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 Garrington-Newbern Cemetery
Coinjock, NC

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Photographed:  2012 by Reta Morel Whitten

This property was owned by Estelle Roberts Walker (1896-1976), widow of William Nathaniel Walker (1891-1951) as late as 1975.  The William Nathaniel Walker Cemetery sits on this same property and, according to Mrs. Estelle R. Walker, the Peter Morrisette Family Plot was once located directly behind the other plots on this property and were marked with wooden markers.  A square was left untended in this field for many years to mark the graveyard but all evidence of a graveyard is now gone.  Believed to be buried in the Morrisette plot were Peter Morrisette, Martha Ballance Morrisette and possibly others.  Peter & Martha were the parents of Tully B., Henry Eugene and Sally Ann Morrisette.

Inside the Fence
Garrington, Seth N. Sept. 20, 1894 Apr. 2, 1974 Dad
Newbern, Henry M. May 4, 1920 May 10, 1921  
Newbern, Lela Virginia 1887 [Jan. 10] 1936 Wife of W.H. Newbern
[Death certificate states birth as Nov. 5, 1886, not 1887]
Newbern, Reta Spry
[Martha Love "Reta" Spry]
1892 [Dec. 22] 1942 Wife of W.H. Newbern
[Death certificate states Reta's birth as Oct. 5, 1894, not 1892]
[Reta married Seth Needham Garrington in 1914 and William Henry Newbern in 1940]
Newbern, Wesley A. July 21, 1902 Nov. 13, 1910 Son of W.H. & L.V. Newbern
Tread softly for an angel band
Doth guard the silent dust
And we can safely leave our boy
Our darling in their trust.
Newbern, William Henry [Apr. 18] 1880 [Sept. 22] 1955  

Outside the Fence

Flat cement slab with 4 unnamed markers

2013 - New plaque in memory of the 4 daughters

Longshot of the 2013 plaque


  Said to be the infant daughters of Seth & Reta Spry Garrington who all died at birth or shortly thereafter..

Marjory Jeanette Garrington - Nov. 4, 1923 - May 28, 1924 of cholera
Marjorie Lee Garrington - Jan. 25, 1925 - July 8, 1925 of colitis
Nettie Alma Garrington - Feb. 15, 1927 - July 25, 1928 of cholera
Pattie Virginia Garrington - Apr. 27, 1938 - Apr. 27, 1938

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