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Currituck County Birth, Marriage and Death Records

Misc. Birth Certificates images by Ben Bateman, Jr. & Judy Brickhouse

Currituck County Marriage Book A
    Index to Currituck County Marriages by Ben Bateman, Jr. & Judy Brickhouse
Printing instructions for Book B:  Right click on the image and save it into your computer. When you have it saved then print it in landscape format.  This will allow you to print the entire readable image on one sheet of paper.
    Currituck County Marriages of Freed People
(Cohabitation Records)
     Peter Parker and Civility Ballance Marriage Contract, July 18, 1848 (found in a deed book)
     Miscellaneous Currituck County Marriages located in Virginia

    Misc. Currituck County Death Certificates images by Judy Brickhouse & Ben Bateman, Jr.
     Family Search Collection some images

Since Currituck County sits on the border of Virginia many Currituck people married or died there.  Permission has been given by Kristina to link to her Virginia records.  There are many marriages and deaths (as well as other great records) on this site:  Please visit this site and drop Kristina a note letting her know how much you appreciate her hard work.  Kristina's Norfolk Co., Va. site can be accessed here: and her Princess Anne Co., Va. site is here:  Both have wonderful information on them and I'm sure you're going to find loads of Currituck names there!




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