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Garrington Family Photo Album

John Barnard & Otelia Needham Garrington

John Barnard Garrington was born in Camden Co., NC on Mar. 2, 1871 and died in 1944.  He married Otelia Needham on Dec. 7, 1889.  Otelia was born in Camden Co., NC on July 2, 1873 and died June 25, 1950.  Both are buried in Old Hollywood Cemetery in Elizabeth City, Pasquotank Co., NC.  [see tombstone on Find-A-Grave]  They had at least 8 known children:

1. James Needham Garrington - b. Dec. 24, 1890  d. Jan. 11, 1961 Blackville, SC   Married: Debbie Corbell  b. 1885  d. Nov. 9, 1968 Blackville, SC.  They had 1 child:
       a. Ruth Anita Garrington - b. Jan. 25, 1924 Currituck Co.  d. Aug. 2, 2008 Orangeburg, SC

   James & his daughter, Ruth

2. Lillie Garrington - b. Mar. 1892  d. ????

3. Seth Needham Garrington [see below]

4. Nellie Needham Garrington  b. Oct. 28, 1896 Currituck Co.  d. Mar. 16, 1991 Rocky Mount, NC   Married: Robert Ranson Gay  b. July 17, 1864  d. Apr. 19, 1947 Rocky Mount, NC.  They had one adopted daughter.

5. William Needham "Willie" Garrington - b. Nov. 1898   d. Mar. 1976   Married: Mary Rogers

6. Arthur Elston Garrenton - b. Mar. 1, 1903  d. Aug. 17, 1986 South Carolina [see tombstone]    Married: Betty Wright

7. George Fleetwood Garrington - b. Mar. 30, 1905  d. Mar. 7, 1994 [see death certificate]  Married: Mildred Irene Bateman on July 3, 1926  [see marriage license].  Mildred was born Apr. 4, 1909 and died June 20, 1995 [see death certificate]  [see their tombstone in Evergreen Memorial Park Cemetery in Sumter, South Carolina]

8. Annabel Garrington  b. Mar. 19, 1908  d. Jan. 10, 1979

Seth Needham Garrington Martha Love "Reta" (Spry) Garrington

 Seth Needham Garrington, son of John Barnard Garrington & Otelia Needham, was born in Currituck Co. on Sept. 20, 1894 and died April 2, 1974 in Poplar Branch [see death certificate].  Seth married Martha Love "Reta" Spry in 1914.  Reta was the daughter of Patrick Henry "Bobo" Spry & Penelope "Gonka" Dowdy.  According to her death certificate, Reta was born in Currituck Co. on Oct. 5, 1894 and died in Elizabeth City, Pasquotank Co., NC on Dec. 22, 1942.  Seth & Reta had 14 children, several who never lived to adulthood.

Grace Odell Garrington Sept. 4, 1915 Apr. 10, 1995 married 1st Henry Wood Outlaw; 2nd David Farrow O'Neal
Clara Bell "Peggy" Garrington Jan. 8, 1917 Aug. 27, 1971 married Johnny Swann - no children
Viola Maree Garrington Aug. 18, 1918 May 1, 2006 married James B. Gordon, Jr.
Ronald Pernell Garrington Jan. 6, 1920 Oct. 21, 1988 married Roberta Brunson
Wilma Wray Garrington July 4, 1921 still living married Stephen A. Morel
Marjory Jeanette Garrington Nov. 4, 1923 May 28, 1924 [see death certificate]
Marjorie Lee Garrington (twin) Jan. 25, 1925 July 8, 1925 [see death certificate]
Mildred Spry Garrington (twin) Jan. 25, 1925 still living married 1st Lofton Dailey Midgett; 2nd Arthur Harris
Nettie Alma Garrington Feb. 15, 1927 July 25, 1928 [see death certificate]
Pattie Virginia Garrington Apr. 27, 1928 Apr. 27, 1928  
Claudia Alma Garrington Jan. 21, 1930 Dec. 1985 married Dave McCarthy
Naomi Jean Garrington Oct. 23, 1931 Nov. 30, 2006 married Carol Frank
Reta Faye Garrington May 8, 1933 still living married Lewis Donald Apostolis
Seth Needham Garrington, Jr. Sept. 5, 1934 still living married Ruby Laura Burton

Seth an Reta divorced and Reta remarried her older sister's (Lela Virginia Spry) widower, William Henry Newbern, in 1940.  The last 4 children (Claudia, Naomi, Reta, & Seth) were living in Sumter, SC with their grandparents, John & Otelia, when the 1940 census was taken.  Reta died 2 years later and William Henry died in 1955.  Both of them are buried in the Garrington-Newbern Cemetery.  Seth never remarried.

William Henry Newbern

William Henry Newbern & wife Reta (Spry) Newbern

Grace Odell (Garrington) Outlaw O'Neal

Clara Bell "Peggy" Garrington

Viola Maree Garrington

Wilma Wray Garrington

Wilma Wray Garrington 1939 Poplar Branch High School Diploma
Mildred Spry Garrington
Mildred in 1946 Mildred and her 2nd husband, Arthur Harris
Naomi Jean Garrington Seth Needham Garrington, Jr.
Naomi and her husband, Carol Frank Seth Jr. and his wife, Ruby Burton Garrington

 Beverly Jean Garrington

Left photo made in 1942 - Beverly Jean Garrington, daughter of Wilma Wray Garrington, was born at Poplar Branch on Aug. 21, 1939 and died in Sumter, South Carolina on Jan. 30, 1998.  She married George A. Fisher.  [see obituary for Beverly Jean Fisher]

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