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DENT - I am trying to find out about my fmaily tree.  Anything on the DENT family and as far back as possible will help.  Thank You.  Wayne Dent

Sep 28, 1997 - 16:25 - From: - Bobby Wayne Dent

DENT, DENTON - I am trying to find any information on the DENT or DENTON family 1: Frank Alfred DENT 9-11-1881 Died 7-11-1976 2: James Burton DENT ?1845 to 1915 3: Bessie Denton DENT 1895 to 1979 4: Betty DENTON ?1850 to ?1920 Any info or background would be helpful. The DENT's live around the Ingleside area then moved to Baltimore, Maryland. Frank DENT moved back to Harris Crosroads area, around 1925. Betty and BessieE DENTON lived around Harris Crossroad. Around the old MEDLIN Homeplace.

Sep 30, 1997 - 17:51 - From: - Bobby Wayne Dent

RAY, HOPLIN, MOBLEY, WINSTON, JOPLIN/CHOPLIN - Query by Charles Engelberger, e.g. RAY/HOPLIN. David Ray married Edith (Edy) JOPLIN (CHOPLIN), daughter of James JOPLIN and Lydia MOBLEY. Edy's eldest brother, Mordecai JOPLIN was killed in the war of 1812, in Norfolk, VA, Dec 1814. I am searching for the names of Mordecai's children. I think Mordecai had a son Robert Choplin who was married in Franklin County to Anne WINSTON, but I can't prove it. He may have had another son named William. I can provide more information on the JOPLINs of Wake County.

Oct 1, 1997 - 21:31 - From: - Larry Choplin

STRICKLAND, MORGAN - Would like info on Gray STRICKLAND who lived in Nash County NC and was born there about 1808 and married Sarah. His children were: Laney, Elizabeth, Hederson,Sarah, Ralphone, Levenia A, & Aquilla M, according to the 1850 census. My wife is decended from Elizabeth who never married. Believe her children were by John Morgan. Any help would be appreciated.

Oct 1, 1997 - 21:33 - From: - Arthur Osgood

DILLS, HOLBROOK - DILLS, Charlie Leander. Born 26 Jan 1871 in Macon Co. Had a twin brother. Married Betty Holbrook. Daughter Allie Elizabeth Dills born in Franklin Co. 15 April 1911. He died 22 Feb. 1954 in Buncombe Co. I am looking for the names of his parents or information on Betty Holbrook.

Oct 11, 1997 - 19:21 - From: - Cathy Banty

WELLS - I am interested finding out about a Francis Wells or Wills who lived in NC in the late 1700's and was from Franklin County. He left for Muhlenberg Co. Ky around 1804 bringing with him 5 children.

Oct 14, 1997 - 23:01 - From: - Phillip S Wells

PERRY, HICKS, EDGERTON, HUNT - I am looking for the descendents birth and death certificates for Warren and Roadie Perry. I know they have a grandchild named Linwood Perry who my great, great, grandfather but this is all I know. Please help me if you have any information about Warren and Roadie Perry. I know they lived in Warren County for a while but when they came to Franklin County I don't know.

Oct 15, 1997 - 09:41 - From: - Lakisha Daynelle Perry

TEACHEY, RACKLEY - I am interested in any information on the name Teachey, or Rackley. I believe Jacob Teachey was on the original census in 1790. Thank you Jon

Oct 16, 1997 - 00:33 - From: - Jon Whichard

HARRIS, BLACKLEY, WEAVER, GARRETT - I am searching for information on my gggrandmother and gggrandfather. Her name was Mary "Polly" K. Blackley, born 1809 and his name was Asa P. Harris, born 1807. They were born in the Granville County area of Fishing Creek Township and later moved to Franklin County. They had these children: Alexander "Sandy" Harris and his twin sister, Milchisa Harris born 1834, then Mary Harris born 1837, then Wesley Harris, born 1859. Their son, Alexander married first Mary K. Weaver and then married Lucy Ann Garrett. Alexander and Mary had Julia, Charles, Wesley, Lewis and Albert. After he married Lucy these children were born: Henry, Lonnie, Annie, Fannie, Jim and Ollie Harris. If any of these names sound familiar please let me know. Sincerely, Joan M. Shytle

