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Currituck County Marriage Contract
Peter Parker and Civility Ballance
July 18, 1848

Currituck County Deed Book 25, p. 214  [see actual deed here]

State of North Carolina
County of Currituck
    These articles of agreement made and done this the 18th day of July A.D. 1848 by and between Peter PARKER & Civility BALLANCE both of the county of Currituck, and State of North Carolina wherein a marriage is intended shortly had & consummated between the said Peter PARKER & Civility BALLANCE and whereas upon it a treaty thereof and therefor, it was preposed, stipiulated and agreed by and between the said Peter PARKER and the said Civility BALLANCE that each of them shall hold and continue to hold all of their property both real and personal, that is to say the said Peter PARKER is not to acquire any absolute title to any of the property both real or personal by the consummation of the said marriage that now belongs to the said Civility BALLANCE or that and he hereafter may become entitled to receive by legacy or otherwise further other than to have the use and benefit during their lives as man and wife and should the said Peter PARKER survive the said Civility BALLANCE at her death he shall give up, release and discharge unto representatives and heirs of law of the said Civility BALLANCE every part and parcel thereof without hinderance or molestation, And it is also agreed by the parties that the said Civility BALLANCE by said marriage is not to acquire any title in any manner whatever to any part or parcel of the property of the said Peter PARKER, real or personal either by dower or in any other manner or form whatsoever and in case she should survive her intended husband the said Peter PARKER, she shall forwith and without delay give up, release and discharge unto the executor administrator and assigns her part and parcel thereof within doors and without. And we the undersigned, Peter PARKER, and Civility BALLANCE do by these present bind ourselves and each of our heirs, executors, administrators. In testimony hereof we, the said Peter PARKER and Civility BALLANCE do hereunto set our hands and seal this day and year above written.
                                            /s/ Peter PARKER (seal)
                                            /s/ Civility BALLANCE (seal)





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