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M.H. Snowden
Nov. 30, 1909 - 1st Codicil: May 20, 1911; 2nd Codicil: no date - Nov. 4, 1912
Currituck Co. Will Book 5; pg. 437-438
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I M.H. SNOWDEN of Snowden Currituck County North Carolina being of sound mind memory and understanding but realizing the uncertainty of life do make this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made.

   To my wife Rosa A. SNOWDEN I loan the house and farm at Snowden as long as she remains my widow to use as she deems best. I give her all my household and kitchen furniture, farming utensils horse and crops that may be growing on said farm at the time of my death relying on her sense of fairness to do what is just and equitable toward our children.

   It is my will and desire that any moneys of which I may die possessed and any that may be received by my estate from life insurance or from any other source be so loaned or invested as to receive the largest obtainable income consistent with safety and from such income a sufficient amount be added each year to the income received from the farm to board and provide for my wife Rosa A. SNOWDEN in comfort and the same be paid to her as her needs may require.

   The remainder of the income if any may be added to the principal or distributed among my sons as my executors may deem best.

   It is my will and desire that after the death of my wife Rosa A. SNOWDEN what may remain of my estate be divided among my sons John H. SNOWDEN, Russell E. SNOWDEN and Basil S. SNOWDEN charging Russell E. SNOWDEN with $1189.65/100 expended for his education and charging Basil S. SNOWDEN with $2135.45/100 expended for his education.

   I hereby constitute and appoint my wife Rosa A. SNOWDEN and my sons executors of my estate without being required to give bond or being required to make a report of my estate except to each of the heirs.

   In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the 30th day of November 1909.
/s/ M.H. SNOWDEN seal

I hereby constitute and appoint my son Basil S. SNOWDEN one of my executors to act jointly with his mother and two brothers aforementioned and upon the same terms conditions and powers. This 20th day of May 1911.
/s/ M.H. SNOWDEN seal

Should my executors deem best to sell the farm at Snowden, N.C. they shall be at liberty to do so at any time they think their mutual interest are being best served thereby.
/s/ M.H. SNOWDEN seal

North Carolina Currituck County---In Superior Court
   A paper writing without subscribing witnesses purporting to be the last will and testament of M.H. SNOWDEN deceased is exhibited for probate in open court by Russell E. SNOWDEN one of the executors therein named and it is thereupon proved by the oath and examination of said Russell E. SNOWDEN that the said will was found among the valuable papers and effects of the said M.H. SNOWDEN after his death. And it is further proved by the oath and examination of three competent and credible witnesses to wit, P.L. NORTHERN, P.N. BRAY and W.T. GRIGGS that they are well acquainted with the handwriting of the said M.H. SNOWDEN having often seen him write and verily believe that the name of the said M.H. SNOWDEN subscribed to the said will and the said will itself and every part thereof with the codicils thereto attached are in the handwriting of the said M.H. SNOWDEN and it is further proved by the evidence of the three mentioned witnesses that the said handwriting is generally known to the acquaintances of the said M.H. SNOWDEN.
   It is therefore considered and adjudged by the court that the said paper writing and every part thereof with the codicils is the last will and testament of the said M.H. SNOWDEN, and the same is ordered to be recorded and filed this Nov. 4th 1912.
/s/ E.W. ANSELL, Clerk Superior Court

Currituck County—In the Superior Court before E.W. ANSELL, Clerk Superior Court
In the matter of the will of M.H. SNOWDEN deceased
   Rosa A. SNOWDEN & John H. SNOWDEN being duly sworn doth say: That M.H. SNOWDEN late of said County is dead having first made and published his last will and testament and that Rosa A. SNOWDEN and John H. SNOWDEN are two of the executors named therein.
   Further that the property of the said M.H. SNOWDEN consisting of money, household furniture, farming implements, horse & buggy is worth about $9000.00 so far as can be ascertained at the date of this application; and that Rosa A. SNOWDEN widow, Snowden, NC, John H. SNOWDEN E. City, NC, Russell E. SNOWDEN Winston-Salem, NC, & Basil SNOWDEN Chicago, Ill. are the parties entitled under said will to the said property.
    /s/ Rosa A. SNOWDEN

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 15th day of November 1912.
    /s/ E.W. ANSELL, Clerk Superior Court

Rosa A. SNOWDEN and J.H. SNOWDEN this day qualified as executrix and executor and Letters Testamentary was issued to them.
    /s/ E.W. ANSELL, C.S.C.

[NOTE:]  Marriage records show that Milton Snowden, son of Isaac & Elizabeth Snowden, married Rosa H. Halstead, daughter of John & Nancy Halstead, on Dec. 6, 1876.  Milton and Rosa Adelia Snowden had been buried in the Isaac Snowden Cemetery in Snowden, NC but were moved to New Hollywood Cemetery in Elizabeth City, NC [see Milton's tombstone; see Rosa's tombstone].  Their son, Basil, was killed in France during WWI and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va. but also has a headstone erected to him in the Isaac Snowden Cemetery.

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