Oct 16, 1997 - 00:51 - From: - Joan M. Shytle

LAMM, WILDER - I am searching for information on my ggrandparents, James "Dick" Allison Lamm and Lecy Helen Wilder. They lived in the Black Creek area of Wilson County at first and later moved to Franklin County and was buried there at Lecy Wilder's homeplace in Seven Paths. There children were Sallie and Martha (twins), Bud, Edwin and Rosa Lamm. Sallie and Martha were born in 1900. If any of these names sound familiar, please let me know. Sincerely, Joan M. Shytle

Oct 16, 1997 - 00:58 - From: - Joan M. Shytle

ANDREWS, RUFFIN - Looking for Abraham ANDREWS born about 1742 in Surry Co., VA /Northampton Co., NC and his wife, Nancy Sims, married in Warren Co., NC and had deed to land in Halifax, Franklin Co., NC in 1784. He also had alot of children possibly born in Franklin Co., NC - Patsy Ruffin, Nancy, Allen, Richard, Temperance, Hartwell Harvill, Silvia Gray, Marina Stevenson and Charlotte Sims. I also have info on earlier generations, I would like to have more info on this family, and I am willing to share what info I have as well. ANDREWS

Oct 24, 1997 - 09:35 - From: - Toni Lasseter

CRAWLEY - I am a descendant of James Crawley, b. abt 1778, who was in Randolph (now Jasper) Co. GA abt 1809 to 1820 and Pike Co. GA after that. I believe he moved to GA from Franklin Co. There was a James Crawley of about the correct age in Franklin Co. with a John Crawley, who may have been his father, and a Rebecca Crawley. Who were Rebecca and John? Does anyone have proof that this James of Franklin Co. moved to Randolph Co. GA?

Oct 24, 1997 - 21:14 - From: - Barbara Smallwood Stock

COOKE, PERRY - Looking for ANY information on Vincent COOKE. He married Winnifred PERRY abt. 1818 and had 9 children - Arabella, Winnifred, Joshua, Delila, Martha, James, Rebecca, Archibald, and Julia. Winnifred PERRY's father was named Joshua Perry.

Oct 26, 1997 - 01:28 - From: - Kerrie Smith McLendon

DRAKE - Seek ancestors of Confederate Vet. Wade Drake

Nov 7, 1997 - 20:39 - From: - Paul Drake

SOLOMON, DURHAM - Researching Elisha/Elijah Solomon lived in Franklin Co. in 1800, married to Letty Durham 10/23/1797 in Johnston Co. & later moved to Logan Co.,KY. by 1807.

Nov 9, 1997 - 21:51 - From: - Fran Oliver

HILL - Henry HILL, b/1740 son of Green HILL, served almost 20 years as a state senator, representing Franklin County, NC. Does anyone have any information as to who his wife and children were? Does the State Archives have records of elected officials? Any informtion would be appreciated.

Nov 11, 1997 - 11:00 - From: - Ray Hill

MOYE - I need any info as to the connection between Robert Moye (listed in the 1820 or 1830 census) of Franklin Co. and Thomas Moye (listed in the 1850census) I believe it was the Dunns District. Thanks for any help.

Nov 15, 1997 - 05:13 - From: - Pearl Moye Weaver

MOODY - We are trying to locate the ancestors of William Louis Moody b. 20 Feb 1891 in Franklin Co. He moved to Halifax Co. and married Letha Edwards from Hartsville, SC. Mr. Moody is my paternal grandfather. William and Letha had 3 children. Allie, William and James. Any info would be most appreciated. Danny Moody

Nov 15, 1997 - 13:03 - From: - Danny Moody

IVEY/IVY - Charles IVEY/IVY was born circa 1735 and died in 1796 in Franklin Co NC One of his sons was Anthony IVEY/IVY. Need any and all information on him.

Nov 16, 1997 - 10:49 - From: - Annette Limmer

HAMMONDS - Searching for info on my g.g.g.grandparents, Charles and Rahab HAMMONDS. One of their sons, Jesse married Mourning ADAMS, daughter of Jesse ADAMS. Jesse moved from Franklin Co. about 1820. Charles paid taxes there up to 1813, on 320 acres. He must have died about then- the only other record I have found on them was mentioned in a book on Franklin Co. I listed Rahab HAMMONDS buying property in a sale in 1827! Thanks if you know anything.

