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 Isaac Snowden Cemetery
Snowden, NC

Directions: From US 168 southbound make a right onto NC 34, go 1.8 miles and make a right onto Snowden Road [SR 1202], go 1.3 miles and make a left onto Bull Yard Road [also marked SR 1202], go .1 mile and make a right on the feeder road south of 116 Bull Yard Road, go .2 mile and you are at the cemetery.
GPS:  36o26.666 N - 76o06.722 W
Photographed:  April 19, 2006 by Ben Bateman and Judy Brickhouse

Overview Photo
Unknown     [Possibly the tomb of L.M. Snowden who was born Jan. 11, 1884 & died July 13, 1885.  This tombstone was found in this cemetery in 1988 but was not readable in 2006.]
Northern, Emelda E. [Mar.] 1866
[1900 Census]
1910 [Quadruple with: Laurus C. Northern, Philip L. Northern, and Philip L. Northern Jr.] - Mother
Northern, Laurus C. 1885 1960 [Quadruple with: Philip L. Northern, Emelda E. Northern,  and Philip L. Northern Jr. - Son
[World War II Draft states birth as July 2, 1884 - Image 1 & 2]
Northern, Philip L. 1859 1936 [Quadruple with: Emelda E. Northern, Laurus C. Northern, Philip L. Northern Jr.] - Father
[1900 Currituck census states birth as Jan. 1860]
Northern, Philip L. Jr. [July] 1892
[1900 Census]
1916 [Quadruple with: Philip L. Northern, Emelda E. Northern, Laurus C. Northern] - Son
Snowden, Annie B. [Mar. 16] 1872 [Mar. 16] 1959 [Triple with: Fleetwood P. Snowden & baby Paul Snowden]  [Death Certificate]
Snowden, Capt. Basil S. [July 29, 1888]
[WW I Draft]
[Image 1 & 2]
Dec. 2, 1918 Shriner's Emblem [Enhanced]
318 Engineers Corps; Son of M.H. & Rosa A. Snowden; Killed in service Dec. 2, 1918 in France during the World War.  Buried Arlington National Cemetery.
Snowden, Elizabeth Bell Mar. 6, 1827 Nov. 12, 1899 Wife of Isaac Snowden
Snowden, Fleetwood P. [June 16] 1869 [May 31] 1919 [Triple with: Annie B. Snowden & Baby Paul Snowden]
[Death Certificate]
Snowden, Isaac July 16, 1817 Jan. 6, 1882 [Close-up]
Snowden, baby Paul 1897 1899 [Triple with: Annie B. Snowden & Fleetwood P. Snowden]

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