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ARRENDELL - I am looking for a birth record or some family ancestors of Thomas Baines Arrendell born on March 6, 1850-parents unknown.

Dec 17, 1998 - 16:48 - From: - Alice Lewis

RANSOM - The 1790 census of Franklin Co., Halifax District, shows four RANSOM families: Amy, John, Reuben, and William. Any information on these people and their relationship greatly appreciated. Is this Reuben the same Reuben who died 1833 in Clarke Co., GA? Did he have a son James, born 1782 in NC who married Nancy Randolph, and died 1854 in Walker Co., GA?

Dec 19, 1998 - 13:10 - From: - Beth H. Sauceman

TOMLINSON - I'm trying to get information on the Tomlinsons of Franklin County. My great-great-grandfather's name was James Festus Tomlinson(I'm not sure, however, that he was from Franklin County). He had a son named Bythan who in turn had a son named James Festus Tomlinson II (my grandfather). I'm sure he was born in Franklin County. I wil appreciate any information you can provide.

Dec 29, 1998 - 21:30 - From: - Richard Lynwood Tomlinson

Gupton - Seeking information of parents of Stanley Gupton of Franklin County who was apparently killed in the Battle ofAlamance in Orange County in 1772. Also interested in parents of Turner Gupton who fought in the War of 1812. No further information on either except a Turner did sign a couple of legal papers in Franklin Co. in the early 1800's

Jan 1, 1999 - 19:57 - From: - Hal Taylor

ALLEN, ANDERS - William Allen married Kizi? Anders,prob. around 1770. Their children, John,Nathaniel, William,Peter,Lydia and Mary recieved the estate of William Anders of NC in 1821 according to sucession records in St. Helena Parish,LA. IN the 1790 census for Franklin Co. I found both William Allen and William Anders listed. ANY information on this family would be much

Jan 3, 1999 - 21:52 - From: - Glenna Burke

GUPTON/BRIDGERS - Am needing info of the marriage of John Gupton and Nancy Bridgers. Married in Franklin Co. 1790. I think my ancestor Wm. Braswell Bridgers was her brother. Am told that WB and Josiah Bridgers witnessed that marriage bond. WB & Josiah were brothers.

Jan 8, 1999 - 17:49 - From: - Jean Maslankowski

SOLOMON/BRIDGERS - Have ancestor, Harty Bridgers married to Wm. Solomon, Jr.. Would like any info relating to that union. I feel sure that it was in Franklin Co. Any help appreciated

Jan 8, 1999 - 17:54 - From: - Jean Maslankowski


Jan 10, 1999 - 03:40 - From: - manley denton

WALDROUP, TURNER, DUVALL - Waldroup Information. I know Tib Waldroup and Nola Turner lived and had 7 children in Franklin County late 1800. I have the children names. Any information would be appreciated.

Jan 10, 1999 - 13:54 - From: - Joanie Powell

MAY - I am looking for info on George R May, He was in the 55th North Carolina Infantry, CSA. Trying to establish his relation to Thomas May son of William May. Thomas was born in Franklin County and William in Virgina.

Jan 16, 1999 - 19:48 - From: - Steve Vick

BRYANT, FALKNER, FAULKNER, GUPTON, JOHNSON, RAINES, - Vance, Franklin, Granville, Warren Counties I'm looking for any information on the FAULKNER, FALKNER, GUPTON, JOHNSON, WATKINS, WREN families from the above counties. My g-g-grandfather was Noel J. FALKNER (b:5-5-1812 in N.C., d:4-3-1882 in Henderson, Vance Co.)He was married (abt 12-28-1833 in Franklin Co.) to Eliza Fenner JOHNSON (b:7-4-1817 in N.C.,d:12-1-1882 in Henderson, Vance Co.) They had a child, John H. Falkner (b:1836 in Granville Co.-d:1921 in Vance Co. He was married (11-18-1857 in N.C.)to Martha Ann ? (b:12-31-1835 in Granville Co.-d:5-27-1909 in Vance Co.) They had eight children including John A."Frosty John" Falkner(b:4-1858 in Warren Co.,d:ABT 1905 in N.C.). "Frosty" was married (ABT 1880 in ?) to Mary Eliza WREN (b:ABT 1860 in N.C., d:2-16-1896 in N.C.). They had six children; Lula- m:Arch "Josh" GUPTON,Talifah Cuma "Tellie"-m: Robert Royal RAINES, Luther-m:(1st wife)-Beula WATKINS,+(2nd wife-UNKNOWN),Annie Belle m:T.L."Posey" BRYANT, Mary E., and last my father, John Henry Faulkner- m: Mary Gertrude SKITTLETHORPE. I'm seeking any info available on these families