Nov 16, 1997 - 21:04 - From: - Betty Hammonds Allison

COLLINS - I am seeking information on James Edward Collins, born in Franklin County in 1870 and on Lanie Frances Edwards born in Franklin Co. in 1878. They had nine children: Ruby, Ethel, Julius, Blanche, Jasper, Bruce, Hazel, Rilla, Durwood, and my father William Forrest. Any information or leads would be appreciated.

Nov 18, 1997 - 23:04 - From: - Frances Collins Sutton

ADDICOAT, WILLIAM - ADDICOAT,William work at Diamond Mine. He died in 1903 and was buried here. Can someone find an obituray on him and the cemetery he was buried in? Thank-You.

Nov 20, 1997 - 20:54 - From: - Terry Rushing

COOK, CHRISTMAS - I am researching the Christmas and COOK. The two families didn't marry into the same line in my family until 1922 but were neighbors in Franklin Co. NC. Benjamin Cook Sr. and Benjamin Cook Jr. were in the county during the years of 1800 and 1830. Any information will help. I need marriage of Benjamin Cook Jr. to Sally and conformation of a marriage of Benjamin Cook to Winnifred Hopkins in 1774. Thank You Ginger

Nov 23, 1997 - 16:48 - From: - Ginger Christmas

JOYNER - I am trying to trace my Joyner line. The only information I have is from a graveyard in Franklin Co. and present family members. If anyone knows about a >>John Edgar Joyner b. 1841 d. 1898 >>George Henry Joyner b. 01/07/1846 d. 06/11/1919 who >>was married to Mariah Collier b. 02/24/1847 d. >>06/24/1934 >>Sidney G. Joyner b. 07/28/1844 d. 03/24/1914 >>John Edgar Joyner b. 04/14/1972 d. 03/31/1939 who was >>married to Harriet Braswell b. 04/17/1884 d. >>06/30/1967 >>Emerline wife of William Joyner b. 1817 d.01/08/1898 >>Jay Mose Joyner b. 04/18/1874 d. 01/22/1935 >>Lily Joyner b. 10/08/1880 d. 05/16/1917 Please contact me. I need any information on the JOYNER's possibly spelled JOINER.

Nov 24, 1997 - 22:49 - From: - Shannon Joyner

MOYE - I will appreciate any info on any of the Moye families that have lived inFranklin county since the early 1700`s. Thanks

Nov 25, 1997 - 03:16 - From: - Pearl Moye Weaver

RIDEOUT - Seeking Information on the family & ancestors of William Rideout born circa 1774, lived in Franklin Co.NC., Married Martha Blankenship. Known Children: Robert A. B. Rideout born circa 1829, Sally Rideout born circa 1830. Also need the names and approximate birth years for other children in this family, marriage data. Any help appreciated.

Nov 25, 1997 - 21:16 - From: - Russell L. Lawrence

HILL - Green HILL and Grace Bennett had a son Henry HILL b/1740 d/1808 in FCNC. He served as State Senator of FCNC off and on from 1780 to 1797. Does anyone have any information him, particularly who his wife and children were?

Nov 27, 1997 - 11:24 - From: - Ray Hill

BATCHELOR, JACKSON - I am searching for information on Solomon BATCHELOR, who lived in Franklin County, NC and died there before December 06, 1808. His will shows division of his land to the following heirs: Patty JACKSON, (spouse of David JACKSON), Zilpha Wilson, and to Thomas, Reuben, Penelope Jesse, William, Solomon, John, and Dalon. I also need info on David JACKSON, spouse of Patty BATCHELOR. Any and all help will be appreciated. Tom Jackson e-mail:

Nov 27, 1997 - 17:01 - From: - Thomas Jackson

BURNETT - Reynold (Runnell) Burnett was born ca 1802 in Franklin County. He died after 1880 in Old Milton County, Georgia. was he the son of an older Reynold Burnett who was in Franklin County? all questions answered

Nov 30, 1997 - 17:29 - From: - William S. Bates

COLLINS - I am looking for information about my grandfather, James Edward Collins born in Franklin County in perhaps 1870 and also my grandmother, Lanie Frances Edwards born in Franklin County in perhaps 1878. They had 10 children, one of whom was my father. Any information would be welcomed.

