. RUFFIN of Greene Co. to Miss Mary TARTT of Edgecombe County. (NCStar, June 18, 1813)

Died. On the 13th Instant, Hymerick HOOKER, Esq., of Greene Co. (NCStar, Dec. 23, 1814)

Died. Greene Co., William S. CASWELL, Esq. (NCStar, Dec. 23, 1814)

Died. Snow Hill, on May 12th, Mrs. Mary Jones SHEPPARD, wife of Major James G. SHEPPARD. Age 32, leaves 3 children. (NCStar, June 21, 1816)

Died. On the 23rd Ultimate, Col. Thomas EDWARDS of Greene Co. was shot dead by one of his negroes, now confined and confessed in jail at Kingston [Kinston]. (NCStar, July 13, 1816)

Died. Greene Co. on 21st Ultimate, Richard G. BRIGHT, Esq., a member of the House of Commons in our last General Assembly. (NCStar, Feb. 13, 1824)

Married. At Holly Grove near Greenville on Dec. 24th by Rev. John P. DUNN of Lenoir Co., Joseph DIXON, Esq., of Greene Co. to Miss Sallie A. E. BROWN, daughter of Capt. John S. BROWN of Pitt County. (NSWhig, Jan. 1, 1851)

Died. Greene Co., Henry MILLER. (NSWhig, Oct. 8, 1851)

Died. Daughter of H. G. SPEIGHT in Greene Co. (WilsAdv, Apr. 21, 1882)

Died. in Greene Co., Saunders P. COX. (WilsAdv, Aug. 18, 1882)

Married. Carr's District in Greene Co., John E. HALES to Bettie DIXON. (WilsAdv, Feb. 8, 1884)

Died. Greene Co., Col. Joseph DIXON. (WilsAdv, Mar. 7, 1884)

Died. H. F. GRAINGER, born 1840 in Greene Co. (WilsAdv, Mar. 7, 1884)

Died. Col. R. C. D. BEAMAN, Greene Co. (WilsAdv, June 20, 1884)

Married. Greene Co. last Tuesday [Aug. 5], Jesse W. GRAINGER, Kinston merchant, to Miss Clara DIXON. (WilsAdv, Aug. 8, 1884)

Died. Snow Hill, John R. DAIL, age 75. (WilsAdv, Sept. 5, 1884)

Died. Snow Hill on Aug. 29, Appie Daniell ALBRITTON, wife of E. T. ALBRITTON. Age 27. (WilsAdv, Sept. 5, 1884)

Died. Snow Hill, Joseph G. WORTHINGTON. (WilsAdv, Sept. 26, 1884)

Died. Greene Co., Haywood EDMUNDSON, age 80, former Sheriff. (WilsAdv, Nov. 10, 1887)

Married. Nov. 30, Ex-sheriff Luby HARPER of Greene Co. to Mrs. Albert CARR of Greene Co. (WilsAdv, Dec. 1, 1887)

Died. Mr. E. G. BRITT, formerly of Greene Co., for several years a resident of Brazil. Left considerable property to his brother John G. BRITT of Greene Co. (WilsAdv, Jan. 5, 1888)

Died. William I. WOOTEN, Greene Co. (WilsAdv, Jan. 26, 1888)

Died. Greene Co. Miss Allice EDWARDS. (WilsAdv, June 28, 1888)

Died. Greene Co. Benjamin W. BEST, age 72. (WilsAdv, May 9, 1889)

Married. Greene Co., on Apr. 25, Lawrence A. COBB to Sudie J. PATRICK, dau. of John PATRICK. (WilsAdv, May 9, 1889)

Married. Greene Co., John GRANT to Miss Bettie BEST. (WilsAdv, Jan. 13, 1890)

Died. Greene Co. W. H. HOLDERNESS. (WilsAdv, Feb. 6, 1890)

Married. On the 4th Instant, Lawrence CARR to Hattie HARPER, daughter of Luby HARPER of Greene Co. (WilsAdv, Feb. 13, 1890)

Died. Capt. W. A. DARDEN, born May 15, 1836, of Greene Co. (WilsAdv, June 5, 1890)

Married. Greene Co., on Wednesday last, Calvin WOODARD to Sudie FAIRCLOTH. (WilsAdv, Dec. 11, 1890)

Died. Near Speight's Bridge, Greene Co., on Saturday night, James R. SPEIGHT, age 80. (WilsAdv, Apr. 9, 1891)

Died. Greene Co., the wife of Dr. E. H. HORNADY of Greene. (WilsAdv, July 9, 1891)

Died. W. R. BRYANT of Greene Co. (WilsAdv, July 20, 1893)

Died. Greene Co., Peter BYNUM. (WilsAdv, Mar. 8, 1894)

Married. Greene Co. on Jan. 23, Hattie BYNUM to Joseph PARISH. (WilsAdv, Jan. 24, 1895)

Died. Snow Hill educator, J. B. WILLIAMS. (WilsAdv, Feb. 14, 1895)

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