Jan 18, 1999 - 12:03 - From: - Floyd Don FAULKNER

SMITH, SPARKS - Looking for information on Anna Smith who married Richard Sparks in Franklin Co. NC on 1 June 1805. Anna Smith was born ca. 1780. Their children were George W. 1806; William 1807; Senith 1809.

Jan 19, 1999 - 11:29 - From: - Sharolyn McCoy

SIMMONS - A John Simmons died ca 1773. In the Bute Co., NC court minutes of 11 February 1773, it reads in part..."The Last will and testament of John Simmons dece'd was presented in court proved by the oaths of William Kendall and Frederick Lee,..." Does anyone have access to the wills of Bute Co., so they can forward contents of the will to me. I have much information of the descendents of William Simmons who died in 1795 in Franklin Co. Glad to share any information.

Jan 19, 1999 - 21:21 - From: - Carl R. Simmons

BOONE, PEARCE, TANT - I am looking for info on Daniel Amos Boone, died 1957, or any info on Pearce/Tant families in Franklin County.

Jan 20, 1999 - 15:58 - From: - Tammy Coppedge

MCLEMORE - I have found a reference to a "McLemore House" in Franklin County. Apparently it was owned by Abraham McLemore. I am curious if this house still stands, how I get there from Raleigh, and if Abraham built it, or was it the house of his father, Adkin McLemore. I am a direct descendant of Adkin, through his son Robert. I am looking for any information on the family.

Jan 20, 1999 - 22:46 - From: - Kevin D. McLemore

LYNCH, TYRON, MCLEMORE - Am looking for anyone who has researched or is researching the hanging of Major Lynch in Bute (now Franklin) County NC in 1768. A reference on Franklin County history says those who participated in the hanging were apprehended by the governor's forces and given bond to appear at Elizabeth City. Does anyone have a list of who these participants were? My ancestor Atkins McLemore bought land on Linches (Lynch's) Creek in 1785. Since he lived in the area, I was wondering if he was involved.

Jan 21, 1999 - 09:25 - From: - Kevin D. McLemore

CLIFTON - Can anyone identify the Thomas CLIFTON and Nathan CLIFTON of the 1790 Franklin Co. census located on this site? I'm confused as to which may be Thomas Nathan CLIFTON (1758-1864) and who the other would be. I'm trying to find the parents of a Nathaniel CLIFTON (abt.1808-aft. 1870)NC>TN>MO>TX

Jan 23, 1999 - 00:52 - From: - Mark T. Watson

MARTIN - I have a death certificate for Henry W. MARTIN - born August 17, 1846, died Warren County Dec. 23, 1914. It shows his father, Henry MARTIN, was born in Franklin County, Nc. and his mother, Sarah. If anyone has any information on this Martin family, I would appreciate your contacting me.

Jan 23, 1999 - 17:22 - From: - Betty Higgins Collins

MARTIN - Does anyone know of Martin Plantation? It is on the death certificate of Henry Martin as his place of burial.