Dec 2, 1997 - 00:04 - From: - Frances Collins Sutton

BROWN, HARRIS - Can anyone help me with family of Peyton J. BROWN ( b. 1804) who was prominent merchant in Louisburg into the 1880s? I am trying to discover if he was the same Peyton J. BROWN who married Sally W. HARRIS of Granville. I know that Peyton BROWN'S son, George W. BROWN registered to vote in Louisburg in 1902. Peyton seems to have married twice. Sally would have been his first wife. Many thanks.

Dec 3, 1997 - 14:29 - From: - Hayes McNeill

WOODLIEF - Woodlief origination name

Dec 4, 1997 - 11:16 - From: - Trish Woodlief

QUALLS, PRIVETTE - Info concerning QUALLS, John Daniel, and PRIVETTE, Tempie (of Franklin Co, NC). Their children were Emma Elizabeth(b:11 Dec 1896, d:18 March 1992) and Kelly). Who were their parents? Thanks!

Dec 6, 1997 - 01:51 - From: - Shelby Crocker Smith

WHEAT, SMITH - There's a record of a marriage between Levy WHEAT and Miram SMITH in Franklin Co., NC on Dec. 15, 1803. (v.156-3 North Carolina Records p.12) The Bondsman and witness was a Joseph SMITH. Does anyone have information on any of these folks? Thank you.

Dec 6, 1997 - 14:39 - From: - F. Wheat

COLLINS - 4:00 Dec. 7, 1997 from Arlina Would like to have further information regarding Rev. James COLLINS and his family. From information given me, Rev. Collins went to Maury Co., TN before 1820, stayed only a short while and then went to Franklin Co., NC. He is said to have children named Durham, Stephen and Sarah. I am trying to identify a Stephen COLLINS of Maury Co., TN and wonder if Rev. Collins' son Stephen remained in Maury Co., TN. I will be glad to share what information I have . Thanks, Arlina

Dec 7, 1997 - 16:07 - From: - Arlina

SPENCER - I am just beginning research of the Spencer family, beginning with my great grandfather James K. Spencer, B1844, D1912, maried to A. Rebecca (unknown). He was born and raised in Louisburg, and is also burried there. Can anyone provide any information?

Dec 10, 1997 - 20:41 - From: - Norwood H. Mitchell, Jr.

PETTIFORD, KEARNEY - Seeking descendants of Henderson KEARNEY (1831-1913) and Elizabeth PETTIFORD (1852-1883) of Franklin Co., NC who were married in 1871. Children were Mary (1873), Martha (1874), James (1877), Ann (1879) and Vaissie (1881). Elizabeth is dau. of Minerva PETTIFORD of Franklin Co.

Dec 11, 1997 - 07:18 - From: - Robert Jackson

STALLINGS, WHITFIELD - My great grandfather James A. Stallings married Sallie Clegg Whitfield in the home of W.G.(?) Stallings Esq. Nov. 29, 1882 in Franklinton, Franklin Co. I would be interested in information relative to either of my great grandparents--Stallings or Whitfield

Dec 18, 1997 - 23:55 - From: - John Bourisseau

COSHATT/CASHATT - John Coshatt (Cashatt) shows up in the 1790 census of NC with 7 children, 4 boys & 3 girls. One of the sons named Jacob Coshatt (Cashatt) appeared in the 1810 & 1820 NC. Census. Jacob moved to Shelby County, Alabama around 1820 having a son Jacob Coshatt Jr. Jacob Coshatt Jr. had 9 children born through 1850 to 1874. 3 of the boys served in the CSA in the 44th AL Infrantry and the 62nd AL infantry. John was my GGGGGF and i would like any info at all in regard to his birth, marriage, death, deeds and the names and dates the birth of his children. WHO IS THIS GHOST?

