An American in China

Conover's favorite family has left the rolling hills of
Western North Carolina for a new adventure in the Orient.

Noted journalist and beloved daughter of Conover,
Mary Canrobert sets her sights on a new experience in China.
Until Mark and Mary return, we will chronicle their experiences,
together with the people who will change their lives.

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Diary 1 (2 Aug 2006)
Diary 2 (
6 Aug 2006)
Diary 3 (
14 Aug 2006)
Diary 4 (
16 Aug 2006)
Diary 5 (
26 Aug 2006)
Diary 6 (
2 Sept 2006)
Diary 7 (
20 Sept 2006)

The experiences of Mark & Mary Canrobert in China have touched the hearts of so many folks. Not just friends and neighbors in Conover, NC and Newport, RI, but visitors to the Original Conover, NC web page.

I have tried to post their delightful activities and the pictures they have sent. The problem lies in the band width of my ISP. I am teetering on the edge of "maxxed out" and want everyone to be able to keep up with what's happening in Suzhou, China.

Mary will be delighted to add you to the mailing list so that you won't miss a beat. Request that your name be added at:

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