Jan 23, 1999 - 17:24 - From: - Betty Higgins Collins

WASHINGTON, WREN - I am looking for any information on Tom Washington, Sr. and Tom Washington, Jr. Tom Washington, Jr.'s first wife was Martha Wren, daughter of James Wren and two children were born of this marriage. (girls). At a later date, Tom Harris married Wanda Harrris, a school teacher at Louisburg High School. I understand that he took a class by internet to become a substitue teacher at the same high school where his wife teaches. His first wife, Martha lives in Arizona. Where does he and his second wife, Martha live? Do they have children? If so, how many? Any information would be appreciated.

Jan 25, 1999 - 20:55 - From: - HARRIS/WRENN Patricia Kulavic

SWANSON - Does anyone have information on the Richard Swanson on the 1790 Franklin Co. census? The census lists, 1 male over 16, 3 males under 16, 3 females, and 5 slaves. Is this the same Richard Swanson who left a will in 1809 in Franklin Co., NC? Thanks and anything would be appreciated.

Jan 25, 1999 - 23:08 - From: - Lydia Sides

SPIVA - Looking for ggg grandfather William Spiva, b.about l804 in NC or VA. He married Jeusha Van Winkle, then Rebecca Manlove in l838 in Rushville, Il. Can't find his parents in Franklin Co.NC. Help. DREncinas

Jan 27, 1999 - 22:02 - From: -

BUNN, FREEMAN, HILL - are just some of my family names of interest at this time. I am looking for the parents and siblings of Wesley William Hill b. 1822 in Franklin Cnty. He married Martha Beddingfield ing in 1837 in Wake Cnty. I am looking for the parents of Bryant Freeman. I know little about him at this time. His son Crocker Harrison Freeman is my gr-grandfather. Crocker married Levinna (Vennie)Bunn. Their daughter was my grandmother, Mary Mabelle Freeman (m.-William Mosson Hill). I have a Bunn family chart that came to me through the family that starts with Henry M. Bunn -m- Penny Pendergrass in 1815. There are many names on this chart. I may be able to someone else thats looking. Names on this chart include: Bunn,Denton,Robertson, Lloyd,Layton,Medlin, Felts, Strickland, Pearce, Freeman,Young, Williford, Creech, Whitley, Alford and more. Please let me hear from you. There are many names that I need just to complet this one family that started in 1815 with one Bunn/Pendergrass marriage!!!!! Thank you for your time. Vicki Griffin

Jan 28, 1999 - 14:58 - From: - Vicki Griffin

SANDERS, ARENDELL - I'm searching for parents and siblings of Thomas B. Sanders b. 1809 Franklin/Wake Co. NC, and Caroline E. Arendell b. 1811 Franklin/Wake Co. They were married in 1829 Franklin Co. with Bailey Perry Bondsman. Thomas B. has one known brother Edwin T. Sanders b. 1806 Franklin/Wake Co. At the 1828 estate sale of Rachel Perry Arendell, widow of Thomas Arendell, Jr. the buyers included Sherrod Sanders, Thomas B. Arendell, Richard Arendell, William Arendell, and William Sanders. I feel like these names provide a clue. If anyone does lookups and could look for Thomas B. Sanders in a will or some document that would shed light on who his parents were, I'd be happy to pay for such. I have tons of info on Thomas' & Caroline's descendants which I will gladly share, but need help with their ancestors. Annette Shelton

Jan 29, 1999 - 11:58 - From: - Annette Shelton

MURPHEY - Looking for parents and marriage information and for Sion and Elizabeth Murphey. Sion was born 1785 and was living in Franklin Co., NC in 1810.

Jan 29, 1999 - 23:15 - From: - Janette Lager

BAKER - Seeking information on Henry BAKER, born 15 October 1795 in Franklin County, N.C., according to his death cert. He moved from N.C. to Henry County, TN. By this time he was md and had a family. His first born was named Tabitha. His first born son was James T. Henry left TN and moved to Pope County, IL with his family. Two daughters md in Henry County, Tabitha and Martha J. Any information would be greatly appreciately. Thanks Ruth Hunt

