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My name is Jo Branch <bjcb.xx> and I am the County Coordinator for Greene Co. If you have material that pertains to Greene Co., NC it would be wonderful if you would transcribe the material and share with other researchers Please check back often as files are added. ~~~Thank you, Jo
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The Greene Co. Court House burned in 1876. Any reference to wills, deeds, or other legal documents prior to that date are of great value. Such references may be found in court records and legal briefs in the private collections of lawyers or family papers, and are eagerly sought. Why not contribute your Greene County documents today??
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Katherine Herman Edwards Bible
Grainger Bible
Jesse F. and Nancy J. Harper Bible
Hooten Family Bible
Howard Family Bible
Business Directories and Yearbooks
Carr & Coward Census Information
External Link: Fate of the 1890 Census
Also see Family Surnames. Many of these are from court records that have been transcribed.
William and John Britt vs Penelope and Gehazi Britt
Jacob Lassiter to Rubin Lassiter, 16 May 1833
Ed Waters to Owen Waters, 1942
Will of John Fields
Will of ??? Grainger
HISTORY of Greene Co.
HISTORY of Glasgow Co.
Glasgow Co. Records in the NCGenWeb Archives
Letters to Hartsfields Concerning Moore Legacies; 1849 - 1866
Letter from Delpha Ann Hartsfield Miller Shipp, Texas, 1905
"The Court House in Greene County Burned"
"Melancholy Case"
"Tar Heel Widow Becomes Richest Woman In South"
"Dr. Benjamin F. Williams"
Abstracts from The Landmark - NCGenWeb Archives
News Briefs


Formation of North Carolina in Maps

Animated Atlas (

The moving map is a must but there is lots of other interesting items available!!!

This moving map of the country, showing it from the beginning of the 13
states and going through the present. Iincluded the acquisitions from England and
Spain, the Slave states, the Free states, a segment on the Civil war, and some mentions of Central and South America , etc.Another interesting showing is the Indian Nations as they were during the Indian Wars: Modac, Miwok, Mujave, Nez Perce, Flat Head, Crow, Cheyenne , Arapaho, Navajo, Apache, Dakota, Sioux, Kiowa, Wichita and

North Carolina Postmark Catalog: Greene County

Index to Delayed Birth Records and 1913 Birth Records: A - J

Index to Delayed Birth Records and 1913 Birth Records: K - Y

More Births
Indiviual Marriage Announcements
William M. Tyson Death Certificate
Greene Co. Executions

~~Combined Records

Marriages and Death Notices in Old Newspapers
SURNAMES - Who is researching who in Greene Co.
FAMILY SURNAMES - These are from Court Records, Bibles, Cemeteries, etc.
Kearney Descendants
Turnidge Descendants
NCGenWeb Greene Co. Archives
Historical Preservation Group Relive the Battle of Wyse Forks (Lenoir Co.)

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