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Tillett /Tillitt Cemetery - Nags Head Woods

From Hwy 158 in Kill Devil Hills take Ocean Acres Dr. and go for 1.1 miles or until it intersects with Nags Head Woods Road.  Turn right and go for about 0.1  The cemetery will be close to the road on the left and is enclosed with a chain link fence.  There is another small Tillett cemetery right next to this one but outside the fence.  Photographs were taken in May 2010 by Kay Midgett Sheppard.

[Shaw, Frances "Fanny] [Mar. 4, 1802] [Apr. 30, 1837] [This headstone was copied years ago and only a footstone remains.  She was the d/o Capt. Thomas B. Tillett & Dolly (Baum) Tillett.  Fannie was 1st married to Jacob Aydlett and 2nd to John A. Shaw]
[see Fanny's will]
Tillett, Cap. Thomas [Nov. 25, 1762] Decr: 25th 1827 aged 65 years & 1 month  [Closeup]  [Closeup of epitaph]
My flesh shall slumber in this ground
Till the last trumpets joyful sound
Then burst the chains with sweet surprise
And in my SAVIOURS arms shall rise.

[A better photo by Judy Brickhouse and her daughter Lisa - 2012]

Tillitt, Dolly 10th April 1776 20th of August 1829 Here rest the Remains of Dolly Tillitt

Aged 53 Years 4 months and 20 days  [Closeup]
This Marble is dedicated by her affectionate Sons & Daughter.
O thou whose mercy still controls, The Orphans tear and Orphans cry [rest of epitaph is cut off]

[This stone has been broken but was repaired and standing.  A better photo by Judy Brickhouse and her daughter Lisa can be seen here.]

Tillitt, Durant
[Durant's footstone is possibly in the Willis Tillett Cemetery.  There is also a news article regarding his death from smallpox.]
1st of March 1806 7th Feb 1831 Sacred [to] the Memory Of - In the Twenty-Fifth Y___ of his age [rest is broken off or below ground]

[A better photo by Judy Brickhouse and her daughter Lisa - 2012]

Tillitt, Isaac April 1st 1800 November 3rd 1851 Sacred to the memory of - Aged 51 years 7 months and 2 days

[This stone was moved from Currituck County by concerned relatives.  It has been reported that the base of this stone is still in the ground at its original site in Harbinger, NC.  See a better photo here.]

Tillitt, Capt. Samuel March 29, 1798 April 8, 1876 [Closeup of epitaph]  [Footstone]
There no sorrow near can reach him
There no sadness shade his brow
Neither storm nor raging billow
Can disturb his slumber now.

[This stone appeared to have been broken but was repaired and standing.  See a better photo here.]

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