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 Hodges Gallop

Caption: June 1911 - Hodges Gallop, Western Union Messenger No. 16, Norfolk, Va.  Lives 201 Freeman Street.  Been working here one month.  He, and several other very young boys, work until 10:30. [Photo taken by Lewis Wickes Hines (1874-1940) in conjunction with National Child Labor Committee records.

As near as I have been able to determine, this young man was the s/o H.M. & Maggie Gallop who show up in 1900 on Churches Island in Currituck County.  H.M. Gallop is listed as "Keeper LSS".  Marriage records indicate that Hodges M. Gallop married Maggie May Harrison in Currituck Co. on June 6, 1894.  By 1900 they have 2 sons: Harold Marcellus Gallop, born March 25, 1895 [see his 1943 obituary here], and Hodges Gallop, born May 1897.  I could not find this family in 1910 but in 1920 the young Hodges Gallop (shown above) was a lodger in the home of a Maddrey family in Portsmouth, Virginia..  He was 22 years old, single, and was an Assistant Superintendent of Supplies at the Navy Yard.  The 1930 Norfolk, Va. census reveals that Hodges B. Gallop is age 31 and was married when he was 23 years old.  Hodges and his wife, Esther, are living in the home of Esther's father, W.S. Johnson.  They have 2 sons: Hodges Jr. and William J. Gallop.  If anyone has further information on this family please drop me a note.

Information received 5/6/2005 from Roy E. Sawyer, Jr.
Here is what Alyce Sumrell had in her notes regarding this family:

Ann Margaret 'Maggie May' Harrison (1873 - 1950's) married on 6 Jun 1894, Hodges Gallop II (d. 1901), son of Rev. Hodges and Jane Owens Gallop.   Hodges and Margaret H. Gallop lived in Norfolk where her three sons were born.
1.  Hodges Gallop III (b. 1897)
2.  Harold Gallop (b. 1895)
3.  Clayborn Gallop (b. c1900)

When she lost her husband, Margaret was left with three sons six years of age and younger.  She reared them in Norfolk and all reached adulthood however each died from unusual or tragic causes or accidents, before she died.  She, her husband and their sons are all buried in Norfolk, Virginia.

Maggie operated the Gladstone Hotel in Norfolk and it was there that she supposedly harbored young Kenneth Beasley after he was supposedly kidnapped by her father, Joshua Harrison.

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