Dec 19, 1997 - 00:47 - From: - Brian Keith Coshatt

PERRY, BIRD - My 3-great grandfather was Burrell Perry, born 16 Feb 1767, in NC, probably in what became Franklin County. Reportedly his father, Jeremiah Perry, died during the Revolutionary War while serving as a courier for Gen. Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee. Burrell married Hester (or Ester?) Bird in Franklin County on 11 Dec 1789, reportedly against the wishes of her family. Burrell and Hester moved first to Georgia, but soon thereafter settled in Middle Tennessee on the Stones River. I have lots of information on their descendants, and am interested in learning more about the Perry and Bird families. If you are interested in comparing notes, you can reach me via e-mail or at 68 Log Cabin Lane, Buena Vista, VA 24416. Regards, Pete Hamilton

Dec 23, 1997 - 12:46 - From: - Pete Hamilton

SOLOMON, GORDON, WISENER, BRIDGES, GEE - I am researching the William SOLOMON family whose homestead lay some five miles north of Louisburg.William SOLOMON was born in England bef. 1755 and wrote his will in June of 1814.He married Dianna GORDON of the clan GORDON, and they had at least ten children born between before 1774 and 1790. These offspring, namely: Goodwin, Luke, Bennett, Elizabeth, Jordan, Dica, Sally, William, Jane, and Jeremiah married into the JUDDS,WISENERS, HALES, BRIDGES, GEES, LEWIS, and I'm sure many other families of the area. One branch of the family went off to Lincoln County, Tennessee when it was still a wilderness, and that is how my family came into the picture. Please let me know if you have any information or interest in this family.

Dec 26, 1997 - 17:13 - From: - Joe Max Williams

HILL - Desperately seeking to find out more about John Hill born 1778 in Franklin Co to Rev. Maj. Green Hill and his second wife Mary Seawell. They moved to TN and John is said to have married many times---I only can prove two wives, any help most appreciated!

Dec 26, 1997 - 19:00 - From: - Patricia L. Vincent

SIMMONS, WALKER - I am looking for any information on Thomas SIMMONS and Elizabeth Mary Ann WALKER. There is a marriage in this county. Also am looking for the parents of Thomas Simmons. Thank you for any help. Greg Simmons

Dec 28, 1997 - 03:37 - From: - Gregory Simmons

FALCONER, THOMAS, CHRISTMAS, FOX - In Sept Court, 1817, Alexander Falconer gave power of att'y to lawyer William Green to recieve properties left to minors William Jordan Thomas, John T. Thomas and Mary S. Thomas, children of John Thomas, dec'd, in the will of William Christmas. Was Christmas their grandfather? Where was the will filed? Were there other children of John Thomas? I believe Mary S. Thomas to be the Mary S. Thomas who married Richard Fox. They are my ancestors. Lynelle

Dec 28, 1997 - 08:43 - From: - Lynelle Cowan Stevenson

WRIGHT - Looking for information on James Wright lived in Franklinton, N.C. died in Raleigh,N.C. around 1970?Was half-Cherokee.

Dec 28, 1997 - 14:09 - From: - J.Mitchell

THOMAS, CHRISTMAS, CONNELLY - In 1806 an agreement was drawn between John THOMAS of Franklin Co. and William CHRISTMAS of Williamson Co. Tn. that Thomas would make payments to his three grandchildren, William Jordan Thomas, John T. Thomas and Mary Smith Thomas, the mother of these children being Polly Graves Conn--- dtr of William Christmas. There is a record of a Mrs. Thomas marrying William Connelly of Louisberg in 1806. Can anyone give me information about these families?

Dec 29, 1997 - 18:47 - From: - Lynelle Cowan Stevenson

BIRD/BYRD - I am looking for John BIRD/BYRD, father of Thomas BIRD/BYRD b. 1778 d. 1845 Ky. My only clue of the father of Thomas is that his second son was named John M. BIRD and in the 1880 census record, another one of his sons shows his father being from NC.   "FTM Census Index: Colonial America 1607-1789" shows in the index that there was a John  BIRD in Bute Co. NC in 1771. Any help will be appreciated.