Feb 1, 1999 - 21:23 - From: - Ruth Ann Hunt

JONES - I am looking for information on either Thomas J. Jones or John " James" Paul Jones. 1. Thomas J. Jones (1825-) m. Caroline E. UNKNOWN (1827-) 1. John "James" Paul Jones* (24 Dec 1864-29 Aug 1943) m. Mary L. UNKNOWN (1871-) 1. John Paul Jones Jr. (Mar 1895-1961) Born in Riley, Franklin Co, N.C. 2. Sallie D. Jones (Oct 1891-) 3. Marie P. Jones (Jan 1892-) 4. Thomas D. Jones (Jan 1894-) 2. Thomas H. Jones (1860-) & Mary UKNOWN 1. Hannah Jones (1905-) 1. John "James" Paul Jones* (24 Dec 1864-29 Aug 1943) m. Sarah Hare (1884-1961) 3. James E. Jones (1859-) If you have any informatio pls e-mail me Thanks Jamila

Feb 8, 1999 - 00:22 - From: - Jamila Sloan

Solomon - I am researching Moses N. Soloman born abt. 1805 in North Carolina, married Nancy ???? who I believe moved to Fentress Co. Tennessee, and then the Wayne Co. Kentucky, and Mary (Polly) Solomon who married Bailey Owen in Bute, Co. NC (Now Franklin) his sister Sallie who married Lewis or Louis solomon in 1798 Louis was born in North Carolina of Walsh and English descent. I have the Solomon's first settled in Maryland and then later moved to Franklin co. North Carolina. Willing to trade information. Richard

Feb 9, 1999 - 12:55 - From: - Richard Powels

HOUSE - Iam looking for a Thomas House, or any HOuse memer that may have been from Granklin Co., NC in the late 1700's and early 1800's. Jayne

Feb 13, 1999 - 21:13 - From: - Jayne Anderson

PENDERGRASS,PEOPLES,COLEY,DEANS - Looking for decendants of Jesse Pendergrass that was married to Rachael Vigors. Born in the 1700's. Raleigh Pendergrass married Cassie Dickerson, Richard Jordan Pendergrass married Mary Jane Coley. Any information on Pendergrass, Peoples, or Coley please send me an e-mail

Feb 14, 1999 - 22:42 - From: - Connie Roberson

JEANS - I am trying to locate a grave site, but first need to find the cemetery. The name of the cemetery is the Dent Cemetery in Franklin Co., North Carolina. Would appreciate any help locating this place.

Feb 16, 1999 - 19:10 - From: - P Jeans

LIBERTY - Looking for any info on Avery Wheeler, born 23 Nov 1783 in Franklin Co., NC., especially parents and siblings. Avery moved to Georgia prior to 1804; married Rebecca Cunningham, Green Co., Ga., 1804; then Mary Moore on 21 Aug 1810 in Baldwin Co., Ga.. Children: Jane Avery; Green Moore; Susannah; Esther Elizabeth; Alexander Watson; Martha; Bartholomew; Benton Moore; Frances. Avery and wife went on to help settle town of Americus, Ga. in 1831.

Feb 16, 1999 - 21:34 - From: - Jean Liberty

KING & COLEY - I would welcome any information available on the King and Coley families in Franklin and Warren counties in the 1800's. My ggrandfather Jefferson King was bn about 1857 and died about 1886 in Franklin Co. He was located in the Hayesville township in the 1880 census. He married Roxanna Coley , dau of Lewis Coley in 1878. Jefferson's father was Tom King, his mother Elizabeth Mourning Coley, they married in 1852 in Nash Co. If anyone has a connection I would happily share information.

Feb 19, 1999 - 20:51 - From: - Pete King

MASSEY - Looking info on JACKSON L. MASSEY, b.1845, d.?, buried Rocky Cross Baptist Cemetery. Looking date of death, children, wife or wives. His son JAMES W. MASSEY is my grandfather, who married PATTI FERRELL. Also looking info on her and her family. Manley Denton, Graham, Texas

Feb 20, 1999 - 11:15 - From: - Manley Denton

RICHARDS - Looking for info.on George RICHARDS of Franklin Co.,NC and Green Co.,GA. George married Lydia Vinson in 1789 in Franklin Co. He was born earlier than 1770 and died abt.1821/Green Co.,GA.

