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Caleb Hobbs Toler & wife Sidney (Hines) Toler

Caleb Hobbs Toler, son of John Toler and Penelope Tillett, was born in Elizabeth City, NC on Dec. 22, 1861 and died in Kitty Hawk, NC on Nov. 16, 1942 [see obit].  Caleb married Sidney Matilda Hines on May 5, 1881.  Sidney was born to Lemuel Hines and Mary Louisa "Lula" O'Neal at Kitty Hawk on Jan. 7, 1863.  Sidney died on Sept. 15, 1923.  She and Caleb are both buried in the Austin Cemetery at Kitty Hawk.  Their marriage produced a dozen children.  After Sidney died in 1923, Caleb married Mary Amanda Wynne sometime before 1930.  Mary was born in 1882 and died Apr. 30, 1955.  She is also buried in the Austin Cemetery beside Caleb.  No children were born from this marriage.

[See the Caleb H. Toler Family Bible.  Not all children's births are given but all deaths are recorded.]

Children of Caleb Hobbs Toler & Sidney Matilda (Hines) Toler were:
   1) Lillie F. Toler - b. Feb. 8, 1882  d. Nov. 1, 1882
   2) Vandelia Forbes Toler - b. Nov. 24, 1883  d. Oct. 23, 1938 [Bible states Oct. 22 but death certificate states Oct. 23]; married James Weymouth Beacham in Currituck Co, NC on Nov. 8, 1898

James Weymouth Beacham & Vandelia (Toler) Beacham
Photo submitted by Vandelia Elliott

   3) Caleb Wesley Toler - b. Oct. 15, 1885  d. Sept. 24, 1953
   4) Lillian M. Toler - b. Aug. 11, 1887  d. Feb. 9, 1948; married William Daniels Rogers in Currituck Co. in 1903
   5) Nancy Ann Toler - b. Aug. 6, 1889  d. July 27, 1961 in Ft. Pierce, Fl.; married Silas Davis Gard [spelled "Guard" in the Family Bible] on June 19, 1907
   6) Sidney Blaine Toler - b. Apr. 6, 1892  d. Oct. 7, 1941 [see death certificate]
   7) Albert Lee Toler - b. Apr. 25, 1893  d. July 14, 1973; married 1st Isabella Ellen Harris, 2nd Addie Cowell White
   8) Ozella C. Toler - b. May 17, 1896  d. Mar. 2, 1977 in Pinehurst, Moore Co., NC [see obit]; married Sherwood Bain Perry in Pasquotank Co., NC in 1915
   9) Henry Herman Toler - b. May 27, 1898  d. Sept. 27, 1950 [see death certificate]; married 1st Edna B. Overton, 2nd Ella G. Graves in 1949
 10) William Roosevelt "Ted" Toler, Sr. - b. Sept. 4, 1900  d. Apr. 9, 1966 Portsmouth, VA [see obit]; married Elizabeth Mae "Lizzie" Crank at Kitty Hawk on Sept. 14, 1920 [see their photos here]
      a) William Roosevelt, "Billy" Toler, Jr. - b. Nov. 27, 1921  Married: Shirley Dowdy at South Mills, Camden Co., NC on Nov. 20, 1941

William Roosevelt "Billy Toler, Jr.

      b) Sidney Caleb Toler - b. Oct. 29, 1923  d. Dec. 29, 2005; Married: Leola Estelle Perry in South Mills, Camden Co., NC on Sept. 16, 1943

Sidney Caleb Toler - World War II

Leola Estelle (Perry) Toler

      c) Anges Elizabeth Toler - b. Jan. 29, 1936  d. May 8, 2012  [see obit]; Married: Wally Gerald Wise in Hertford, Perquimans Co., NC on Apr. 6, 1957

William Roosevelt "Ted" Toler, Sr.

Wm. R. "Ted" Toler, Sr. & Elizabeth (Crank) Toler

Wm. R. "Billy" Toler, Jr. & brother, Sidney Caleb Toler

Left to right: Wm. R. "Billy" Toler, Jr. & his wife Shirley (Dowdy) Toler, Elizabeth (Crank) Toler, Wm. R. "Ted" Toler, Sr., Leola (Perry) Toler, Anges Toler [little girl who later married Wally G. Wise]

 11) Curtis Leroy Toler - b. Aug. 28, 1903  d. June 14, 1985; married Minnie Lee (Cartwright) Sawyer Midgett at Kitty Hawk on June 25, 1949 [see Minnie's obit]

Curtis Leroy Toler

 12) Clyde A. Toler [spelled "Clide" in the Family Bible] - b. Feb. 18, 1907  d. Feb. 25, 1907

Left to right: Caleb Wesley Toler, Sidney Blaine Toler, Lillian (Toler) Rogers, Albert Lee Toler, Caleb Hobbs Toler, Mary Amanda (Wynne) Toler, Nancy Ann (Toler) Gard

Left to right: Ozella (Toler) Perry, Sidney Blaine Toler, Craig B. Perry (son of Ozella), Lillian (Toler) Rogers, Vandelia (Toler) Beacham, Caleb Wesley Toler

Kitty Hawk High School - Class of 1942 with Mascots and list of students below (not in order)

Photos & information courtesy of Sandy Midgett.



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