Dec 31, 1997 - 01:06 - From: - Dave & Nina Bird

WILLIAMS, LUNCEFORD - Searching for parents and sibblings of Humphrey Moody Williams, b 15 Sep 1816, Orange Co., NC, d 9 Aug 1902 Wright Co., MO, and Lucinda Arbell Lunceford b 6 Oct 1819 NC. They married 28 Jun 1838 Franklin Co., NC. Children: (all born Franklin Co, except last one born Roane Co., TN) William T. b 14 Aug 1840 d 15 Nov 1862; John Alison b 12 Nov 1844, m 1)Mary Ellen Shields 2)Mary Ann Riley; Sarah b 1847 NFI; Brazela Jefferson b 9 Jun 1850, m Mary L. Shields; Cloyana Ferdelia b 9 Jun 1850 (Twins) m George Washington Shackelford; Martha b 13 Nov 1852 m 1)Mr. Farris 2)Josephus Gadby; and Albert B. b 1 Oct 1861.

Jan 4, 1998 - 10:15 - From: - M. Charlene Davis

JONES, DENBY - Searching for info on family of Jacob JONES Sr. (ca l729 NC-8 April l8l8 Franklin Co, NC) Know of 3 sons: Jacob Jones Jr (l753 Franklin Co, NC-7 Oct l848 Piakins,SC); Joshua (ca l755 Franklin Co, NC-ca l824 Franklin Co.,NC and my line: Council Jones Sr (mid l750's Franklin Co.,NC-5 March l805). He m. Susanna DENBY.

Jan 4, 1998 - 11:57 - From: - Ann Brown

DENBY, JONES, BYRD, STALLIENS, ELEY, WALKER, MILNER, THORNTON - James DENBY was b. ca l739 Franklin Co., NC and died 24 April l795 Franklin Co., NC. He m. Patience ??? James left a will in Franklin Co., NC and his widow is on l800 census. Children include: Susanna m. Council Jones; Keziah m. ? Byrd; Barsheba m. ? Stalliens; Charity m. Josial Eley; Christinia m. James Walker, Elijah m. Patty Milner, and Presscilla m. ? Thornton. Would appreciate hearing from anyone researching these families.

Jan 4, 1998 - 12:16 - From: - Ann Brown

HOLT - Seeking the parents of Larkin Holt b. Orange Co., NC. 1805 he was living in Franklin Co. NC 1833 he moved to Gilmer Co., GA Married Mahala Blair. Thank you

Jan 8, 1998 - 00:42 - From: - Margaret Deal

JOHNSON - I am seeking information re. Junious Monroe Johnson and his ancestors. Junious Monroe Johnson was possibly born in Franklin Co. in 1866, but definitely resided there from the early 1900's until his move to Granville Co. N.C. about 1924. He was married to Sarah Washington Card on 01-27-1897 at the home of A. H. Card in Franklin Co., N.C.

Jan 9, 1998 - 11:08 - From: - Preston Johnson

SYKES, YARBOROUGH - The marriage of Joseph Benjamin SYKES to Sarah YARBOROUGH on July 7, 1829 is recorded in Louisburg, Franklin County. Any information regarding the origins of either Sarah or Joseph would be helpful. I will be glad to exchange information about this couple, their children, etc.

Jan 13, 1998 - 19:52 - From: - Ruth Bloom

BOON, ENGLISH, JONES, KINCHIN, DENBY - Searching for information on the descendants of William BOON b. ca l735 Isle of Wright Co.,VA and d. Dec l799 in Franklin Co., NC. He m. ca l788 to Rebecca ENGLISH (d/o Nathan ENGLISH & Sarah KINCHIN). I descend from their son, Kinchin Boon Sr. who married Margaret (Peggy) JONES (d/o Council JONES & Susanna DENBY)

Jan 14, 1998 - 12:39 - From: - Ann Brown

BATCHELOR, BOSWELL, JACKSON - I am searching for information on Solomon BATCHELOR and his spouse Sarah BOSWELL. Solomon Batchelor was born in 1750 in Nash County, NC and he died about 1806 in Franklin County,NC. He and Sarah BOSWELL were married in Bute County, NC. I am also in need of info on their children, in particular, their daughter Patty BATCHELOR and her spouse David JACKSON. Any and all help will be appreciated. Tom Jackson e-mail:

Jan 19, 1998 - 09:38 - From: - Tom Jackson

GARLAND - Searching for any information on my G-G-G Grandmother, Tabith GARLAND born in NC? date of birth1773 .1830 US.Tennessee.census stated she was born in NC, had four children. Pryer. Garland/dob1804. Elizabeth. Garland.bob1818. Nancy Garland.dob unk. Lewis Garland dob1823 Mailing add John Garland.PO.Box 567 Tazewell.TN. 37879.