Feb 20, 1999 - 19:15 - From: - Brett Barnes

MOYE / MEDLIN - I will appreciate any information, as to ancestors or descendants of Thomas MOYE md. Alpha MEDLIN ,nine children.Lived in Franklin from early 1800`s to early 1900`s.I will share what info. I have. Thanks.

Feb 20, 1999 - 22:38 - From: - Mary Weaver

CRAWLEY - Need to find the relationship between James Crawley, listed on the tax rolls of 1804 and 1805, and John Crawley of Franklin Co., N.C. Was this the same James Crawley that married Nancy Mitchell March 14, 1794 in Campbell Co., Va.? Did this same James Crawley migrate to Jasper Co., Ga. where he married Mahalia Cottingham in Dec., probably his second wife. Any information will be appreciated.

Feb 21, 1999 - 15:33 - From: - M. E. Alford

PUGH PARKS - Seeking any information on Lucy Pugh b.20 NOV 1829 Lewisburg, NC married David Parks, moved to Tennessee, died 1 FEB 1915. Looking for any information on family of Lucy Pugh or David Parks.

Feb 22, 1999 - 10:22 - From: - Ken Parks

MUNFORD - MUNFORD,Albert "Warner" b.27 July 1914 d.25 May 1920 I need to know where he is buried. Albert is mentioned in a chapter of "Hills and Hearts Of Gold" by Michael Caner. "A Tragic Death At The School:1920.The MUNFORD family lived in Wood,N.C. and attended Wood Baptist Church.He was the son of William Burt and Nellie MUNFORD.It was noted by the author that he had found the gravesite in 1994,but he failed to say where it was. His siblings has been seeking his gravesite all these years without any success.Your help would be greatly appreciated among the surviving sisters. I am also interested in getting a copy of this book for myself.Does anyone know how I can obtain a copy? Thank you for your help. February 27,1999 Vicki Baber Scearce

Feb 28, 1999 - 15:47 - From: - Vicki Baber Scearce

GARRETT - I am looking for more information about the family of James Garrett listed in the Franklin County 1860 census. In this census his wife is listed as Mary, and his children are William, Zachariah, James and Alexander. I would like to confirm whether the son, Zachariah is my great-grandfather who later lived and died in Vance County.

Mar 2, 1999 - 14:25 - From: - Clarice Barbato-Dunn

WESTER - John Wester born abt. 1799 married Cyntha born abt. 1799 lived in Franklin County in 1850. He was a carpenter. Does he have anymore children than: Patsy, Nancy, Mary, Ben, Roxanna, Arch, Adaline?

Mar 4, 1999 - 20:39 - From: - Ida Carter

MOORE WADFORD - Seeking information about Frances (Fanny) Moore who died in Franklin County in 1891. Need to know about her brother William Rial and sister Lucretia Wadford. Rial was living in Franklin County in 1880 census. Thanks.

Mar 4, 1999 - 21:01 - From: - Eunice Moore Boucher

SMITH HANCOCK - I'm interested in anyone who may have information on the family of James Smith m. Ann Hancock. Ann moved with her mother Martha (widow of John H, Hancock) to Granville County about 1765. She married James Smith about 1780 and eventually moved to Wake County before 1790. She and James then moved to Jackson County, GA where he died in 1812. She died there after 1850.

