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Willis Tillett Cemetery - Nags Head Woods

From Hwy 158 in Kill Devil Hills take Ocean Acres Dr. and go for 1.1 miles or until it intersects with Old Nags Head Road.  Turn left on Old Nags Head Rd. and go about 2.4 miles.  The cemetery will be on the left close to the road and inside a chain linked fence.  Photographs were taken in May 2010 by Kay Midgett Sheppard.

Baringer, Nellie E. Baum Johnson Mar. 27, 1922 Mar. 1, 2008 Loving Wife & Mother  [see obituary]
Beasley, Elizabeth Dec. 14, 1910 Mar. 29, 1963 No pain only happiness  [see obituary for Elizabeth Beasley Midgett]
Beasley, Morris [Sept. 2, 1874] Feb. 22, 1952 [No tombstone found.]  [see obituary]
Hanson, Tracy M. 1973 1973 Twiford's Funeral Home Marker
Hanson, Woodrow S. [June 22] 1976 [June 22] 1976 Funeral Home Marker
[Woodrow Shane Hanson was born & died in Pasquotank Co., NC]
Johnson, Callie L. Feb. 19, 1914 Feb. 4, 1916  
Johnson, Callie T. Apr. 20, 1887 June 30, 1980 Mother
Johnson, Daryl Craig [June 15] 1973 [Sept. 4] 1973 Twiford's Funeral Home Marker
[s/o Thomas W. Johnson & Patricia Brown]
Johnson, Elsie M. Sept. 18, 1924 June 30, 2001 At Rest  [Double with Ralph W. Johnson]
Johnson, Ivey J. Apr. 19, 1915 Mar. 18, 1918  
Johnson, Lewis L. Jan. 6, 1881 Feb. 13, 1947 Father
Johnson, Markus Ryan Jr. Mar. 22, 1952 Mar. 3, 2000 Loving Son & Brother
Johnson, Ralph W. Aug. 14, 1917 July 4, 1990 At Rest  [Double with Elsie M. Johnson]
Johnson, Ruth L. Nov. 14, 1906 Dec. 26, 1906  
Johnson, Thomas R. Sept. 26, 1922 Oct. 13, 1943 In Memory Of - North Carolina S1 US Navy World War II PH
Leigh, Walter Raleigh Dec. 27, 1926 Dec. 27, 1926 Baby Brother
Lewark, Clarence T. April 10, 1888 May 10, 1888 Son of T. & E.G. Lewark - Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven. [Footstone]
Lewark, Claud Lester Aug. 11, 1914 Feb. 21, 1985 My Daddy - Faye; Our Grandaddy - Wendy, Cori  [Footstone]
[Double with Faye Lewark Daniels Lewark]
Lewark Faye Lewark Daniels July 20, 1942   [Double with Claud Lester Lewark]
Russell, Jule June 10, 1864 April 11, 1951 [see obituary for William Julian Russell]
Saunders, Ila Mae July 6, 1930 July 13, 1930  
Tillett, Durant
[Durant Tillett, who has a broken tombstone in another Tillett Cemetery in Nags Head Woods, was born Mar. 1, 1806 and died Feb. 7, 1831.]
  1831 Edenton Gazette & Farmer's Palladium (February 10, 1831)
The schr. Gen. Jackson, Capt. Durant Tillett, arrived at this port one day last week from Charleston, S.C.; the Captain in a day or two became indisposed and took lodgings at Mrs. Gardner's Tavern and called in one of our most respectable physicians who, on the second or third day, pronounced it a decided case of Small Pox. Measures were immediately taken by the Commissioners of the town to prevent any intercourse with the house and on Monday night last, Capt. Tillett died and was buried the following day. Every precaution was used that experience could suggest, and with such effect as in our opinion to prevent the possibility of a spread of the disease, and in this opinion we are sustained by the attending physician.
Tillett, I. [Isaac] J. Jan. 22, 1891 May 16, 1909 His toils are past his work is done.  He fought the fight--the victory won.
Tillett, John W. June 10, 1865 Jan'y 10, 1885 Weep not dear parents, Disturb not my rest, My Saviour has called. He loved me best.  [Closeup]
Tillett, Martha E. July 2, 1861 Mar. 11, 1937 Mother - A Mother is a Mother still.  The holiest thing alive.
Tillett, Nancy A. May 10, 1839 Nov. 29, 1882 In Memory Of - Wife of W.G. Tillett
Dear mother thou hast gone to rest.
Thy toils and cares are o'er:
And sorrow, pain and suffering new,
Shall ne'er distress thee more
Tillett, W. [William] J.D. Dec. 31, 1892 April 24, 1911 Son of W.G. & M.E. Tillett - His words were kindness, his deeds were love,  His spirit humble he rests above.  [Closeup]
Tillett, W.[Willis] G. July 28, 1840 Jan. 12, 1907 Each of us hope to join you at last on the beautiful heavenly shore.
Tillett, Willis G. May 18, 1894 Jan. 23, 1915 Here I lay my burden down , Change the Cross into the Crown [the rest is unreadable]  [Closeup]
Twiford, Nellie E. April 28, 1870 April 12, 1930 Mother - Our beloved Mother farewell.
Twiford, R.L. [Robert Lee] April 14, 1892 [April 14, 1892] Gone, but not forgotten.
Twiford, W.O. [William Otis] Dec. 25, 1870 June 25, 1929 Father - Beloved one farewell.  [Junior Order of United American Mechanics emblem]  [Footstone]
Twiford, Willie O. Nov. 16, 1900 Sept. 30, 1958 They are not lost who find the light of sun and stars and God.
[see obituary]

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