Jan 22, 1998 - 15:44 - From: - John Garland.

WOOD, MELTON, ELLIOTT - I'm searching for my great, great grandmother, Chaney WOOD, her maiden name was ELLIOTT, first husband was Garrett MELTON, second husband was R. W. WOOD.

Jan 22, 1998 - 20:39 - From: - Patricia M. Crooks

BYRUM, HOWARD, ALLEN, FREEMAN - I have Wesly H. BYRUM,b. 1852 I believe in Granville NC, married to Fannie W. about 1877. I believe his father is Doctor Wesly BYRUM, b.1820 NC he married 3 times 1st Priscilla HOWARD, 2nd Rebecca ALLEN, 3rd Jane FREEMAN. Wesly is in Franklin Co in the 1880 census. Looking for any BYRUM'S in this area. Would love to share information.

Jan 28, 1998 - 19:45 - From: - Lynn Hasty

HARRIS, BLACKLEY, GARRETT, LAMM, - I am looking for relatives of Asa P. Harris born 1807 in the Fishing Creek Township of Granville County who married Mary K. Blackley born 1809 in the same area. They were married December 15, 1832 and had these children: Alexander "Sandy" Harris and his twin sister Milchisa born in 1834, then Mary born 1837 and then Wesley born about 1850. Alexander married first Mary K. Weaver on December 19, 1857 and they had these children: Julia, Charles, Wesley, Lewis and Albert. After Mary died Alexander married Lucy Ann Garrett born 1852 in Kittrell Township, Granville County. They had these children: Henry, James, Lonnie, Sarah, Fannie, Annie, Lewis and Ollie. Alexander and Lucy Harris were living in the Freeman Township in Franklin County in the 1900 Census. They are my ggrandparents. My grandfather was James Monroe Harris who married Sallie E. Lamm. If anyone recognizes these names or has any information, please contact me. Sincerely, Joan Mullen Shytle

Jan 29, 1998 - 21:52 - From: - Joan Mullen Shytle

WILLIAMSON - I am looking for any information about William WILLIAMSON, wife Martha, 2nd wife ?COX. Children, William, Green George, Jacob Patience. Bute Co., NC, Will Book A Pg 206, Will of William Williamson, 14 Feb 1769. Divided among 9 children, but not all are named.

Feb 1, 1998 - 13:45 - From: - Gary Verver

HULSEY, O`SHIELDS - I think my mothers side of the family is from Franklin Co. Their name is Hulsey

Feb 2, 1998 - 18:29 - From: - Harbert Logan PAYNE

RAILEY/RALEY - looking for the ancestors of morris railey brn abt 1729 died abt 1799. would like to know where or who his parents name and any brother and sisster and where they came from if this is possible. wife name is mary and three children. names andrew,robert, and nellie railey wooten

Feb 7, 1998 - 18:34 - From: - JOHN L. RALEY

JACKSON, WALKER - I am searching for any information on JOHN WARREN JACKSON, who married Lydia Walker, and is found in Bute Co records as a buyer at an estate sale of Peter Walker in 1778. He is found in Franklin Co deed books in 1780 and 1783 as a witness in deeds of William Stuart, John Lenard, and others. He then moved into Ga to Wilkes Co and later dies in Warren Co GA. Who were his children? Did he have siblings? Was he born in Maryland? Did he have a son named Warren?

Feb 9, 1998 - 17:39 - From: - Sarah Dethloff

DAUGHERTY, GAY - I am interested in discovering additional information re the DAUGHERTY family of Franklin County. Joseph DAUGHERTY was named guardian of Kinchen and Eaton GAY in 1791. Joseph DAUGHTERY was the brother of these orphans mother, Mary DAUGHERTY GAY, widow of Isham GAY of Edgecombe County. Joseph and Mary DAUGHTERY's father was Samuel DAUGHERTY of Franklin County (and referred to in some documents as "recently of Isle of Wight, Virginia). I believe that Mary Daugherty GAY may have remarried a brother (or cousin) of Isham Richard GAY of Edgecombe County. Both Joseph DAUGHERTY and Mary DAUGHERTY GAY appear in Franklin County records and in Edgecombe County records. Can you help me shed a little light on this family's history?