Mar 5, 1999 - 17:52 - From: - Shawn Smith

SHERIDAN - I am searching for the husband of Sealey SHERIDAN age 50 as listed on the Franklin County, Georgia Census. Her children were William J. SHERIDAN age 25, Oliver J. SHERIDAN age 19, Henry Marion SHERIDAN age 16 and Trephena SHERIDAN age 14. William and Sealey SHERIDAN were born in South Carolina and the rest were born in and around Franklin County, Georgia. Oliver and Henry moved to Bauxite, Arkansas. I would also appreciate information on any of those that did not move to Arkansas. Contact Esbend F. Sheridan, 8209 hwy 79 South, Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71603 or E-Mail me at:

Mar 5, 1999 - 20:36 - From: - Esbend F. Sheridan

REYNOLDS - REYNOLDS, Ella, b. Virginia, moved to Franklin County, m. @1850 Benjamin C. COOKE of Granville Co. Who were her parents and siblings? When was she born?

Mar 6, 1999 - 17:04 - From: - Peggy Smith

SANDERS/SAUNDERS - PERRY - NUNNERY - Looking for information on SANDERS - PERRY - NUNNERY. Known to have been in Franklin County in late 1700's until approx 1810. These are the lines I am particularly interested in: William SANDERS, his daughter, Rebecca, Nathaniel Perry grandfather of Nathaniel PERRY, Nathaniel SANDERS, and Nathaniel Perry NUNNERY.

Mar 9, 1999 - 14:46 - From: - Saundra Nunnery Mack


Mar 13, 1999 - 22:17 - From: - Wes Adams

MASSEY/MASSIE - Hello, I am looking for information on Susannah MASSIE who married 7 Jan. 1779 in Bute Co., NC (now Franklin Co.Moses DARNAL born abt. 1755 in Fauquier Co., Va. Moses came to Bute Co. in his youth, with his parents. He was on the 1800 and 1810 census of Mecklenburg Co., NC. I have not been able to find when or where they died, and nothing on Susan. They were my 6th great grandparents. I have no other info, on the MASSEY/MASSIE line. Any input would be great... Best Regards, Trev

Mar 14, 1999 - 06:35 - From: - Trev

WOODLIEF, WOODLIFF - The WOODLIEF/WOODLIFF Family Association is online: Instructions for subscribing to the Woodlief email list on Rootsweb may be found there, too!

Mar 15, 1999 - 12:54 - From: - Sandy

JACKSON, BATCHELOR - I am searching for information on my GGGrandfather, John Bachelor JACKSON who was born in Louisburg, Franklin County, NC on October 20, 1797... I have been told that he is the son of David JACKSON and Martha "Patty" BATCHELOR, but I have been unable to confirm the connection... ANY help will be appreciated Tom Jackson 1440 Fuller Rd Tallahassee, Fl 32303 email:

Mar 17, 1999 - 07:20 - From: - Thomas H. Jackson

PARDUE/PERDUE - I am researching the Pardues/Perdues of Franklin and Warren Counties and am interested in two pieces of info....1) The marriage date and site of the marriage between Nancy Stephens and Francis Pardue and....2) the birthdate and site of William Henry Pardue, the son of the aforementioned couple. Thanks for any assistance that can be offered.

Mar 18, 1999 - 22:49 - From: - Don Pardue

BALDWIN - I have a significant amount of information on the family of Levi and Racel Baldwin. Levi b ca 1740, Parsippany (Hanover) NJ; d aft 17 Apr 1797 Hanover, NJ; = ca 1767 NJ, Rachel _________. They were in Richmond county for a number of years, then in Franklin County for a brief period. Any information would be helpful.

Mar 18, 1999 - 22:56 - From: - Gerald Tucker


Mar 19, 1999 - 00:31 - From: - LINDA M. BEESE

THOMAS, FOX, LONG - THOMAS-John and Mary Thomas were named as parents in the obituary of Mary S. FOX of Lawrence Co. MS. The obit was dated 3 Aug 1859. It stated that she was "born and raised in affluence" in Franklin Co. NC. Her birthdate was Mar 1, 1794. Known siblings were Samuel Thomas who named sisters Eliz. LONG and Mary S.Fox in his will (Franklin CO.)

Mar 19, 1999 - 12:27 - From: - Lynelle Cowan Stevenson

RICHARDS - Looking for info. on George Richards who married Lydia Vinson on 10-24-1789 in Franklin County. They were in Greene County, GA by June,1792. Would any researchers in Franklin County be interested in doing some look-ups?

