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Tillett Cemetery - Nags Head Woods

From Hwy 158 in Kill Devil Hills take Ocean Acres Dr. and go for 1.1 miles or until it intersects with Old Nags Head Rd.  Turn left on Old Nags Head Rd. and go for about 1.7  The cemetery will be on the right about 300 feet off the road.  This cemetery is well kept and enclosed within a white wooden fence.  Google Maps for this cemetery.  Photographs were taken in May 2010 by Kay Midgett Sheppard.

Mann, John J. Sept. 28, 1840 May 17, 1915 His record is on high.
Mann, Polly Nov. 24, 1807 Jan. 24, 1872 In Memory Of  [Closeup of epitaph]  [Fooststone]
The grave is now a favored spot
To saints who sleep in Jesus blest:
For there the wicked trouble not,
And there the weary are at rest.
Tillett, Blythe B. Oct. 30, 1943   [Tillett Family Marker]
Tillett, Dolly Madison July 11, 1904 Oct. 31, 1912 Daughter of T.L. & Harriet A. Tillett  [Closeup of epitaph]  [Long Shot]
The bird like voice whose joyous tones
Made glad the scenes of sin and strife,
Sings now an everlasting song
Around the tree of life.
Tillett, Elisha G. Apr. 1, 1898 Mar. 2, 1956 One worthy of remembrance.  [Masonic & Coast Guard Emblems]
[Closeup]  [Military Marker]
[Double with Vera B. Tillett]
Tillett, Harriet A.
[Thanks to Pat Patterson for a better photo than I took!]
Nov. 12, 1861 May 15, 1933 Wife of T.L. Tillett
So sad the parting Mother
But we know it gave you rest.
God help each of us to know
Thy will is best.
Earlier photo taken by Judy Brickhouse before the stone was cleaned.
Tillett, infant twin sons April 19, 1973 April 20, 1973 Infant twin sons of Blythe B. and Marshall F. Jr.  [Tillett Family Marker]
Tillett, Joseph H. Apr. 18, 1829 Sept. 15, 1881 Dearest father thou hast left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel
But 'tis God who has bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal.
Tillett, Joseph H. [see note below] Dec. 10, 1879 Nov. 29, 1936 Age 57 Yrs. 11 Mo. & 19 Days  [Footstone]
Tillett, Levina  [see note below] May 15, 1846 Dec. 8, 1880 Wife of Joseph H. Tillett  [Footstone]

Gone, gone, loved one gone
From our home God hath
Recalled thee in thy youth-
ful bloom death's icey
Fingers rest upon thee now
Still beauty lingers on thy Pallid brow

Tillett, Lovey Nov. 25, 1864 Dec. 24, 1931 Daughter of Josiah & Luvina Tillett  [Footstone]
Tillett, Marshall Field Mar. 20, 1902 Jan. 22, 1992 Husband of Viola Tillett - Married Jan. 13, 1923  [Closeup]
"Weep not.  He is not dead but sleepin"
Tillett, Marshall Field Jr. May 1, 1940 August 29, 1991 [Tillett Family Marker]
Tillett, Nettie V.  [see note below] 1895 [Sept. 22] 1923 Wife of J.H. Tillett [Jr.] - At Rest  [see death certificate]
Tillett, T.L. [Tillman/Tilmon L.] Sept. 14, 1862 Apr. 10, 1920 Hark from the tomb a doleful sound
My ears attend the cry

Ye living men come view the ground
Where you must shortly lie
[Long shot]  [Footstone]
Tillett, Vera B. Feb. 22, 1913 [Jan. 10, 1975] [Double with Elisha G. Tillett]
Tillett, Viola Estelle Apr. 15, 1903 Feb. 5, 1979 Wife of Marshall F. Tillett - A wonderful woman now gone to be with Jesus
[Long Shot]
Tillitt, Edgar Allen Jan. 5, 1925 Aug. 20, 1935 Son of M.F. & Viola Tillitt  [Long Shot]
At the dawn of the resurrection morning let us meet again.
Tillitt, Tidrick June 2, 1870? Oct. 10, 1873 Son of Josiah H. & Levina Tillitt  [Footstone]
Happy infant early blest, Rest in peaceful slumbers, rest.
Twiford, Esther H. August 20, 1859 April 20, 1899 Aged 39 yrs. & 8 mos.  [Footstone]
Wescott, M. Louese July 26, 1883 April 4, 1918 Wife of R.L. Wescott Sr. - Aged 35 years 9 mos.& 22 days  [Footstone]
Wescott, Nina M. Apr. 13, 1907 Apr. 4, 1915 Daughter of M. Louese & R.L. Wescott - Age 7 yrs. 11 mos. 22 days
NOTE: Past research has shown that Tillett is usually spelled with an "ett" instead of an "itt", however, you will find a few instances of the latter spelling.  The 2 men shown in this cemetery as Joseph H. Tillett were actually named "Josiah" Holly Tillett.  In most records they are listed as J.H. Tillett, Josiah H. Tillett, Joe H. Tillett or J. Holly Tillett.  I've only found two instances of the name "Joseph" being used as a first name.  Josiah H. Tillett, Sr.'s (1829-1881) wife had various spellings to her name also.  She is seen randomly as Lavina, Levina, Levenia, Louviney, with "Vinie" as a nickname.

Josiah H. Tillett (1879-1936) married 4 times as near as can be determined.  1st: to Mattie King on Sept. 10, 1899; 2nd: to Nettie V., whose tombstone is in this cemetery, on Nov. 24, 1904; 3rd to Cottie Poole (Culpepper) Rodgers Peterson between June 1923-1930.  Cottie is buried in the Dolly Cemetery; and 4th to Robanna (Fulcher) O'Neal Beasley on Aug. 31, 1935.  Robanna is buried in the Cudworth Cemetery.   I believe that Nettie V. Tillett's birth date of 1895 is in error on her tombstone.  Her marriage certificate states she was 26 when she married Josiah which would put her birth year at c1878, not 1895.  Incidentally, Josiah signed his name as Josiah H. Tillett on this certificate and he had quite good handwriting.  Nettie is age 34 in 1910 & age 41 in 1920.  Nettie's maiden name on the marriage certificate looks like "Fusedly" or "Tusedly" but I can find no record of this name anywhere in the US.  Josiah & Nettie had at least one child, Martha W. Tillett who married Doc Lamb Fulcher.  I was hoping to find her mother's actual maiden name on her death certificate but it only has "Nettie Virginia" with no maiden name listed. Her father IS listed as "Joseph" on this certificate.  I also found Nettie Virginia's death certificate where she is listed as "Mrs. Nettie V. Tillette".  She died in the State Hospital in Raleigh, NC and appears to have been there for approximately a year and a half.  Josiah was the correspondent but he did not know the names of her parents either, however, he did indicate she was born in Baltimore, MD.  Does anyone know what Nettie's maiden name might be?

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