Feb 15, 1998 - 13:29 - From: - Susan Gay-Peterson

COOPER - Looking for information about Kannon COOPER, named in the will of Cannon COOPER, 1794 Franklin Co. The 1820 census for Orange Co. lists a Cannon COOPER. Was this person one and the same? Would like to contact others researching COOPERs in Franklin Co.

Feb 16, 1998 - 13:20 - From: - Pamela Farmer-Scott

JONES - I'm looking for information concerning William Atkin (possibly Adkin) Jones, who was a tobacco farmer/ landowner in or near Franklin County, NC, possibly on the outskirts of Louisburg. He had 13 children by his first wife who died. I have no information on this first wife and am interested in any leads regarding her. His second wife was Myrtle Stallings, possibly from a nearby area named Stallings Crossing, who bore him three children, Louis, Casey (Casey may have been a nickname, real name may have been William Atkin Jr., and Joseph Bentley. Myrtle Jones died around 1973 in Louisburg. The subject William Atkin Jones died around 1932, horse. He was decended from two brothers who came from Wales. He donated some land he owned in Louisburg for the construction of a church there. Family legend is that this particular Jones family, is the family that John Paul stayed with, and then took the name Jones from to become John Paul Jones, father of the US Navy. I don't know whether there is any truth to that or not, but would also appreciate any information anyone may have on that subject. Any information or leads appreciated. Thanks.

Feb 17, 1998 - 11:54 - From: - Steve Jones

STALLINGS - I'm looking for any information concerning Myrtle Stallings (approximately 1890's-1973)who married William Atkin Jones (1860's-1932) as his second wife and had three children by him, Louis, Casey (this may have been a nickname, real name may have been William Atkin Jones Jr.), and Joseph Bentley. William Jones was a tobacco farmer/landowner in Franklin County and died around 1932. He had 13 children by his first wife.

Feb 17, 1998 - 12:02 - From: - Steve Jones

JUSTICE, SMITH, WHITAKER, BARROW - Looking for furthr information and decendants of Robert justice, of Halifax Co., NC. He married Fereby/Phereby Barrow, d/o Jacob Barrow and moved to Louisburg, NC. He was the s/o John Justice and Sarah Cook of Halifax Co., NC. John Justice d. 1801, Sarah about 1816. Robert Justice had a daughter who marr. Jesse Whitaker, of Scotland Neck, and a dau. Sally Cook Justice (1817-1894) who never married but lived as a companion of Mrs. William Ruffin Smith, also known as "Sally Billy". The home of the Smiths was removed from Scotland Neck and is now restored and open for visitors in old Halifax Town, NC. Any information of this family greatly appreciated. Jane

Feb 20, 1998 - 13:59 - From: - Jane P. Justice

ARRINGTON - Seeking info on Henry ARRINGTON b 1775 in NC, m (1) Elizabeth ? 26 Sept 1799; m (2) Nancy Stokes 8 Dec 1812 in Franklin Co. 4 children by first marriage, 8 by second marriage born in Franklin Co. Any help thanks

Feb 21, 1998 - 20:46 - From: - Joan McAlister-Thompson


Feb 21, 1998 - 21:16 - From: - elizabeth queener

FAULKNER - Are there any records of any type of transactions made by Ollie Taylor Faulkner about the beginning of the century?

Feb 23, 1998 - 15:02 - From: - Vivian Strother Powell

YARBOROUGH, SYKES - Sarah (Sally) Yarborough married Joseph Benjamin Sykes on July 7, 1829. I am looking for information about either family. Thanks

Feb 25, 1998 - 21:32 - From: - Ruth Bloom

JORDAN - I am looking for information on Thomas Jordan. He married Nancy Long in April 1800 in Franklin County.All information would be appreciated. He is the father of the Thomas C.Jordan in Meigs CO.Tn.

Feb 27, 1998 - 14:07 - From: - Laura Lynn