Mar 22, 1999 - 22:19 - From: - Brett Barnes

VINSON - Looking for info. on Lydia Vinson who married George Richards 10-24-1789 in Franklin County. They were in Greene County,GA by June,1792. Would any researchers in Franklin County be interested in doing some look-ups?

Mar 22, 1999 - 22:21 - From: - Brett Barnes

CHRISTMAS - I am researching the CHRISTMAS surname in Franklin County, North Carolina.

Mar 28, 1999 - 11:55 - From: - Hinger L. Christmas-Beattie

JORDAN, LONG - I am searching information on THOMAS JORDAN, and NANCY LONG. The only information I have is they married in February of 1800. I know they had one son THOMAS C.JORDAN, my gggrandfather, who later moved to Meigs Co. Tennessee. Any information on these families would be greatly appreciated.

Mar 30, 1999 - 08:52 - From: - Laura Lynn

TANT, MASSEY, MULLEN, BELL, PACE, ROGERS, CARLYLE - I am looking for information on the following: Jancy Tant b. abt.1787 his wife Jincey Virginia Rogers; Willis Tant d. bef. 1818; James Massey b. 1/27/1874 and his wife Patty Mandora Ferrell b. 5/11/1879; Sarah Carlyle and her ancestors (wife of Cordy Tant); Patty Mandora Ferrel b.5/11/1879 and her father James M. Ferrell and mother Mary Della Lancaster and their ancesters. Also, I am interested in Patty's husband James Massey b. 1/27/1874 and his ancestors.Kinchem M. Mullen b. 5/22/1853; Meek Mullen (Kinchem's father), Henry Jarret Bell and ancestors and his daughter Lucy Jane Bell, b. 1869; and the Tant family's ancestors beginning with Willis Howard Tant, b. 1/1867.

Apr 1, 1999 - 16:32 - From: - Russ Charter

STRICKLAND - I am looking for information on the Strickland Family that resided in Franklin county, and Wake county around the years 1780-1799. Children of interest are Kindsman, Kindred, Kinyerd, Kindsbird, amd Kinnwell. I would like to know wives and children of these men. Thanks

Apr 4, 1999 - 12:42 - From: - Karen Strickland Hetherington

KEARNEY - I'm looking for KEARNEY ancestors from Franklin County, NC. Grandfather was Joseph ? Kearney. Father was Lonnie Elmore Kearney, born in Franklin County in 1901. Owned land in Franklin County until 1960's. Died in Vance County in 1978 or 79.

Apr 5, 1999 - 19:54 - From: - Tom Kearney


Apr 8, 1999 - 11:38 - From: - JOAN M. CARLOCK

CARR - I am seeking any info on Robert Carr, listed in 1790 census, and his son, Robert C. Carr. Any info appreciated

Apr 8, 1999 - 16:48 - From: - Pris Keener Squires

ALLEN and ANDERS - William Allen married Kizia Anders. Her father was William Anders,of NC,according to sucession records in LA.The Franklin Co. 1790 census, Halifax dist. shows both a William Anders and William Allen.I would appreciate any information or suggestions for tracing these folks. Thanks, Glenna Burke

Apr 9, 1999 - 20:10 - From: - Glenna Burke

JONES - I would like information on a church near Louisburg called Jones Chapel Baptist Church. This church is close to where my Jones ancestors lived. I was told that my 5th great grandfather, Jacob Jones, Sr. donated either the land or the money to have a church built in that area. Is this possibly the church? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Gayle

Apr 10, 1999 - 09:02 - From: - Gayle Henize

LONG, JORDAN - I am looking for information on a NANCY LONG who married THOMAS JORDAN in 1800 in Franklin Co. Any info on the LONG and JORDAN family would be appreciated.

Apr 14, 1999 - 00:08 - From: - Laura Lynn

MCCONNELL - William McConnell m Nancy Phillips. Thier daughter, Cora H. was my grandmother. She was raised on McClure Creek, I think it was called McClure Mill. The home is still there. It is located just about the Otto commuity center and fire station... My grandmother had three brothers: Charles, Robert, and Hillard Lee. She had two sisters: Mary (known as Sister), Emma. In later life they all lived in and around Atlanta except my grandmother. She moved to New York City in the early twenties... She married Thomas Judson McConnell, a fourth cousin. They had five children: Mary, Thomas Judson (my father), Robert, Helen and Susan... Any information will be appreciated... tom

Apr 16, 1999 - 21:08 - From: - Thomas J. McConnell,Jr.

FULLER McGHEE - Looking for information on DAVID FULLER,wife MARY ANN FULLER and their son ELLIS FULLER and his wife LULA McGHEE child of THOMAS and ELLEN McGHEE They lived in Franklin Co in the 1800 and early 1900's.

Apr 22, 1999 - 20:00 - From: - Christine Fuller

PERRY - I am looking for African American descendants of any slaves owned by John or Jeremiah or Burwell Perry in Franklin Co. Also looking for a genealogy of John Perry who left Franklin Co circa 1829 and went thrugh Ga on to Russell County AL where he died in 1859. He owned my ancestors, namely Charlotte and her mother Susan. Charlotte's siblings are: Hartless(?), Adam, Harry Malone. Possibly related to a slave woman named Holley and her children (Iley, Indiana, Dorcas, Mason).

Apr 23, 1999 - 19:44 - From: - Dee Parmer Woodtor

WESTER/SLEDGE/ROBBINS - I am looking for William/Alfred/Alfrow Wester born abt. 1820. He married a Jane ? born abt. 1828. They had these children: Archibol Wester married to Jennie Robbins, Martha born about 1852 married a John Sledge, Mary born abt. 1848, and Thomas born abt. 1859. Lokoking for any information on them or their children

Apr 24, 1999 - 14:33 - From: - Ida Wester

HAWKINS-CHRISTMAS-SHERROD - Searching for any descendants of Philemon Hawkins who died 7-2-1856 in Franklin co.,North Carolina. He wed 1st Mary Christmas and 2nd Jacobina Sherrod. Children from 1st marriage: 1. Adam 2.Joseph 3.Thomas 4.James 5. Brehan 6.Sarah-Sally. from 2nd marriage: 1.Lucy 2.Fannie-Frances 3. Mary Macon 4.Benjamin Please email me at Thank you

Apr 27, 1999 - 15:50 - From: - Glenda Bradley

BOWDEN / MONTGOMERY & BOONE / WHELESS - Searching for information on William Brickle Bowden, b. 1842, d. 1894-1900 in Franklin County, N.C. Son of Able Bowden & Elizabeth Coppedge. He married Mary F. Boon, Daughter of Bennet Boon & Rhoda Upchurch. B.C.C.(Columbus) Montgomery son of William & Lizzie Montgomery, b. 3-1848 and married Emmaria (Emma) R. Bowden, b.1846, d.6-19-1919, daughter of Able Bowden and Elizabeth Coppedge. Alfred Wheless son of Amos Wheless & Mary Williams, b.11-23-1827 d.2-13-1915. He married Mary Frances Hines 2-4-1866. William J.M. Boone b. 1826 and still alive in 1892. He married Mary Wheless 12-19-1848. They had a son Johnnie Amos Boone b. 2-27-1871, d. 9-10-1957. He was a Justic of the Peace in Franklin County. Any information on these people would deeply be appreciated.

May 3, 1999 - 15:14 - From: - Linda Bowden Horseman

HOLLINGSWORTH - I hope you might be able to help me.I am looking for a book entitled " Franklin Co.Confederates" that is all I know about the book.Do not have an author or time frame of publishing.Request for this info.sent via e-mail for another person wanting the book.Hope you can shed some light on this question. Barry Hollingsworth

May 6, 1999 - 07:05 - From: - Barry Hollingsworth